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Magnesium: The success stories

Our article on magnesium in the last issue of Facts are Facts provoked a massive response. Read here just a few of the success stories sent in by readers who felt the benefits for themselves, and remind yourselves of the essential functions performed by magnesium in the body. Read more...

Arthritis and Osteoporosis can be Healed!

We are currently experiencing a serious and widespread magnesium deficiency. Depleted soil is not least to blame, as it only produces vegetables and grains that are low in this essential mineral. Yet magnesium is vital for our well-being: not only can it heal “incurable” diseases such as arthritis, but we also need it for healthy cell division. Too little magnesium means degenerated cells—in other words, cancer. Read more...

Path to Health

How to stay healthy and grow old gracefully. not available online   order this issue