Issue No. 1

Year: 2005, Quarter: 3
  • Thoughts: our creative power
  • Threefold Flame: the divine spark in us
  • America: its mystical history and destiny
  • Vote fraud: how Americans and Iraqi have been cheated
  • Maritime disaster: cover-up on the Estonia ferry
  • Anxiety and panic attacks: cause and cure
  • Dieting: why it makes you fat – and how to lose weight
  • Microwaves: the greatest danger to life
  • and many more
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Page 2Nutrition

Panic Attacks: The Trick With Adrenalin

Panic attacks and anxiety are frequently a consequence of exhaustion and poor nutrition. Read more...

Page 6Nutrition

Diets make you fat! So what makes you thin?

In the long run, a diet is the surest way to become fat. So is there a way to enjoy eating and remain thin? Yes! With a method that the Frenchman Michel Montignac has discovered. Read more...

Vote fraud: Imposing american-style 'democracy' in Iraq and beyond

Has the election in the U.S. benn stolen - like in other parts of the world? Read more...

Estonia Ferry Tragedy. No Accident!

The day after the Baltic ferry Estonia sank on September 28, 1994, Swedish newspapers reported that a "monster wave" was the likely cause of the ferry's sinking. Since then, the official explanations for Europe's worst maritime disaster since World War II have only gotten "curiouser and curiouser." Read more...

America: The Promised Land

America was long known to the world's initiates. They determined when it might be "discovered". They chose the discoverer. They knew the plan for the New World and its purpose: to become the leading nation in the promised Goden Age. Read more...

America: The Land of Brotherhood

First there was the idea, then a colony and finally an apparently hopeless battle against the most powerful military power on earth. An like a phoenix rising from the ashes, a nation arose in which the ideas of freedom and brotherhood were lived for the first time. This is the magical-mystical history of America which you won't find in your history books. Read more...

Eternal Vigilance Is the Price of Freedom

An European perspective on the current (2005) situation in the USA. Read more...

The Spark that Makes Us Immortal

The time when man looked up to God as a being enthroned above him in unattainable majesty is past. At the threshold of the New Age, the hour has come when He can be recognized where He is closest to us: in the threefold flame within the heart. Read more...

The Substance Out of Which the World Is Born

"Man proposes, God disposes." This pious phrase echoes an age which has just elapsed. Now, in the Age of Aquarius, man is called upon to develop the "Buddhic consciousness"-which means no less than to think God's own thoughts. Read more...

The Message of Water

Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto has succeeded in making the quality of water visible: he freezes it and then photographs the water crystals. His discoveries should set us thinking: water reacts immediately and sensitively to every message that it receives-manifesting ugliness or heavenly beauty depending on what man impresses upon it. not available online   order this issue

The Difficulties of Surviving In a Global Microwave Oven

The hazards of microwave technology were known well before money poured in from the kitchen appliances and cell phones which use it. Here are the facts behind the story that everyone should know! Read more...

Electricity: Direct current vs alternating current

Nature's microwaves from the sun are based on pulsed direct current, man-made microwave technology on alternating current - we explain the dangerous difference between it. not available online   order this issue

Page 54Microwaves

The "Moscow Signal" and Heart Attacks in Karelia

Microwave technology-Making people sick for decades. not available online   order this issue

Page 60Nutrition

Food Additives: When Mussels Are Made of Pork...

... and peach flavour is made of castor oil... then it will have been the food industry that prepared the table for us. We will find ourselves in a beautiful new world of food in which nothing is what it seems any more. With catastrophic consequences for our bodies! not available online   order this issue

Natural Catastrophes: No Man Is an Island Unto Himself

All of nature is permeated by the divine soul. Even natural catastrophes are guided by a conscious intelligence for the wellbeing of the entire planet. Read more...

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