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Trees Produce the Earth's Magnetic Field

For decades, a worrying decay of the Earth's magnetic field has been observed. This is directly related to the disappearance of the planet's plant cover. not available online   order this issue

Breathing: Connecting to the Creator

Proper breathing should be long and deep, giving us everything our body, mind and soul need. Shortness of breath is one of the most widespread ills of modern society - but health is just a yawn away! Read more...

Cosmology: Born of the Spirit

The universe wasn't created by the Big Bang, but by the Creator. Galaxies form, fall apart, and form anew - for as above, so below. Read more...

The Sun: Source of our Being

We are all children of the sun. We live in the body of the sun. Everything that we have, are, and will be comes from the sun. How amazing that we seek God, and don’t recognise Him or Her in the sun! Read more...

Vitamin D - an increasingly important all-rounder!

We should take care to get enough of the "sun vitamin" - especially in the cold months of the year! not available online   order this issue

Vitamin D—The Sun vitamin

People have worshipped the sun as a deity since time immemorial, and rightly so. It is what maintains our biosphere on Mother Earth, giving us life and nourishing this life afresh every day. Both humans and animals have always understood their dependence on the sun and have used its healing rays at every opportunity. It wasn’t until our “highly civilized” world that almost everyone began suffering from a considerable deficiency in the sun’s Vitamin D, with serious consequences for body and mind. Read more...