Issue No. 3

Year: 2009, Quarter: 3
  • The Magic of Willpower: Be a Creator, Not a Victim!
  • Evelyne Binsack: No Mountain Too High, No Goal Too Big…
  • OPC: A Natural Fountain of Youth!
  • Secrets of Antarctica
  • CFLs and Flatscreens: How They Are Making Us Sick
  • 9/11 Conspiracy: Covering Up the Fourth Attack
  • Cell Phones: How Animals Are suffering From Electro-smog
  • How to Give Fear the Boot, and Burst with Strength
  • and many more
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OPC: The Power of Grape Seeds

OPC, derived from grape seed extract, is perhaps the most powerful known antioxidant. It reduces tissue damage, strengthens blood vessels, improves blood circulation, reduces inflammation, detoxifies the body, multiplies the effect of Vitamin C and other agents, protects the brain and nerves, and forces cancer cells to commit suicide. So why do so few people take advantage of this concentrated form of Nature’s best protector? Read more...

Mysterious Antarctica

The land of snow and ice was once a flourishing continent. Although today it is considered inhospitable, it exerts an almost magically attractive force over mankind. It’s no wonder the continent is entrenched in so many legends – from the entrance to fabled “Shangri La” located in the earth’s interior to the obscure stories about secret UFO bases not inhabited by extraterrestrials… Read more...

Penguins: Discovering the Man Within the Bird

One of the sweetest beings on this planet is the tux-wearing, walking bird of the South Pole. Here follows some information about their lives and existence, which may surprise you. Read more...

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way!”

…this saying applies to the Swiss mountaineer Evelyne Binsack more than to most people. After she scaled Mount Everest in 2001, she set out to reach the South Pole using nothing but muscle power. Over the course of about 400 days, she put 25,000 kilometers behind her, climbed 120,000 vertical meters on her bicycle and went on to march 1,180 kilometers to the South Pole. Yet it’s not a physical challenge that Evelyne Binsack primarily seeks; in fact, it’s more her style to embrace the essence of being. Read more...

The Mysticism of the Mountains

Powerfule Nature spirits animate mountains and peaks. We can consciously connect to their power. not available online   order this issue

On the Magic of Willpower

“The will is not just ‘a’ power, but all power that exists. How did God create the world? With Will. So it is that our innate ability, which we call willpower, is actually a divine power; a power that increases when we recognize its potential and that proves itself to be the biggest miracle of life.” - Jnayat Khan, founder of the Sufi movement Read more...

Antenna Towers Make It a Dog's Life...

Animals don’t know anything about electromagnetic pollution. It just makes them sick. The effects of cellular and wireless phones on the health of dogs, cats, horses and cows. Read more...

The Light Bulb must not go out!

Politicians and environmental organizations portray the incandescent light bulb as an electricity-guzzling environmental bad guy. As a result, it is gradually being phased out over the next few years. Yet its replacement, the energy saving light bulb, is not so “green” as plugged. Its light does not only damage our eyes, but can even cause hormone-related illnesses – including cancer! Read more...

Energy saving bulbs – no thank you!

“Don’t believe any statistics that you haven’t falsified yourself!” You don’t have to smuggle in false data these days to draw false conclusions – just don’t bother considering all the aspects. Official figures and arguments regarding energy saving light bulbs and the light bulb ban are no exception here. Read more...

Energy Saving Light Bulbs can make you ill!

Light therapist and physician Alexander Wunsch has spent years warning us of the danger of mercury emissions given off by energy saving light bulbs, LCD televisions and computer screens. In this interview he explains the many ways in which these fluorescent lights inflict damage on us. Read more...

9/11: The Conspiracy behind the Conspiracy

Now that the disastrous administration of George W. Bush has finally ended, we’re taking a last look at the events that put freedom in chains: September 11, 2001. Read this complete reconstruction of the actual events that are quite different than what we’ve otherwise been hoaxed to believe. Read more...

9/11—a Cyber Crime?

Did foreign spy software end up on the computers of US aeronautical authorities – and is it technically possible to control passenger airliners remotely from the ground? The answers shed an ominous new light on the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Read more...

No Fear!

How to Send Fear Flying not available online   order this issue

Burst With Energy!

How to change weakness to strength. not available online   order this issue

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