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Nature’s Bounty: Trampled Underfoot

More than half the world’s ecosystems are on the brink of collapse. Modern farming methods bear much of the responsibility – but also hold the key to the Earth’s recovery... not available online  

Dancing With Nature

The Garden of Eden is not irrevocably lost. Innovative farmers are returning to the philosophy of the first agriculturalists, who loved the soil that fed them. These are the pioneers of a holistic collaboration with Mother Earth – practising agriculture in the profoundest sense of the word. not available online  

Patents: Taking Control of Life Itself

Genes, plants, animals, even human sperm and eggs - patenting life is big business. Nothing and nobody is to be spared and only grassroots resistance can stop this shocking legalised practice. Read more...

Terra Preta: The Secret of the Rainforest's fertile Soil

Industrial agriculture has made deserts of previously fertile fields. Yet they don’t have to stay that way for ever—barren terrain can soon regain its fruitfulness with the miracle of terra preta, the ‘black earth’. Read more...

Genetic Engineering: The 'Safest' Way to Get Sick

Genetic engineering is "safe". Or so say the corporations, politicians, media, scientists and authorities in an unstoppable barrage of media fairy tales. Now powerful circles want to use the crisis to spread these dangerous lab plants all over the world. Read more...

"Love of Nature creates true wealth"

A farmer tells us about his life and work, where Angels also have their place along side the meadows and wild birds. Read more...

Dehorned Cows: Who's made? The Cow Without Horns or the Farmer That Takes Them?

A bold-faced question indeed, since the farmer isnÆt actually acting from evil motives when he has his cowsÆ horns sawn off. Yet some agriculturalists from the AllgSu region of Austria, bordering Switzerland, feel that what is usually dismissed as a harmless practice is little more than gratuitous mutilation. Analyses of the blood and milk from de-horned cows prove them right. not available online   order this issue

Have You Kissed a Snail yet Today?

Yuck, you say. Well, you don't have to go straight to kissing snails. But how about showing them a little affection? Eike Braunroth is a man who has learned to make friends with what we disdainfully refer to as "creepy crawlies". It has turned his garden into a paradise! Read more...