Issue No. 4

Year: 2009, Quarter: 4
  • Man the Magician: I Think, Therefore I Create
  • Ghost-buster: the Man Who Releases People and Places from Darkness
  • In Search of the Ark of the Covenant
  • Swine Flu: Dangerous Vaccines
  • Mobile Phones: Killing our Birds and Bees?
  • Heal Yourself with Coloured Light!
  • Complaint Free: How to Transform Yourself in 21 Days
  • Children in Bloom: How a Retiree Teaches Young People the Meaning of Life Through Gardening
  • and many more
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The Bees Are Dying

Bees keep dying—wherever mobiles have become indispensible. And it’s not just the industrial countries; even developing countries are now affected. Read here about the most recent vital results that reveal how increasing electrosmog is threatening the survival of people, birds and bees and what we can do about it! Read more...

Electromagnetic Pollution: The Sparrow - No Longer In Fine Feather

Now birds, too, are no longer able to withstand cell phone radiation. not available online   order this issue

Mobile telephony: The Famous Last Straw

Why damage from cell phones is only now beginning to come to light. Read more...

Anton Styger: The Man Who Drives the Dragon From the Door

Anton Styger came into the world a clairvoyant. Like many mediums, he can see auras and astral and discarnate beings. Unlike most clairvoyants, however, he does not use his rare gift to earn money by contacting the “dead”. No, Anton Styger is totally committed to delivering the dark companions polluting the ether from their earthly binds. Read more...

Mantle of Light

How to protect yourself energetically from the powers of darkness. not available online   order this issue

Light and Shadow

A prayer of release for earth-bound souls. not available online   order this issue

“Our Life is the Product of our thoughts” - Marcus Aurelius

Heaven and hell stand daily open before us. We buy our entry ticket to one or the other of them with our thoughts. Find out which scenes a psychometrist sees in the etheric realm when there is harassment in the office. Read how entrenched thoughts can chain us to the most absurd situations on the Other Side. And how someone who understands how to direct his fate can no longer save himself from “lucky coincidences”! Read more...

Complaint Free: You Are What You Say

Pastor Will Bowen has declared war on whining and complaining. Millions are already participating in his experiment. not available online   order this issue

You Lucky Pig - The Swine Flu doesn't Kill!

If you are planning on getting immunized against the Swine Flu in the near future, think twice—and read this article. Even the conservative British Times warns that the immunization is an “enormous and daring experiment”. Even Tamiflu is no life preserver, since 99 percent of the current flu virus strains are resistant to it. This is no reason to panic, however, since a pandemic just does not seem to be taking form, despite all attempts to convince us otherwise. Read more...

Light is Food for Life…

…and coloured light has healing properties for life! Many illnesses and complaints can gently be treated by Spectro-Chrome therapy – without any side effects. Read more...

The Ark of the Covenant instead of the Holy Grail?

What is it about the mysterious Rennes-le-Château in Southern France? Thomas Ritter ventured out in search of clues and stumbled across untold wealth, the possible hiding place of the Ark of the Covenant, and a Jewish king who appears to be the ancestor of all the European royal houses. Read more...

The Old Man and the "Flower Children"

Leo the “crazy lion” has been one of our readers for many years. When we by chance got talking on the phone, we quickly realized that if more elderly people did what Leo does in his simple way, our society might just be a happier one. By bringing old people and children together through Nature and gardening, he teaches young people what really matters in life: letting love flow. Read more...

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