Terms and conditions

ZeitenSchrift Verlag GmbH  terms and conditions (ordering and downloads)

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General terms and conditions

ZeitenSchrift Verlag GmbH (henceforth ZeitenSchrift) sells customers both the print edition of ZeitenSchrift/Facts are Facts as well as the goods and books available in the online shop to the following terms of delivery and sale.

By confirming an order or downloading content, the customer declares themself in agreement with these terms and conditions.

All orders are binding. Delivery times are non-binding. You have the option of cancelling an order up until it is dispatched.


We deliver worldwide. In principle, deliveries are at the customer’s risk and expense. In case of ZeitenSchrift being responsible for a replacement delivery, no additional delivery charges are to be borne by the customer.

If one of items you order is not in stock, we will withold the other items in your order and dispatch the order when the outstanding item is available and the order can be sent in full. Should the missing item take longer than two weeks to source, your order will be sent in part (excepting on official holidays) and any missing items will be dispatched as and when they become available

We reserve the right to fulfil your order only insofar as the items you have ordered are available. Some back catalogue items may be extremely difficult to procure. We will go to every effort to supply these items. In case this proves impossible, we will inform you. Please bear in mind that, as a rule, our products will be ready for dispatch within 3 to 5 days. However, at times of high demand this may vary.

ZeitenSchrift reserves the right to block and/or refuse future delivery to customers who reject deliveries.

In case of an order being made with an incorrect delivery address, any delivery costs incurred are borne by the customer.


Since we always aim to offer the best possible prices for the items we sell, the prices of individual items are subject to change. As a rule, you will be charged the price that was listed on our website at the moment you placed your order

Delays in delivery are not grounds for a discount.

Price and stock changes

Both our prices and our product range are subject to change, as well as to carry out any technical changes. All offers are non-binding. We reserve the right to make errors in description, pictorial depiction, and pricing.


Exchanging/returning products that have already been opened/used is not possible. Nor can books or magazines be returned. With the exception of: misdelivery; damage in transit; and manufacturing errors affecting the delivered item. However, our liablity is limited to like-for-like replacement. The customer does not have the right to cancel an order or receive a refund as long as we provide a replacement delivery within a reasonable timeframe.

In case of misdelivery and/or manufacturing error, ZeitenSchrift must be informed promptly (contact). The items in question in case of misdelivery must be returned to ZeitenSchrift together with an explanatory note within 10 days (dated from the postmark). In case of damage to the item during transport a complaint should be made within 48 hours or the right to a gratis relacement is lost. In case of the wares not being returned or in the case that we can determine no defects or only defects produced by the customer on the wares in question, the customer shall bear the cost of the replacement. There is no automatic right to return goods without good reason.

The right to return goods applies only to products that are not explicitly excluded from a right to return.

Data, image, and sound storage media (CDs for example) may only be returned in their original packaging.


1 year from the date of delivery unless otherwise stated. Appliances are guaranteed until the expiration of their warranties. Any transport costs are to be borne by the customer. It is the decision of the seller to offer either a replacement or a refund of the purchase price for an item under warranty. If the customer is at fault for damage to an item, for example due to inappropriate use, this is not covered by the guarantee.

Notice of defects

To be made in writing within 10 days of receipt of the wares.


A receipt is made up for each shipment. VAT is indicated on the receipt. ZeitenSchrift reserves the right to dispatch shipments only after receipt of payment

Payment terms

Bills are to be settled in full within 30 days.

Payment arrears

Following a second demand for payment, operating expenses may be charged for additional costs incurred. ZeitenSchrift also reserves the right to pass on the relevant financial information to third-party collection agencies in the case that these are tasked by ZeitenSchrift to collect payment. If the customer delays payment or breaks contract in any other way, or if circumstances are known to ZeitenSchrift that affect the customer’s ability to fulfil payment, ZeitenSchrift reserves the right to withdraw the option of payment against invoice.

Until payment is completed in full, delivered wares remain the property of ZeitenSchrift. Should the customer fall into arrears in settling the purchase price, ZeitenSchrift reserves the right to cancel the contract and take the wares into its possession.

Usage rights (including downloads)

All Facts are Facts materials, including samples and complete texts (and books) are intended exclusively for private, non-commercial use (excepting Facts are Facts samples for resellers). Any other use of Facts are Facts materials is a breach of copyright law. Making copies for the purpose of sale, commercial lending, public performance is strictly forbidden, as is transferring Facts are Facts materials to third parties or allowing third parties to use them.

Data protection

We at ZeitenSchrift take your privacy extremely seriously. We guarantee that any and all customer data is used exclusively for order processing and internal market research. Data will only ever be passed on to third parties if this is required to fulfil an order. The customer declares themself in agreement with this use of their data. All personal data is treated confidentially. Personal data is not sold to third parties.


Within the scope admitted by law, ZeitenSchrift admits no liability for any products delivered or sold (including downloads).

Legal jurisdiction

Swiss law applies to all legal relationships. Zug, Switzerland is the exclusive jurisdiction for all legal disputes.