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The Battle of Good vs. Evil

Two souls, alas, reside within our breast. One light and one dark. Together they make up the emotional world we live in. When will we finally start to exercise our emotional body, and not just our physical one? Because for us this could be the difference between heaven and hell! not available online  

Spiritual Consequences: Man is More than Flesh Alone

From the spiritual point of view, organ transplants have serious consequences. One doesn’t merely acquire another person’s organ, but also part of their destiny – and the responsibility for it! Read more...

Heaven or Hell? Your Inner Self Decides!

Some day, when we arrive in the Beyond, it won’t matter what appearance we presented to the outside world – all that matters is our inner wealth. In the second part of our report on the Beyond, we explore what to expect from the ‘Final Judgement’, the aspect of ‘marital’ coexistence, why we must go ‘back down’ to Earth, and why suicide is the worst offence of all. And after all that, come and join us on an unforgettable journey into the highest sphere of heaven! Read more...

Atlantis - Hunting for Traces

The tobacco in the mummified pharaoh is piece of the puzzle, just as are the magnolia tree in Florida and the wall fragments on the bottom of the Caribbean. Together with thousand of other such pieces, they trace the outline of an ancient continent that lies buried under the waters of the Atlantic. not available online   order this issue

Root Races: Born from Dust, Destined for Gods

Humanity moves across the earth in seven great evolutionary waves. A cosmic plan is at their source that leads each individual human soul to perfection – even if it takes aeons to do so. A person incarnates in different root races until he or she has finally learned everything that this planetary classroom has to teach. Read more...

Europeans Too Believed in Re-Embodiment

Belief in reincarnation has been a common thread running through European history for 2,500 years. For centuries, knowledge of re-embodiment was kept alive independent of Asian influence. not available online   order this issue

Love Is a Divine Power

What links hydrogen atoms and twin souls? - A heavenly power of an allencompassing nature that we humans struggle to comprehend. Read more...

Afterlife: The Worlds Beyond

Where do we go when we die? How will we live there? And what does this mean for this earthly life? not available online   order this issue

Body Elemental: The Spirit Within the Flesh

Although we're connected to it our whole life long, we don't know who our body really is: A being with its own past, future, and individual consciousness. Read more...

"It's your body speaking!"

In 1986, nurse Roswitha Sacher made an astonishing discovery: quite unexpectedly and surprisingly she made contact with her body elemental - the spirit that builds and looks after the human body. not available online   order this issue