Issue No. 8

Year: 2010, Quarter: 4
  • America's Roots: Secret Societies and Ancient Mysteries
  • Finally: Researchers Discover the Power of the Mind
  • World Politics: On the Puppet-strings of High Finance
  • Genetic Engineering: Can Cloned Food Make us Sick?
  • Jesus Didn't Die on the Cross
  • How a Farmer Works Together With Angels and Nature Spirits
  • Vitamin D: An Increasingly Important All-Rounder
  • Life Crisis: Be Yourself!
  • and many more
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Genetic Engineering: The 'Safest' Way to Get Sick

Genetic engineering is "safe". Or so say the corporations, politicians, media, scientists and authorities in an unstoppable barrage of media fairy tales. Now powerful circles want to use the crisis to spread these dangerous lab plants all over the world. Read more...

"Love of Nature creates true wealth"

A farmer tells us about his life and work, where Angels also have their place along side the meadows and wild birds. Read more...

Mammon: The End is Nigh for a Despot

If you follow the trail of money, chances are you’ll also find the true course of world history running alongside it. Read here how the power of money has darkened the path of hope with blood, sweat and tears over the last two hundred years of the Age of Pisces. Yet even if the plutocracy refuse to believe it, their days are numbered and their wealth is merely built upon sand... Read more...

To World Wealth with Waterloo

How Napoleon's defeat brought one banker immense wealth. not available online   order this issue

The US Civil War: The Attempt to Bring America to her Knees

The true reasons for Abraham Lincoln's assassination. not available online   order this issue

The Privatisation of the Dollar

How the most powerful nation on earth became enslaved not available online   order this issue

Federal Reserve: Banker's Discretion

Why the central banks don't belong to the people - and which interest they (really) serve. Read more...

Dare to be who you were born to be!

Everything else leads us not only to a dead-end, but also away from the true path. Read more...

The Go-Giver: The Secret of True Success

“Dog eat dog, and mind nothing but your own business!” It seems that this has been the general precept in economy ever since the Industrial Revolution. This might help to rake in money, but it will not bring about true success, because being truly successful is something that manifests itself on every level, leading to a healthy, happy, prosperous and joyous connection with all life. Read more...

Page 41Nutrition

Vitamin D - an increasingly important all-rounder!

We should take care to get enough of the "sun vitamin" - especially in the cold months of the year! not available online   order this issue

America: The Dream of a better World

How a bestselling author pays homage to mankind’s spiritual potential and what that has to do with the vision of America’s Founding Fathers: on the trail of fascinating Gnostic mysteries that surround the most powerful city on earth. Read more...

Noetics: Space Travel Through the Inner Universe

A cutting-edge branch of research delves into mankind's mental potential. Noetics proves that all Life is connected and that the microcosm and macrocosm inform each other. Read more...

Jesus Didn't Die on the Cross

Thanks to the Turin Shroud, in the last few decades scientists have been able to prove that Jesus survived the crucifixion. If this fact were finally fully recognised, two religions would have to change their doctrine - with far-reaching consequences for all mankind. Read more...

It's just physics!

Why even partnerships obey the laws of nature. not available online   order this issue

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