Issue No. 6

Year: 2010, Quarter: 2
  • Overpopulation: How the Global Elite Want to Kill Us Off
  • Vaccinations: A Secret Means to Decimate Mankind?
  • Arthritis and Osteoporosis: Finally a Cure!
  • Christianity: The Difference Between Rebirth and Reincarnation
  • Utopias: Distant Worlds Show That Paradise Exists!
  • Miracle Mineral Supplement: a Natural and Effective Antibiotic
  • Vitamin D: Why This Sun Vitamin is so Essential
  • Pamela Sommer-Dickson: A Gifted Healer
  • and many more
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Arthritis and Osteoporosis can be Healed!

We are currently experiencing a serious and widespread magnesium deficiency. Depleted soil is not least to blame, as it only produces vegetables and grains that are low in this essential mineral. Yet magnesium is vital for our well-being: not only can it heal “incurable” diseases such as arthritis, but we also need it for healthy cell division. Too little magnesium means degenerated cells—in other words, cancer. Read more...

MMS–Just 3 Atoms Against All Those Microbes!

A chemical used for decades to disinfect drinking water is proving to be perhaps the strongest antibiotic of all. Yet what could give hope to millions is deliberately being kept quiet by those with the most to lose. Read more...

One Billion is enough!

Nothing troubles the secret elite powers quite so much as the world’s growing population. Their goal is to reduce this number to a billion—and by any means possible: wars, famine, epidemics, disease and vaccines that make women infertile. Read more...

America's “Development Plan” For The World

International development assistance as a means to promote One-World Government. Read more...

Vaccinations: A Deadly Injection?

Epidemics could finish off more people than war and starvation within a very short time. What if someone were to take advantage of this? Read more...

Eradicate Technology, Not People!

Why over-population is not really a concern. not available online   order this issue

Path to Health

How to stay healthy and grow old gracefully. not available online   order this issue

Page 29Health

Vitamin D—The Sun vitamin

People have worshipped the sun as a deity since time immemorial, and rightly so. It is what maintains our biosphere on Mother Earth, giving us life and nourishing this life afresh every day. Both humans and animals have always understood their dependence on the sun and have used its healing rays at every opportunity. It wasn’t until our “highly civilized” world that almost everyone began suffering from a considerable deficiency in the sun’s Vitamin D, with serious consequences for body and mind. Read more...

The Church's Biggest Lie

In the year 553 A.D., 165 Church officials condemned reincarnation. Prior to that time, it had been a fundamental Christian teaching: following the trail of a conspiracy that changed the world. Read more...

Reincarnation Is Not Being Born Again!

The author of this article has studied both the early Christian teachings of the Church Fathers as well as the Eastern religions. In the Occident and Orient alike, they not only knew of the fact that every person passes through many earthly lives, but also that we will one day arrive at the point when we are born again. But what does this mean exactly? Read more...

The Saviour Lives In Us

What "The Second Coming" really means to mankind. not available online   order this issue

Pamela Sommer-Dickson: “Discover the strength within you—You can!”

She has experienced how the blind can see, the lame can walk again and how tumours or skin diseases have simply disappeared. People from all over the world come to be healed by Pamela Sommer-Dickson. “I don’t play Fate or God,” says the petite Dutch woman, who has lived near Bern, Switzerland, for many years. “If it’s meant to be, it will happen—God willing.” Read more...

Lessons of Cosmic Intelligence

The Earth is a School of Life, so tests are the order of the day. If you don't want to fail a grade, you'd better get on with them! not available online   order this issue

Wanted: A New Utopia!

Something is rotten—not only in the State of Denmark, but on planet Earth. For maybe the first time in our history, most people no longer believe in utopias—they don’t believe that a completely different, more beautiful and better existence might be possible. In spite of that, there are utopias that exist here and now and which have been visited by people. Read more...

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