Issue No. 5

Year: 2010, Quarter: 1
  • Illuminati Conspiracy: How They Plan to Rule the World
  • Iron Deficiency: Cause of Many Modern Complaints
  • Love: How to Find and Keep It
  • HPV Vaccines: New Deaths!
  • Flowers Embellished by Sacred Geometry
  • Plants Can See, Hear, Speak and Feel
  • Insider Knowledge: Why Medicine Is No Longer Helping Humanity
  • Happy Partnerships: Harmonious Union, Not Domestic Warfare
  • Symbols: The Pentagram and The Pyramid
  • and many more
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Page 2Health

Iron Deficiency: Humankind’s undiagnosed Ailment

These days there is an illness from which around two to four billion people suffer without even realising it. They suffer because scientific medicine is, for the most part, still unable to pinpoint the cause – and the ailment would actually be reasonably easy to cure within mere weeks! Read more...

The latest News from Brother Tree and Sister Flower

Plants can see, hear, talk, smell, taste, feel, communicate and remember. Plants have more sense receptors than people! Tomatoes can sense an approaching cyclone three days in advance, and if plants have a “headache” they produce their own aspirin… Research is constantly unearthing amazing new information! Read more...

Vaccination Against Cervival Cancer?

Since the deaths of several young women, the vaccination against cervical cancer has come under heavy criticism. Read more...

Illuminati: A Glimpse Behind the Scenes

At the end of September 2009 in Pittsburgh, home city of the Illuminati order in America, the G8 countries agreed to implement a so-called world economic government consisting of the twenty economically most powerful countries on earth. The EU too was first called the "European Economic Union", later becoming simply the "European Union". And so another step towards a world government was taken in Pittsburgh. Read here how the Illuminati are planning to make this a reality. Read more...

The Goals of the Illuminati

In his book, Conspirator’s Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300, Dr. John Coleman lists the ways and means the Illuminati and their accomplices plan to create a New World Order according to their designs: Read more...

Illuminati: Vive la Resistance!

The only triumph of evil is when good people do nothing. And we can all do a lot! not available online   order this issue

Daemon est Deus inversus

The inversion of cosmic law: The Illuminati and their actions from a spiritual perspective. Read more...

The Pentagram in Esoterics

The true spiritual meaning of of the five-pointed star. not available online   order this issue

The Pyramid Teaches Us Unity

The Bulgarian Sage Omraam Mikhael Aivanov talks about the spiritual meaning of the pyramid. not available online   order this issue

A Medical Insider Reveals All

Yes, there is a conspiracy! - Why medicine is no longer serving humanity. Read more...

On Love in difficult Times

When the world seems to be coming apart at the seams there is only one recourse that protects us from all tribulations: Love. If we give ourselves over to the inner realm of love, pain becomes joy, fear becomes assurance, and uncertainty becomes calm. Unfortunately, many have forgotten that love is not something to be consumed, but the spirit’s noblest pursuit that flows through the heart. This article proclaims the searching and finding of love and how it can be brought back to life even when it seems to have already died. For, as Heinrich Pestalozzi said, “God is near when people show Love for one another.” Read more...

The Natural Law of Yin and Yang

The Masculine and Feminine as a Mirror of the Cosmos and Ourselves Read more...

A Harbour in Storm

"Marriage is a story; it begins with a prince who kisses an angel and ends with a bald man staring across the table at a fat woman." What happened to the prince who swept her off her feet? Where is the angel who prepared sweet, sleepless nights? If you are one of those who sometimes stares doubtfully across the table, then maybe this guide will lead you back to that happy place where the oft-critical glance was still mercifully clouded by love... not available online   order this issue

George Washington Carver: The Man Who Loved Plants

...and cultivated a rich harvest to leave behind for humanity. not available online   order this issue

Imagami: Blooms of Dreams for Human Souls

"Flowers are the beautiful hieroglyphics of nature, with which she indicates how much she loves us," Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once wrote. Experience pictures by a man who strives to depict the souls of flowers and trees for the good of our own. Read more...

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