Issue No. 10

Year: 2011, Quarter: 3
  • How Hollywood Poisons Mankind's Morals
  • How You Can Prevent Illness, Infertility and Premature Death
  • Barack Obama: Is the US President an "Illegal"?
  • Cellulite and Baldness: Causes and Cures
  • Heart Transplants: Getting More Than You Bargained For
  • Image Streaming: Films in the Language of God
  • Sergey Lazarev: The Diagnostics of Karma
  • Amino Acids: The Key to Better Health
  • The Yin and Yang in Our Heads
  • and many more
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Goodbye to Cellulite and Baldness!

What cellulite is for women, the bald patch is for men: not simply a ‘cosmetic problem’ but a tactic employed by the body to ensure our survival. By eliminating the causes of these two common complaints, we can help the skin regain its firmness and the head hold on to its crowning glory. Read more...

Get Rid of Gallstones - Pain-free!

Not just a product of the gall bladder, gallstones can also occur in the liver - perhaps the most important organ for our health. But it can only work to its optimum efficiency if we keep it gallstone-free. not available online   order this issue

Page 8America

Barack Obama: Really "made in the USA"?

So was he or wasn’t he born in the USA? Barack Obama’s publicised birth certificate from Hawaii has raised more questions than it has answered. Lucky for him, Obama ­liquidated Osama at just the right moment—nothing else was talked of then. But to Obama’s embarrassment, there’s another birth certificate, according to which he was born in Kenya. Read more...

Hollywood: The Bad Dream Factory

The chronicle of an indecent success that has been corrupting the morals of society for the last century. Read more...

False Gods: Everyone wants to be famous

Everyone wants to be famous and increasingly more people are obsessed with copying Hollywood stars. Read more...

Hollywood: Stumbling Block for the Soul

Hollywood is damaging humanity far more than we realise. It arrests the development of human potential. Read more...

Image Streaming: Films in the Language of God

What sets a genius apart? How can we communicate with our Higher Self? There is a simple method that brings us closer to God and increases our intelligence! Read more...

The Power of Breath

Why oxygen is so important for brilliant thinking. not available online   order this issue

Page 35Spirit

The Yin and Yang in our Heads

Brain halves: Their interplay holds the key to inspiration and an enhanced memory that goes beyond this earthly life. Read more...

Gymnastics for the Grey Cells

How can I start actively using my brain rather than simply owning it? Mental trainers are providing solid scientific advice for everyday life. Read more...

Near-Death Experiences

Where does our consciousness dwell? not available online   order this issue

Organ Transplants: "Two Souls alas! Are Dwelling in my Breast!"

The latest research shows: When a heart is transplanted, a part of the human soul comes along with the organ. Read more...

Page 45Nutrition

Proteins: The Disregarded Key to Better Health

A lot of people suffer from a chronic protein deficiency, which all too often leads to a number of health complaints. Food alone is not always the answer, but thanks to the ­latest nutritional research there is now a solution. Read more...

Diagnostics of Karma: How Emotions Form our Fate - and How We Can Find Release!

For many years, the Russian healer, seer, and psychologist Sergey N. Lazarev has researched how destructive emotions bring us into disharmony with the Universe and what our Higher Selves and the Cosmos do to limit their harmful influence. Their effect can be fatal-not only for ourselves, but for our entire kin. The good news: we each have the power to wipe the slate clean! Read more...

When the "Cosmic Ordering Service" delivers more than you have bargained for

From photo editor to esoteric superstar: Bärbel Mohr’s rise was stratospheric. In just ten years, her book ‘The Cosmic Ordering Service’ and the numerous publications that followed spoke to millions of readers who just wanted the same as her: health, happiness, a dream partner and a dream house—simply by requesting it from the “universe”. Yet her end was equally dramatic: in October 2010, after an agonising illness, the best-selling authoress was dead aged just 46. “Where was God?” her followers have been asking ever since. Read here why her premature death was no coincidence. Read more...

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