Deadly coktail: how industrial toxic waste is sold to us as healthy

Walter Mauch, a German doctor, is a vocal campaigner against the toxins that threaten our health every single day. Read here his powerful and alarming words on the subject of fluoride, iodine, aspartame, glycerine, glutamate and trans fats.

I call these substances “toxic waste to health” because the body cannot process them. Instead it stores them in the tissue, where they become nothing less than ticking time bombs.

Fluoride—How a Poison Became a Medicine

By 1950, America’s aluminium and steel industries were sitting atop large piles of fluoride compounds they couldn’t sell. For a while they were able to get rid of the waste by dumping it in the rivers, but in December 1950 the aluminium industry was sentenced to a hefty fine after large numbers of fish were killed by sodium fluoride poisoning in the Columbia River. There was no choice but to look for new ways to use this fluoride waste.

Aluminium leads to severe damage to the brain by blocking the action potential of the nerve cells.

And so the propaganda machine for fluoride was set in motion and Gerald G. Cox from the Mellon Institute was tasked with solving the problem. Cox recalled that fluoride could prevent tooth decay and suggested an alternative use for the fluoride waste. The fact that fluoride was known to be one of the most harmful toxins in existence—even more toxic than arsenic—had to be hidden at all costs.

Cox succeeded in forging relations with leading figures in the field of dentistry and at the National Research Center (NRC). These people received notable research assignments from the industry and they even went so far as to declare the highly toxic fluoride a nutrient! The NRC accepted the theory that fluoride was a necessary ­substance in tooth nutrition and did not cause any damage to health. “Fluoridation” became dogma in the USA and later in ­Germany as well, so much so that people stopped checking how true the theory actually was—even though the research results—mathematically verifiable statistics—were exposed as false. The consequences for health­­­care have been devastating.

Fluoridation (in tap water, tablets, tooth­­­paste, table salt) is therefore not the result of medical research, but of the social inte­rests of various industry branches.

Irrefutable medical proof for the effectiveness of fluoride in preventing caries has still not been forthcoming, while double blind studies have not yet succeeded in revealing any statistically significant advantage of fluoride. Several field studies in the USA, Canada and New Zealand demonstrated that, in fact, caries occurred to a lesser extent in areas without fluoridated tap water! Overall, there is a higher correlation between the frequency of caries occurring and social class: a higher rate of caries can be observed in less affluent districts where there is poorer oral hygiene. Unbelievable, but true: the same substance added to toothpaste—sodium fluoride—is also a highly effective insecticide or rat poison!

And the sugar industry, looking for a way to prevent caries without lowering sugar consumption, had a particular interest in fluoridation.

Other interested parties are industries that generate fluoride: predominantly the aluminium, steel and phosphate industries. A plan was drawn up on how to market fluoride as a product, whereupon dentists, starting with the state health service, editors, teachers and associations helped to shape market-strategic opinion.

Fluoride and Iodine: ­Little-known Industrial Toxic Waste

Fluoride and iodine are non-metals and belong to the halogen group. They form salt and are highly reactive. Fluoride is even the strongest oxidation agent. Toxicologists describe fluoride and iodine as toxic since they can cause severe damage in all tissues.

At this point, let’s take a look back at German history. In 1945, the country was bomb­­­ed, a pile of ruins. Yet, incredibly, despite a grim fate, people survived. And then there was a real miracle: out of the rubble and ash rose a new Germany—cities, homes, industries, technologies. A masterpiece of the mind! After sixty years of peace and prosperity we are once again standing on the precipice looking down into the abyss of chaos; the insidious difference being that we can no longer see our opponent. But he is there, raining down blows upon all areas of life. The only thing that seems to matter in the modern world is high-speed industrial production and hurling ready-made meals onto the market just to keep raking in the profits. People’s life and health are being trampled underfoot, because all that matters is making money out of junk!

In industry, fluoride and iodine accrue in large amounts as toxic waste. So the industry thinks about how to offload it without having to waste too much time or effort on safe methods of disposal. Their solution is to tip fluoride into drinking water, add it to table salt and toothpaste, dispense it in tablet form or even polish teeth with it—even in small children.

At the baker’s we see a big poster: “We only bake using iodinized salt.” Iodine is found in cheese, butter, biscuits and chocolate. Salt is even sold with fluoride and iodine in it. Just read the labels and ingredients to see where else iodine is hidden!

The body needs iodine, of course. But how is it supposed to cope with too much of it? It can cause severe damage: sickness, heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome, digestive disorders, cardiac arrhythmia, kidney pain, high blood pressure, asthma, thyroid diseases, anxiety, depression, itching all over the body, eye disorders, impaired hearing and much more. Wherever a person has an inherited weakness in the body is where the first symptoms of illness appear! The chain always breaks at its weakest link.

Thus toxic waste suddenly becomes a medical prophylactic: doctors, paediatricians, natural therapists and other so-called scientists aid the chemical industry in turning its toxic waste into “medical care”. Let’s look at some clinical examples:

Arthrosis, osteoporosis: fluoride gets into the spinal column and joints through the lymph vessels and breaks down the calcium phosphate in the bones. This creates a new toxic chemical compound: calcium fluoride CaF2, which not only hardens tooth enamel, but also spinal columns and joints. And it also gets into all other tissue!

Dementia: the brain’s glial cells are the neurons’ insulators and support cells. The brain’s minerals are bonded together through fluoride and the glial tissue be­­comes hardened. The insulators conduct electricity in such a way that the neuron’s action potential is no longer properly conducted through the brain cells and dendrites, but is connected higgledy-piggledy. Orientation and perception are thus disrupted. Aluminium, aspartame and glutamate only serve to intensify this chaos.

Thyroid disorders: If you use fluoride tooth­­­paste, it reaches the thyroid via the lymph channels and splits the iodine from the thyroid hormone iodine-thyroxine. This produces a highly reactive compound—fluoride-thyroxine—which virtually burns the thyroid. First hot thyroid nodules form, then shrivelled cold thyroid nodules, and eventually cancer.

Impaired hearing: Fluoride binds the eardrum minerals. The eardrum becomes hard and the person is no longer able to perceive the high frequencies—impaired hearing is the result.

Cataracts, glaucoma: Fluoride gets into the eyes from the oral cavity through the lymph vessels and hardens the tissue there, causing se­vere disruptions. Fluoride binds minerals and trace ­elements in the blood, parti­cularly calcium. The blood thickens and arteriosclerosis, embolisms, thromboses or strokes result. Instead of protecting the patient from a harmful intake of fluoride, the person now receives blood thinners until eventually the kidneys go on strike and the toxins settle painfully in all tissues. The patient is then introduced to dialysis—and do we not have a dialysis unit in every large city?

Weakened immune defence: In children, fluoride is one of the main causes of infection and learning difficulties. In toddlers and babies the fontanelles close prematurely—the brain cannot mature; the child develops severe learning difficulties.

Also alarming is the effect of fluoride on the human psyche: slowly but surely it closes down a person’s free will. Even more alarming is my discovery that fluoride blocks the metabolism of (mainly) animal fat and protein.

This leads to an adiposis and subsequent weight gain. Fat and protein are stored in the tissues, while aluminium, aspartame, glutamate and glycerine intensify this metabolism blockage even further. So take your health in your own hands and protect your family and particularly your children. Take a look at what you buy and eat—and act on it!

Aluminium May Lead to Dementia

Aluminium is found in deodorant, creams and other cosmetics as well as in medicines and vaccines—and it causes severe damage in the body. As a silicate, aluminium is a component of the food colouring E173, which is contained in pastries, baking powder and processed cheese, and is also mixed into table salt and spices to prevent clumping. Once again, take a moment to look closer at what you’re buying.

Calcium phosphate is stored in the skeleton and gives bones their stability and elasticity. In the pharmacological books by Prof. Ernst Mutschler and Professors Forth, Hentschler and Rummel we are given the scientific confirmation: “Aluminium is the biggest robber of phosphate.” Aluminium splits calcium phosphate, producing aluminium phosphate, which causes the bones to weaken (osteomalacia, or rickets). The joints and spinal column are no longer resilient and become deformed. Bow legs, knock knees, arthrosis or scoliosis is the result.

Aluminium also leads to severe damage to the brain by blocking the action potential of the nerve cells and causing the person to lose orientation and perception. Aluminium, fluoride, aspartame and glutamate together block and destroy the brain completely!