Sun light

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Vitamin D - an increasingly important all-rounder!

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Vitamin D—The Sun vitamin

People have worshipped the sun as a deity since time immemorial, and rightly so. It is what maintains our biosphere on Mother Earth, giving us life and nourishing this life afresh every day. Both humans and animals have always understood their dependence on the sun and have used its healing rays at every opportunity. It wasn’t until our “highly civilized” world that almost everyone began suffering from a considerable deficiency in the sun’s Vitamin D, with serious consequences for body and mind. Read more...

The Light Bulb must not go out!

Politicians and environmental organizations portray the incandescent light bulb as an electricity-guzzling environmental bad guy. As a result, it is gradually being phased out over the next few years. Yet its replacement, the energy saving light bulb, is not so “green” as plugged. Its light does not only damage our eyes, but can even cause hormone-related illnesses – including cancer! Read more...

Energy Saving Light Bulbs can make you ill!

Light therapist and physician Alexander Wunsch has spent years warning us of the danger of mercury emissions given off by energy saving light bulbs, LCD televisions and computer screens. In this interview he explains the many ways in which these fluorescent lights inflict damage on us. Read more...