Issue No. 11

Year: 2012, Quarter: 1
  • Birds: Caught Between "Seventh Heaven" and Electrosmog
  • What the Media is Hiding About the Massacre in Norway
  • St Paul's Fraud
  • The True Nature of the Sun and the Evolution of Space
  • Warning: Industrial Poisons For Dinner
  • The Moses Mystery
  • Prana: The Fire Of Life
  • OPC: Grape Seed Extract for Your Health
  • The Secret About "Terra Preta"
  • and many more
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How industrial toxic waste is sold to us as healthy

Walter Mauch, a German doctor, is a vocal campaigner against the toxins that threaten our health every single day. Read here his powerful and alarming words on the subject of fluoride, iodine, aspartame, glycerine, glutamate and trans fats. Read more...

Terra Preta: The Secret of the Rainforest's fertile Soil

Industrial agriculture has made deserts of previously fertile fields. Yet they don’t have to stay that way for ever—barren terrain can soon regain its fruitfulness with the miracle of terra preta, the ‘black earth’. Read more...

Birds of a Heavenly Feather

Birds are people too - even if they don't drive cars, have savings accounts, or go shopping every weekend. Maybe they're happier and more at peace than we are. And what we really don't want to admit: They're here to make us happy! Read more...

Migratory Birds & Magnetic Fields: Deadly Interference

The internationally renowned biophysicist Ulrich Warnke from Saarbrücken in Germany has spent decades researching the effects of electromagnetic fields on living organisms. In this essay he proves by example of bird migration, among others, how our wireless communication technology has such a harmful effect on animal and man. Read more...

Too Much Mobile Ringing Will Soon Mean Birds No Longer Singing

Reports are flooding in from around the world about the lethal threat of mobile communications to birds. Read more...

Exodus from Egypt: And the Waters Were Parted…

The Jews revere Moses like no other. He led the Israelites out of bondage in Egypt and gave them the Mosaic Laws. But he could not prevent his people from breaking their covenant with God. Join us on a fascinating search through desert sand and seawaters that holds more than one surprise in store. Read more...

Paul, the zealous Pharisee

He helped Christianity achieve its worldwide influence—and simultaneously laid the ­foundation for its greatest failure and most disgraceful deeds: the “Apostle to the Gentiles”, Saul who turned into Paul. Read more...

Norwegian massacre: Is Something Rotten in the State of Norway?

Read here about the events surrounding the horrible massacre on the Norwegian island Utøya and in Oslo —events that the mass media has kept from us. Read more...

Cosmology: Born of the Spirit

The universe wasn't created by the Big Bang, but by the Creator. Galaxies form, fall apart, and form anew - for as above, so below. Read more...

Mithras mysteries: The Sun's Bringer of Light

Eighteen hundred years ago, the sun was worshipped from Britain to the Balkans, from the Balearics to the Black Sea - and so was Mithras, who gave the sun's light to humanity. not available online   order this issue

The Sun: Source of our Being

We are all children of the sun. We live in the body of the sun. Everything that we have, are, and will be comes from the sun. How amazing that we seek God, and don’t recognise Him or Her in the sun! Read more...

Prana: The Fiery Breath of Life

Prana, also called God's breath, preserves galaxies. Without this spiritual fire of the sun, the planets and people would all cease to exist. Read more...

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