Readers' letters

I received my magazine thanks - Great Rag !!!! I’ll definitely order more-love the articles. Well written, cogent, interesting and definitely relevant. Nicely done everyone :-

Mike H.
Reader's letter #295

I received the copies of your new English language edition of Facts are Facts and passed out all but one for myself. The reaction of the staff is the same as mine: you have done a wonderful job, and I strongly congratulate your intelligence and talent.


You are accomplishing something with your unique editorial policy which I never have even attempted - mixing the practical and the political with the spiritual; thus overcoming the negativism in criticism alone. I think that this is a winning formula; surely, criticism alone is not.

Willis A. Carto, publisher of 'American Free Press', USA
Reader's letter #174

This is to say that I am excited about the excellent information being given on microwaves!

Karl West, President of the International Academy of Lymphology, USA
Reader's letter #173

I have just seen the new English language version of Facts are Facts. Magnificent! Congratulations.

Michael Collins Piper, journalist, USA
Reader's letter #172

I was intrigued and excited by Facts are Facts.

Uri Geller, United Kingdom
Reader's letter #171

My congratulations on the publishing of the first English Facts are Facts magazine. It is wonderful and a credit to you.

F. Luff, New Zealand
Reader's letter #170

When my friend gave me the first issue of your magazine I fell in love with the content.

B. Kudelya, Canada
Reader's letter #169

I believe that Facts are Facts is the 'best tool' to get people "on the way". Thanks to the variety of topics one can give Facts are Facts as a gift to everybody.

U. K., Netherlands Antilles
Reader's letter #168

I am a reader and certainly an enthusiastic reader from the first edition. Your commitment is admirable and I congratulate you to your staying power. You really "grasp the nettle" and you courageously take on the battle against the flood of misinformation. Keep at it!

G. Meyer, Germany
Reader's letter #167

My congratulations. It has taken a lot of years to reach this milestone.

H. Victoria, Curaçao
Reader's letter #166