Issue No. 15

Year: 2014, Quarter: 1
  • Atlantis: Its True Location, Civilisation & Destruction
  • Of Giants and Androgynes: A Journey into the Earth's Past
  • Alzheimer's: What Keeps Dementia at Bay?
  • Breast Cancer: How You Can Prevent it
  • Ego-Society: Greedy Caterpillar or Free Butterfly
  • Diagnosis: Wheat Belly
  • Reincarnation: "Wen I Was Big"
  • Europeans Believed in Re-Embodiment
  • and many more
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Alzheimer's: Coconut Oil to Feed the Brain.

Consumption of coconut oil prompts the body to produce a substance that is the best nourishment for brain cells – and can protect our little grey cells from dementia. Read more...

Atlantis - Hunting for Traces

The tobacco in the mummified pharaoh is piece of the puzzle, just as are the magnolia tree in Florida and the wall fragments on the bottom of the Caribbean. Together with thousand of other such pieces, they trace the outline of an ancient continent that lies buried under the waters of the Atlantic. not available online   order this issue

Atlantis - A Myth Abused

Atlantis is having a boom in film and literature. But despite all the exaggerated legends, the most important aspect is mostly forgotten – namely, what lesson we should learn from Atlantis. For decadence, pomposity, and the misguided belief that Man doesn’t need God triumph today once again, as they did in that sunken empire. Read more...

Atlantis: How Old is the Atomic Bomb

There is nothing new under the sun. Why the Atlanteans could have already had nuclear weapons. not available online   order this issue

Lemuria – The Lost Continent

Long before Atlantis rose from the waves, mankind dwelt on Lemuria. It was a golden age in the ‘Garden of Eden’ – but then came the ‘Fall’. Giant creatures roamed through forests of gigantic ferns, seeking shelter from the raging elements – until one day their world sank into the ocean, leaving barely a physical trace. Read more...

Maya Calendar: In the Realm of the Feathered Snake

The decoding of the Mayan calendar shines a completely new and fascinating light on the history of this Native American culture: for 400 years, Danish Vikings ruled over the Maya not available online   order this issue

Atlan - Holy City of the Maya

Atlan, the holy city of the mayan, long lost to the waves, was in all probability built by Atlanteans. not available online   order this issue

Root Races: Born from Dust, Destined for Gods

Humanity moves across the earth in seven great evolutionary waves. A cosmic plan is at their source that leads each individual human soul to perfection – even if it takes aeons to do so. A person incarnates in different root races until he or she has finally learned everything that this planetary classroom has to teach. Read more...

Reincarnation: "When I Was Big"

Again and again, little children are discovered whose "band of forgetfulness" is still permeable, and who can clearly remember a past life. Cases like these have been scientifically researched for more than 40 years. One book looks specifically at European cases. Read more...

Europeans Too Believed in Re-Embodiment

Belief in reincarnation has been a common thread running through European history for 2,500 years. For centuries, knowledge of re-embodiment was kept alive independent of Asian influence. not available online   order this issue

Page 48Cancer

Breast Cancer: Real Prevention is Possible!

No other form of the disease stirs up so much fear as breast cancer. Yet the fact remains: the risk of contracting breast cancer could be effectively reduced by achieving the right balance of vital hormones. Read more...

Page 53Nutrition

Diagnosis: Wheat Belly

Modern wheat is cheap and high-yield. Genetically-speaking, it has little in common with the strains cultivated just 50 years ago, not to mention wild varieties. Thanks to high-output wheat, we can get muffins and rolls in XXL packs – but it’s becoming increasingly evident that we are baking ourselves into an early grave. Read more...

Homo Oeconomicus: The Great Cyber Battle for the World

In the last 50 years, an unholy alliance has formed: the union of ever-faster computer systems with a philosophy that regards human beings as greedy beasts, forever seeking their own advantage. Now they have combined to ensure ever more billions of profit for a tiny, powerful elite, and to make everyone connected to the internet the puppets of their own venal desires. Read more...

Motivation: Full Wallet, Empty Soul?

What really makes us happy at work and at home? You’ll be amazed: it’s not money – and that’s a scientific fact! Read more...

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