Issue No. 9

Year: 2011, Quarter: 1
  • James the Just: Jesus’ True Successor
  • Brotherhood: the Ideal Society of the Future
  • Microwaved Food Makes Us Fat
  • How We Are Manipulated With PR Lies
  • The Clash of Civilisations: What’s Really Behind the Islam Hysteria?
  • Staged Uprisings in Arabia
  • Bion Energy: Health Thanks to Harmony with the Cosmos
  • Pain-free Childbirth!
  • The Advantages of Electric Cars
  • and many more
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Bion Energy: The Rubber That Radiates Harmony

Find out here how special silicon compresses help the body regain harmony simply by being placed upon it, and how findings from quantum physics make the specific application of this bion energy possible. Read more...

Clash of Civilisation: How Islam Became a Threat

Was the development of militant Islam inevitable—or was it stirred up by those powers that want to spark off the "Clash of Civilisations"? Read more...

Staged Uprising: An Arabian World in Turmoil

Those mechanisms we just described in our extensive report on radicalised Islam are once again playing out before the world's eyes. Find out here the real reasons why the "Arabian Spring" is blasting despots away now, of all times—and what this has to do with our financial system. Read more...

Page 28Religion

In Heaven, All Is One

Now that we have examined the geo-political background of the current fanaticising of Islam, we will try to take a more spiritual view of things. If we remain on the same level on which the battle is being fought, we may miss the light of knowledge in the smoke of cannon. not available online   order this issue

Page 30Religion

All Religions Flow From The Same Source

The fundamental principals of all religions come from the same source. not available online   order this issue

The Future of Humanity: True Brotherhood

It seems as if the world’s destructive forces are currently fuelling the separation between peoples and religions—not only to prevent our planet’s salvation, but also the promise of a happy, fulfilled life in the coming ‘Golden Age of Faith’: true brotherhood among all men. The Bulgarian sage Omraam Michael Aivanhov (1900-1986) understood this. Read here his words on the subject. Read more...

Pain-free Childbirth - Is It Possible?

An ancient method from India helps women bring their children into the world virtually pain-free. Read more...

Microwave ovens make us fat!

Whoever still uses one of these practical microwave machines cuts precious years off his own life—with the added risk of becoming fat. Read more...

James the Just: Christianity's Forgotten Hero

James the Just was not only Jesus’ younger brother, but also his successor as leader of the first Christians. If Christianity had built its church on this rock, the world would be a different place today. Read here the forgotten story of a man whose memory was deliberately erased by the Church. Read more...

Simon Peter: Built on the Wrong Rock

The Roman Church chose an extremely bad patron saint for itself: Simon Peter, who was never commissioned by Jesus to found a church. Read more...

The Age of PR: Why Smoking is Good for Your Health

Just under a hundred years ago, a poison began to infiltrate the masses; a poison that makes people believe whatever they're told. Its name is propaganda and it has long ousted Truth from its rightful place. not available online   order this issue

Electric cars: The Car That Was Too Good To Survive

In 1995, an electric car came onto the market in the USA that could have revolutionised the automobile industry. Unfortunately, it was too good to survive! Just imagine what the world would be like today if nearly all our comfortable cars ran on quiet, clean and much more efficient electric motors! Read more...

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