Issue No. 16

Year: 2014, Quarter: 3
  • Love: Why the Spark Doesn't Have to Go Out
  • Social Networks: Scourge of Mind and Soul
  • Mobile Phone Emissions: Much Worse Than Thought
  • The Beyond: Journey to Seventh Heaven
  • The Cholesterol Delusion
  • How Think-Tanks Shape Public Opinion
  • Aluminium: The Omnipresent Toxin
  • The Secrets of Trees Revealed
  • Salt: The Underestimated Elixir of Life
  • and many more
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Page 2Health

Are We all Contamined with Aluminium?

Aluminium is a neurotoxin. Yet we still spray and smear it over our bodies in the form of deodorants and sun tan lotion. We drink it, via coffee capsules and drinks cans. We have it injected into us when we get vaccinated. The latest research reinforces aluminium’s position as prime suspect not just for rising breast cancer rates, but also for Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and dementia. Read more...

The Cholesterol Delusion

Why the cholesterol hypothesis is one of the biggest scams in medical history. Read more...

Trees Produce the Earth's Magnetic Field

For decades, a worrying decay of the Earth's magnetic field has been observed. This is directly related to the disappearance of the planet's plant cover. not available online   order this issue

How Facebook & Friends are Destroying our Children

Once supposed to be a harmless meeting place for students, Facebook has become an unpredictable parallel world, unleashing people’s basest instincts and causing endless suffering and despair. Read on to find out what ‘social networks’ are doing to our young people. Read more...

Facebook - The Subtle Dimension

There being "more things in heaven and earth", we are peeking behind the curtain of the unseen to find out what makes Facebook & co ticking time bombs. Read more...

Permanent Brain Damage - Could Smartphones Be to Blame?

Mobile phone radiation is causing physical and mental sickness predominantly in children and young people – and may even be making them infertile. The latest scientific findings are alarming. Read more...

RAND Corporation: Operation Global Manipulation?

Exactly one hundred years ago, a group was founded in London that has manipulated public opinion in the West on an unbelievable scale ever since. The accomplices to its crimes are many and diverse, but two, the Tavistock Institute and the RAND Corporation, play a critical role. Read more...

Looking for: Love that Lasts

We can send space probes through the solar system, but we have forgotten how to keep love alive. The reason can be found in the very place where the probes are headed: in the sun, the source of divine love. Whoever blocks this source prevents earthly love from succeeding. This is more than just ‘religious’ doctrine: it’s a fact, recently proven in the discipline of field energetics. Read on to find out how you can breathe new life into love – and keep ‘divorce’ a foreign concept. Read more...

Salt: The Underestimated Elixir of Life

It is just as important to eat enough salt as it is to drink enough water. Instead of eating less salt, as the government recommends, we should be eating more - just make sure it's the right sort! not available online   order this issue

Heaven or Hell? Your Inner Self Decides!

Some day, when we arrive in the Beyond, it won’t matter what appearance we presented to the outside world – all that matters is our inner wealth. In the second part of our report on the Beyond, we explore what to expect from the ‘Final Judgement’, the aspect of ‘marital’ coexistence, why we must go ‘back down’ to Earth, and why suicide is the worst offence of all. And after all that, come and join us on an unforgettable journey into the highest sphere of heaven! Read more...

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