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Europeans Too Believed in Re-Embodiment

Belief in reincarnation has been a common thread running through European history for 2,500 years. For centuries, knowledge of re-embodiment was kept alive independent of Asian influence. not available online   order this issue

Exodus from Egypt: And the Waters Were Parted…

The Jews revere Moses like no other. He led the Israelites out of bondage in Egypt and gave them the Mosaic Laws. But he could not prevent his people from breaking their covenant with God. Join us on a fascinating search through desert sand and seawaters that holds more than one surprise in store. Read more...

Mithras mysteries: The Sun's Bringer of Light

Eighteen hundred years ago, the sun was worshipped from Britain to the Balkans, from the Balearics to the Black Sea - and so was Mithras, who gave the sun's light to humanity. not available online   order this issue

Clash of Civilisation: How Islam Became a Threat

Was the development of militant Islam inevitable—or was it stirred up by those powers that want to spark off the "Clash of Civilisations"? Read more...

In Heaven, All Is One

Now that we have examined the geo-political background of the current fanaticising of Islam, we will try to take a more spiritual view of things. If we remain on the same level on which the battle is being fought, we may miss the light of knowledge in the smoke of cannon. not available online   order this issue

All Religions Flow From The Same Source

The fundamental principals of all religions come from the same source. not available online   order this issue

The Future of Humanity: True Brotherhood

It seems as if the world’s destructive forces are currently fuelling the separation between peoples and religions—not only to prevent our planet’s salvation, but also the promise of a happy, fulfilled life in the coming ‘Golden Age of Faith’: true brotherhood among all men. The Bulgarian sage Omraam Michael Aivanhov (1900-1986) understood this. Read here his words on the subject. Read more...

Jesus Didn't Die on the Cross

Thanks to the Turin Shroud, in the last few decades scientists have been able to prove that Jesus survived the crucifixion. If this fact were finally fully recognised, two religions would have to change their doctrine - with far-reaching consequences for all mankind. Read more...

The Church's Biggest Lie

In the year 553 A.D., 165 Church officials condemned reincarnation. Prior to that time, it had been a fundamental Christian teaching: following the trail of a conspiracy that changed the world. Read more...

The Saviour Lives In Us

What "The Second Coming" really means to mankind. not available online   order this issue