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Barack Obama: Really "made in the USA"?

So was he or wasn’t he born in the USA? Barack Obama’s publicised birth certificate from Hawaii has raised more questions than it has answered. Lucky for him, Obama ­liquidated Osama at just the right moment—nothing else was talked of then. But to Obama’s embarrassment, there’s another birth certificate, according to which he was born in Kenya. Read more...

Mammon: The End is Nigh for a Despot

If you follow the trail of money, chances are you’ll also find the true course of world history running alongside it. Read here how the power of money has darkened the path of hope with blood, sweat and tears over the last two hundred years of the Age of Pisces. Yet even if the plutocracy refuse to believe it, their days are numbered and their wealth is merely built upon sand... Read more...

To World Wealth with Waterloo

How Napoleon's defeat brought one banker immense wealth. not available online   order this issue

The US Civil War: The Attempt to Bring America to her Knees

The true reasons for Abraham Lincoln's assassination. not available online   order this issue

America: The Promised Land

America was long known to the world's initiates. They determined when it might be "discovered". They chose the discoverer. They knew the plan for the New World and its purpose: to become the leading nation in the promised Goden Age. Read more...

America: The Land of Brotherhood

First there was the idea, then a colony and finally an apparently hopeless battle against the most powerful military power on earth. An like a phoenix rising from the ashes, a nation arose in which the ideas of freedom and brotherhood were lived for the first time. This is the magical-mystical history of America which you won't find in your history books. Read more...