Overview of all editions of Facts are Facts

  • Facts are Facts No. 17

    Number 17

    € 7.9
    • Egypt’s Golden Age
    • The Internet: Who’s In Charge?
    • Autism: Combination Vaccine to Blame?
    • Organ Trans-plantation: the Organ Mafia, the Brain Death Deception, the Spiritual Consequences
    • Heal Plants with Plants
    • Coffee Pods: The Whole Story
    • Dangerous Pharma Food
    • Sand Catastrophe: The Sea Swallows Our Land
    • Cradle to Cradle: Manufacturing Goods Without Producing Waste
    • and many more
  • Facts are Facts No. 16

    Number 16

    € 7.9
    • Love: Why the Spark Doesn't Have to Go Out
    • Social Networks: Scourge of Mind and Soul
    • Mobile Phone Emissions: Much Worse Than Thought
    • The Beyond: Journey to Seventh Heaven
    • The Cholesterol Delusion
    • How Think-Tanks Shape Public Opinion
    • Aluminium: The Omnipresent Toxin
    • The Secrets of Trees Revealed
    • Salt: The Underestimated Elixir of Life
    • and many more
  • Facts are Facts No. 15

    Number 15

    € 7.9
    • Atlantis: Its True Location, Civilisation & Destruction
    • Of Giants and Androgynes: A Journey into the Earth's Past
    • Alzheimer's: What Keeps Dementia at Bay?
    • Breast Cancer: How You Can Prevent it
    • Ego-Society: Greedy Caterpillar or Free Butterfly
    • Diagnosis: Wheat Belly
    • Reincarnation: "Wen I Was Big"
    • Europeans Believed in Re-Embodiment
    • and many more
  • Facts are Facts No. 14

    Number 14

    € 7.9
    • What Awaits Us After Death?
    • Corporate Muscle: How Businesses Are Privatising Nature and Water
    • Detox Body and Brain
    • The Easy Way to a Healthy Bowel
    • Why Western Europeans Are Growing Less Intelligent
    • Power of Love: The Unrecognised Force of Heaven
    • Teeth Are Able to Clean Themselves!
    • Ultrasound: The Sledgehammer of DNA
    • and many more
  • Facts are Facts No. 13

    Number 13

    € 7.9
    • Earthing: Fit and Healthy with Mother Earth's Vibrations
    • The Body's Secret: An Elemental Being of its Own!
    • Water: The Best Fuel!
    • Water: How we Are Destroying the Basic Fabric of Our Lives
    • Reincarnation: Even Heroes Come Again
    • Conspiracy: Who Really Rules the World
    • Xylitol: "Tooth Decay Can Be Prevented"
    • Truth: A Double-Edged Sword
    • and many more
  • Facts are Facts No. 12

    Number 12

    € 7.9
    • Sleep: Where Do We Go at Night?
    • Plastic: Poisons Men, Pollutes the Sea
    • Water: Its Secrets Revealed
    • Floods: Easily Prevented!
    • Money: A Comfort or a Curse?
    • Pranic Healing: Active and Healthy without Medication
    • The Unseen Dangers of Social Networks
    • Breathing: Connecting to the Creator
    • Globalisation: Overindulging on Wealth
    • and many more
  • Facts are Facts No. 11

    Number 11

    € 7.9
    • Birds: Caught Between "Seventh Heaven" and Electrosmog
    • What the Media is Hiding About the Massacre in Norway
    • St Paul's Fraud
    • The True Nature of the Sun and the Evolution of Space
    • Warning: Industrial Poisons For Dinner
    • The Moses Mystery
    • Prana: The Fire Of Life
    • OPC: Grape Seed Extract for Your Health
    • The Secret About "Terra Preta"
    • and many more
  • Facts are Facts No. 10

    Number 10

    € 7.9
    • How Hollywood Poisons Mankind's Morals
    • How You Can Prevent Illness, Infertility and Premature Death
    • Barack Obama: Is the US President an "Illegal"?
    • Cellulite and Baldness: Causes and Cures
    • Heart Transplants: Getting More Than You Bargained For
    • Image Streaming: Films in the Language of God
    • Sergey Lazarev: The Diagnostics of Karma
    • Amino Acids: The Key to Better Health
    • The Yin and Yang in Our Heads
    • and many more
  • Facts are Facts No. 9

    Number 9

    € 7.9
    • James the Just: Jesus’ True Successor
    • Brotherhood: the Ideal Society of the Future
    • Microwaved Food Makes Us Fat
    • How We Are Manipulated With PR Lies
    • The Clash of Civilisations: What’s Really Behind the Islam Hysteria?
    • Staged Uprisings in Arabia
    • Bion Energy: Health Thanks to Harmony with the Cosmos
    • Pain-free Childbirth!
    • The Advantages of Electric Cars
    • and many more
  • Facts are Facts No. 8

    Number 8

    € 7.9
    • America's Roots: Secret Societies and Ancient Mysteries
    • Finally: Researchers Discover the Power of the Mind
    • World Politics: On the Puppet-strings of High Finance
    • Genetic Engineering: Can Cloned Food Make us Sick?
    • Jesus Didn't Die on the Cross
    • How a Farmer Works Together With Angels and Nature Spirits
    • Vitamin D: An Increasingly Important All-Rounder
    • Life Crisis: Be Yourself!
    • and many more
  • Facts are Facts No. 7

    Number 7

    € 7.9
    • Modern Music: An Instrument of the Illuminati!
    • How Music Can Raze or Raise the Soul
    • Jellyfish and Humpbacks: The Music of the Sea
    • Why Cows Need Their Horns
    • Alzheimer's: Forgetfulness Can be Cured
    • How 'Spiritual Healing' Even Works on an Oil Spill
    • and many more
  • Facts are Facts No. 6

    Number 6

    € 7.9
    • Overpopulation: How the Global Elite Want to Kill Us Off
    • Vaccinations: A Secret Means to Decimate Mankind?
    • Arthritis and Osteoporosis: Finally a Cure!
    • Christianity: The Difference Between Rebirth and Reincarnation
    • Utopias: Distant Worlds Show That Paradise Exists!
    • Miracle Mineral Supplement: a Natural and Effective Antibiotic
    • Vitamin D: Why This Sun Vitamin is so Essential
    • Pamela Sommer-Dickson: A Gifted Healer
    • and many more
  • Facts are Facts No. 5

    Number 5

    € 7.9
    • Illuminati Conspiracy: How They Plan to Rule the World
    • Iron Deficiency: Cause of Many Modern Complaints
    • Love: How to Find and Keep It
    • HPV Vaccines: New Deaths!
    • Flowers Embellished by Sacred Geometry
    • Plants Can See, Hear, Speak and Feel
    • Insider Knowledge: Why Medicine Is No Longer Helping Humanity
    • Happy Partnerships: Harmonious Union, Not Domestic Warfare
    • Symbols: The Pentagram and The Pyramid
    • and many more
  • Facts are Facts No. 4

    Number 4

    € 7.9
    • Man the Magician: I Think, Therefore I Create
    • Ghost-buster: the Man Who Releases People and Places from Darkness
    • In Search of the Ark of the Covenant
    • Swine Flu: Dangerous Vaccines
    • Mobile Phones: Killing our Birds and Bees?
    • Heal Yourself with Coloured Light!
    • Complaint Free: How to Transform Yourself in 21 Days
    • Children in Bloom: How a Retiree Teaches Young People the Meaning of Life Through Gardening
    • and many more
  • Facts are Facts No. 3

    Number 3

    € 7.9
    • The Magic of Willpower: Be a Creator, Not a Victim!
    • Evelyne Binsack: No Mountain Too High, No Goal Too Big…
    • OPC: A Natural Fountain of Youth!
    • Secrets of Antarctica
    • CFLs and Flatscreens: How They Are Making Us Sick
    • 9/11 Conspiracy: Covering Up the Fourth Attack
    • Cell Phones: How Animals Are suffering From Electro-smog
    • How to Give Fear the Boot, and Burst with Strength
    • and many more
  • Facts are Facts No. 2

    Number 2

    € 7.9
    • Morality: the Moral Compass returns us to true values
    • Reincarnation: how it changes living and dying
    • Dying Children teach us about after-life
    • The true Meaning of the Second Coming of Christ
    • JFK assassination: the final truth
    • War on terror and PSI: is the mass consciousness being tapped?
    • Video games: What makes children run amok
    • Elixir of life: breathing and humor
    • and many more
  • Facts are Facts No. 1

    Number 1

    € 7.9
    • Thoughts: our creative power
    • Threefold Flame: the divine spark in us
    • America: its mystical history and destiny
    • Vote fraud: how Americans and Iraqi have been cheated
    • Maritime disaster: cover-up on the Estonia ferry
    • Anxiety and panic attacks: cause and cure
    • Dieting: why it makes you fat – and how to lose weight
    • Microwaves: the greatest danger to life
    • and many more