Issue No. 12

Year: 2012, Quarter: 3
  • Sleep: Where Do We Go at Night?
  • Plastic: Poisons Men, Pollutes the Sea
  • Water: Its Secrets Revealed
  • Floods: Easily Prevented!
  • Money: A Comfort or a Curse?
  • Pranic Healing: Active and Healthy without Medication
  • The Unseen Dangers of Social Networks
  • Breathing: Connecting to the Creator
  • Globalisation: Overindulging on Wealth
  • and many more
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Globalisation: Overindulging on Wealth

More and more, cheaper and cheaper—globalisation is making it all possible. Yet this ‘dream’ of unlimited economic growth comes at a terrible price. We are suffocating the planet under a pile of rubbish, and ruining our health in the process. Read more...

Plastic Dreams

These days we may as well talk about Mother Plastic as Mother Earth. That's because everything today is made of that stuff: it's considered pretty (artifical flowers), cool (mobile phones) and essential (bottled water). But plastic is much more than that - first and foremost it's dangerous to our health. Read here how dangerous your water bottle really is and why it can be an effective method of contraception! Why? Because plastic can make you infertil! Read more...

Journeys through the Night

What do we actually do when our body is lying sleeping in bed? Why do we sometimes fall into dreamless deep sleep and other times jerk awake bathed in a cold sweat? Find out here why all sleep is not equal and how you can use the night to further your development! Read more...

Healing with the "Breath of Life"

Illness manifests itself in our etheric body long before we experience it physically. Pranic healing works on disease or sickness in the place it first emerges - often before we even realise it's there. This "no-touche" method of healing activates the power of self-healing, harmonises energy imbalances in the etheric body, and strengthens life force. And it often works where all other medicine has failed. Read more...

Breathing: Connecting to the Creator

Proper breathing should be long and deep, giving us everything our body, mind and soul need. Shortness of breath is one of the most widespread ills of modern society - but health is just a yawn away! Read more...

Viktor Schauberger: The Inexhaustible Power of Water

Over 75 years ago, one man showed us how to purify water naturally and how to harness its colossal power. If we were to follow Viktor Schauberger's teachings today, pure and healthy water would be within our reach, as well as the ability to produce almost limitless amounts of energy from plain water and air - for next to nothing. Read more...

The Secret of Life

Water is able to store energetic information in its molecular chains. It creates an orderly structure which matches that of a crystal. We need this "order" from water to stay alive. If the order is lost, a vortex can be used to restore it. not available online   order this issue

Water - The Soul of Man

Spiritual teachings tell us that the element Water is bound to our emotions, to our soul. He who learns to control his emotions receives the mystical baptism - and should then serve selflessly, just as Water does. not available online   order this issue

Ecological Flood Prevention as Acupuncture for Nature

Pioneering student of nature Viktor Schauberger was one of the most significant personalities of the last century, yet received no laurels in his own lifetime. Today, more than 50 years after his death, his findings are being put into practice with increasing success—­particularly in watercourses. Read more...

Data Mining in the Internet

Social networks and online shopping are being abused to find out everything about us. Read more...

Money: "To increase one's possessions means to lose one's self..."

...said the Chinese Sage Lao Tse 2,500 years ago. Another quote from his contemporary, Confucius, confirms just how false the goals that our society prizes are: "The noble man uses his wealth to create his life. The common man uses his life to create wealth." Learn here how to deal with the theme "money or not money" without letting it consume your soul. Read more...

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