Issue No. 7

Year: 2010, Quarter: 3
  • Modern Music: An Instrument of the Illuminati!
  • How Music Can Raze or Raise the Soul
  • Jellyfish and Humpbacks: The Music of the Sea
  • Why Cows Need Their Horns
  • Alzheimer's: Forgetfulness Can be Cured
  • How 'Spiritual Healing' Even Works on an Oil Spill
  • and many more
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Alzheimers-Therapy: Return from Oblivion

A therapy using magnetic impulses may be able to bring people suffering from long-term dementia back to the land of the living. Read more...

Magnesium: The success stories

Our article on magnesium in the last issue of Facts are Facts provoked a massive response. Read here just a few of the success stories sent in by readers who felt the benefits for themselves, and remind yourselves of the essential functions performed by magnesium in the body. Read more...

Rock Music: Where have all the flowers gone...

Once upon a time it was the “Make Love, Not War” ethos of the Flower Children that ruled the airwaves. Yet today’s music superstars are simply puppets for the Illuminati and their totalitarian “New World Order”. Read on to discover the untold story of a phenomenon of our times, without which the modern world would be very different. Read more...

Brave New Media World

How you can learn to interact responsibly with new forms of media. not available online   order this issue

Music and Psyche: Crippling Rhythms and Murderous Mice

What our youth consumes today is musical dynamite that not only leaves the ears deaf, but also poisons the soul and makes the body sick, which has been scientifically proven. There is a plan behind it whose goal is the eradication of traditional Western culture. Read more...

How Music Refines the Character

Music can heal. It fosters intelligence and keeps us young, as long as it resonates in harmony with the Universe. Read what we can learn from the wisdom of antiquity and modern brain research. Read more...

Evil Rockers and Digital Battlefields

How two young men overcame their addiction to computer games and hard rock music. not available online   order this issue

Puberty tips

15 tips to prevent children pulling away from their parents. not available online   order this issue

The Power of Sound

How music caused the rise and fall of great cultures in antiquity—from ancient India to the Roman Empire. Read more...

Composers Who Changed the World

What is Beethoven's merit? What distinguishes César Franck from other composers? Why was Handel such a success in England and what was Richard Wagner's mission? There are more things behind the music than our book learning can dream of! not available online   order this issue

Music and Water: Chiming Jellyfish and Singing Whales

Water and music have a much closer bond than previously thought. Read here about musical jellyfish, and what singing whales are doing for the benefit of Earth. Read more...

Healing the Sea from an Oil Spill

With the massive oil disaster off the Gulf of Mexico currently causing outrage, clairvoyant Anton Styger relates how in 2003 he helped to restore the battered northern coast of Spain to health—by spiritual means alone! Read more...

Dehorned Cows: Who's made? The Cow Without Horns or the Farmer That Takes Them?

A bold-faced question indeed, since the farmer isnÆt actually acting from evil motives when he has his cowsÆ horns sawn off. Yet some agriculturalists from the AllgSu region of Austria, bordering Switzerland, feel that what is usually dismissed as a harmless practice is little more than gratuitous mutilation. Analyses of the blood and milk from de-horned cows prove them right. not available online   order this issue

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