Issue No. 13

Year: 2013, Quarter: 1
  • Earthing: Fit and Healthy with Mother Earth's Vibrations
  • The Body's Secret: An Elemental Being of its Own!
  • Water: The Best Fuel!
  • Water: How we Are Destroying the Basic Fabric of Our Lives
  • Reincarnation: Even Heroes Come Again
  • Conspiracy: Who Really Rules the World
  • Xylitol: "Tooth Decay Can Be Prevented"
  • Truth: A Double-Edged Sword
  • and many more
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Xylitol: "Tooth Decay Can Be Prevented"

… and in the sweetest possible way, too. Read here the unbelievable story of a natural ­substance that is as white and sweet as sugar—yet gentle on the teeth! Read more...

Earthing—Get Healthy and Vital by Going Barefoot!

Would you like to stay young, vibrant, healthy and beautiful, to feel physically well because your body has enough energy to see you through the day? Do you enjoy being out in Nature, breathing in the fresh air? Because just by going ­barefoot, you can change your life for the better! Read more...

The Three Hundred Puppeteers

What unites high-ranking Freemason, the big banks, the Illuminati, the royal houses, and the tycoons? They are all members of the "Committee of 300", which, according to a British ex-spy, rules the world - here and now. Read more...

Committee of 300: Who's Who

The Names and functions of the world's 300 most influental people. not available online   order this issue

Lawrence of Arabia: Even Heroes aren't immortal

...more often than not, they return to Earth as quite ordinary people. Not too long ago, a young man watching the film "Lawrence of Arabia" found himself shaken to the very core by the memories it evoked. Discover the astonishing story of one of the greatest heroes of the 20th century - and the attributes he brought with him to his current earthly existence. Read more...

Disappearing Water

Constantly increasing levels of wireless communication are damaging the internal structure of water and breaking it apart, worsening droughts and accelerating climate change. Read more...

Water - The Ultimate Fuel

Driving and heating, nonpolluting incineration or welding - all using water? It sounds like a story from the Thousand and One Nights, but it's reality: Brown gas (HHO) makes it possible! not available online   order this issue

Body Elemental: The Spirit Within the Flesh

Although we're connected to it our whole life long, we don't know who our body really is: A being with its own past, future, and individual consciousness. Read more...

"It's your body speaking!"

In 1986, nurse Roswitha Sacher made an astonishing discovery: quite unexpectedly and surprisingly she made contact with her body elemental - the spirit that builds and looks after the human body. not available online   order this issue

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Fashion Shows

The Emperor Has no Clothes not available online   order this issue

Truth: A Double-Edged Sword

We love people who say right out what they mean. Assuming they think like we do. Mark Twain not available online   order this issue

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