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Facebook is watching you!

Do we really want to become the subjects – kept under permanent surveillance – of a global state by the name of Facebook? If not, then quitting the social networking habit is the only escape.. Read more...

Homeopathy: Healing Plants with Plants

Just imagine that you’re buying a lovely blue delphinium… But before you can even pot it, it falls to the ground. Only a couple of thin fibres hang from its drooping tip. Many of us would give up on the poor plant straightaway and get rid of it as soon as possible. Not Christiane Maute. Out of curiosity, the trained homeopath gave the plant a large dose of the homeopathic remedy Arnica 200c. And just look at what happened next…. Read more...

Organ Donation - Modern Cannibalism?

“There’s no such thing as brain death; it’s an invention of transplant medicine.” Professor Franco Rest “If we told the public the truth about organ donation, we would no longer get any organs.” Rudolf Pichlmayr, Professor of Transplant Medicine Read more...

Beneath the Motorways Lie the Beaches of the World

“There are as many stars as there are grains of sand,” we say, meaning an infinite number. We clearly don’t believe that the sand on this planet could ever run out. But we are hugely mistaken. Read more...

Organ Trade: I Buy Kidneys, Pay Cash!

In days gone by, underdeveloped countries provided us with grain, rice, and raw materials. Nowadays, their inhabitants sell us their kidneys, livers, and corneas to escape poverty for a couple of weeks. Read more...

Spiritual Consequences: Man is More than Flesh Alone

From the spiritual point of view, organ transplants have serious consequences. One doesn’t merely acquire another person’s organ, but also part of their destiny – and the responsibility for it! Read more...

Ancient Egypt: Once, Egypt was a Land of Light

Anyone who has been following events in Egypt – the riots and demonstrations, fanaticism on the rise, chaos wherever you look – might easily forget that Egypt was once a beacon of high culture and civilisation. Once, it was heir to the lost civilisation of Atlantis, a land where priest and Pharaoh both were guided by true occult wisdom. Let us look back many thousands of years to Egypt’s heyday, and learn about a way of life that was defined by spirituality, not money. Read more...

Functional Foods: Risks and Side Effects? Ask the Check-Out Girl!

These days, being ill is frowned upon. Fit, happy, wrinkle-free is the mantra, so we make every effort to stay healthy. If only we had more time! Well, not to worry: all the things that are good for us can easily be found on a supermarket shelf – with vitamins in your yoghurt drink and folic acid in your granola bar… Read more...

Autism: Rooted in the Bowel

Autism is a metabolic disorder. It is also triggered by vaccinations that damage the bowel in small children, most notably the MMR jab. Even though this has been substantiated several times over, the researcher who first discovered the connection still faces intense persecution. Read more...

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May 13, 2016Health • Science

The food we eat changes our genes

New evidence has emerged this week that supports the idea that nutrition can cause—and reverse—most diseases. Read more...

Negative spiritual thoughts make symptoms worse

People who believe that bad karma or God’s punishment is the cause of their illness suffer more pain and have worse symptoms. Read more...

Feb 29, 2016Health • Science

Discovered: New Cause for Lyme Disease

Scientists have discovered another cause of Lyme disease. A new bacterial species—also transmitted by a tick bite—has been identified, with the first cases being reported in three states in the US’s upper Midwest. Read more...

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I was intrigued and excited by Facts are Facts.

Uri Geller, United Kingdom
Reader's letter #171

I believe that Facts are Facts is the 'best tool' to get people "on the way". Thanks to the variety of topics one can give Facts are Facts as a gift to everybody.

U. K., Netherlands Antilles
Reader's letter #168

When my friend gave me the first issue of your magazine I fell in love with the content.

B. Kudelya, Canada
Reader's letter #169

I am a reader and certainly an enthusiastic reader from the first edition. Your commitment is admirable and I congratulate you to your staying power. You really "grasp the nettle" and you courageously take on the battle against the flood of misinformation. Keep at it!

G. Meyer, Germany
Reader's letter #167

We would like to take the opportunity to sincerely thank you for bringing the truth in such a wonderful to the people. Above all we both feel strengthened in what we already know or thought we knew and we can pass these information on to our many friends!

T. & D., New Zealand
Reader's letter #165


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