Issue No. 18

Year: 2017, Quarter:
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Nature’s Bounty: Trampled Underfoot

More than half the world’s ecosystems are on the brink of collapse. Modern farming methods bear much of the responsibility – but also hold the key to the Earth’s recovery... not available online  

Dancing With Nature

The Garden of Eden is not irrevocably lost. Innovative farmers are returning to the philosophy of the first agriculturalists, who loved the soil that fed them. These are the pioneers of a holistic collaboration with Mother Earth – practising agriculture in the profoundest sense of the word. not available online  

Alzheimer's Disease: Escaping Forgetting is Simple!

Nowadays, the likelihood of getting Alzheimer's disease is above fifty percent. It is commonly believed that Alzheimer's must be accepted as a side effect of our increased life expectancy. However, according to a German doctor, this is not because of how long we live, but rather how we live! Yet it would be so easy to stay mentally fit even into old age! not available online  

The Mask of Evil

The ‘Arab Spring’ promised freedom and democracy for the Middle East. Instead, the region has been soaked in blood. How could this happen? Why has the ‘Islamic State’ not been defeated, and who is behind the terrorist group? The answers to these questions are inconvenient. Only those prepared to see the masked ball of politics for what it is will be ready for the realisation that white is sometimes black, and vice versa. not available online  

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Soya: Spilling the Beans

Those who reach for tofu instead of meat eat with a clear conscience. But it turns out that the occasional steak is better for you than eating soya every day: its "side effects" include dementia, infertility and cancer. not available online  

The First World War: The End of the Good Old Days

Little more than a hundred years ago, the "War to End All Wars" broke out. Soldiers marched off cheerfully to a "short" war, only to be mown down in their millions in the trenches. However, the First World War was not only the biggest, most murderous conflict the world had ever seen. It was also the end of an era of peace, confidence and bourgeois prosperity. not available online  

The Infamous War

“People never lie so much as before an election, during a war, or after a hunt.” Otto von Bismarck “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.” Thomas Jefferson not available online  

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European Chaos, Swiss Idyll

In 1917, Stefan Zweig was invited to attend the premiere of his play Jeremiah by the director of the municipal theatre in Zurich. Read on to find out how he experienced his journey from Austria to the "promised land"; a land of freedom spared bhy the war. not available online  

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The War Between Two Worlds

Spiritual action can prevent a new era of global violence not available online  

When Children Give Birth to Themselves

The ‘threshold experience’ called birth is the most natural thing in the world. But instead of making this wonderful transition into a new physical incarnation in a soft and safe environment, babies are nowadays usually dragged roughly out into the bright lights of a sterile labour ward. This downright brutal procedure, which interferes with the essential mother-and-child bonding process, is affecting the spiritual development of our entire society. not available online  

The Battle of Good vs. Evil

Two souls, alas, reside within our breast. One light and one dark. Together they make up the emotional world we live in. When will we finally start to exercise our emotional body, and not just our physical one? Because for us this could be the difference between heaven and hell! not available online  

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The Sky is Emblazed With Feelings

Every feeling is a collection of cosmic energy with which we resonate as soon as we express a certain emotion. Like all apparitions, these are also kept alive by spiritual forces - if they are good, angelic; if they are evil, demonic. Let us therefore take a closer look at how certain feelings affect us. not available online  

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Between Icy Cold and Scalding Hot

The emotions are out of balance: More and more people are no longer able to cope with everyday life due to stress and overwork. In addition, the number of young people who are no longer able to perceive their feelings at all is growing steadily. What steps can be taken to regain the balance? not available online  

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