“Our Life is the Product of our thoughts” - Marcus Aurelius

Heaven and hell stand daily open before us. We buy our entry ticket to one or the other of them with our thoughts. Find out which scenes a psychometrist sees in the etheric realm when there is harassment in the office. Read how entrenched thoughts can chain us to the most absurd situations on the Other Side. And how someone who understands how to direct his fate can no longer save himself from “lucky coincidences”!

Do you practice black magic? Excuse me? Well, how about this: Have you ever thought badly about someone? Thought about how you could make the most money with the least effort? Been angry with a teacher, a boss, a partner? Only when you can give a clear ‘No’ to each of these questions can you say that you don’t practice black magic. Whenever you give yourself over to bad, negative, pessimistic, evil, angry thoughts and feelings, you are unconsciously practicing black magic: these thoughts contribute to the expansion of dark, destructive powers on our planet, harm the target of your negative thoughts—and finally, you yourself. For all Evil is a boomerang: someday it will return to hit you between the eyes. Because the Universe is divine and therefore good, Evil is nothing more than a parasite that you must some day transform into something beneficial. And that is not always comfortable!

Here we see the beautiful aura of a spiritual seer. He has shut the demonic world out entirely. He has made his choice!

“Our entire existence is interwoven with magic. Every action (gesture, look, word), every feeling, every thought is magical. Whatever man can do, whether on the mental, astral (feeling), or physical level, belongs to magic. According to the good or bad quality of our deeds—whether they create or destroy, contribute to harmony or to chaos—man practices white or black magic,” explains the Bulgarian sage Omraam Michael Aivanov in his Book of Divine Magic.

He continues: “A magician is a medium that supplies the spirits with a special substance; thanks to this substance, they can establish a connection with the physical realm; without this substance, they are not able to manifest themselves in the physical realm. According to the nature of his spiritual as well as material occupations, certain fluids are released that empower the spirits to take shape and, consequently, to work at the physical level. A person with criminal intentions attracts, through his presence alone, myriad spirits, who all avail themselves of the miasmas1 he has released to wreak mischief. He himself is not the one who instigates evil, but he gives the others the necessary means, makes the necessary substance available. And it works the other way as well: The presence of a white Magician provides the enlightening spirits with the indispensible substance. Thus, it is possible for them to spread happiness and blessings everywhere. You have resolved to act for the Light, for the Good? Then a refined substance emanates from you that the spirits of the invisible world gather, just as bees gather nectar from the flowers to make honey.”

So our thoughts and feelings don’t just blow into nothingness. They imprint the electrons in our surroundings and thereby become food for heavenly or demonic beings. The latter have been and will be created thus: through mans’ evil, coveting, angry, decadent, hate-filled, jealous, suspicious, and arrogant thoughts and feelings. They can join together and become powerful, astral entities that the ancient ones called demons or astral-beings, coming into resonance with similar vibrations. That is what makes rage boil, hate deadly, and an appetite insatiable: they fuel the embers of destructive emotions and kindle them to a wild, blazing inferno.

“When I look at the behavior of certain people, everything becomes clear,” says Aivanov. “They have absorbed an inordinate number of dark beings; through flattering words, these beings are now trying to goad them into the cooperation with this crowd: ‘You will swim in gold, occupy a preeminent place in society, have ultimate power; all the women you desire will be yours! Join with us!’ And the people do, so great is their ignorance and stupidity. Maybe you will object: ‘I’ve never seen anything like that!’ But I see it happening every day. The spirits of darkness are incredibly clever: they don’t appear with horns or forked tails; they don’t drag cauldrons brimming with hellfire around with them. They don’t gain any advantage by scaring people, just the opposite: with the promise to grant all our wishes, they tirelessly confront you until you land in the palm of their hand like an over-ripe piece of fruit. That is how they lead us astray, with prospects of power, pleasure, and gold. And that is how many become candidates for the Black Lodge, for you can’t wrangle that kind of advantage for yourself in such a short amount of time without displaying selfishness, hard-heartedness, and disingenuousness.

The White Lodge also dispatches a delegation of exceptional beings. They regard it as their assignment to enlighten mankind about the especially blessed and beneficial circumstances that await them, assuming they are ready to commit themselves to the Way of Light. The Spirits of Righteousness work just like those of Evil, but in the opposite direction. They use the same methods, the only difference lies in the goal, in the direction. The righteous spirits speak to us like this: ‘Maybe it won’t bring you fame or riches, for those things are controlled by the Lord of Darkness, but we can bless you with something much more worthwhile, namely, enlightenment, peace, knowledge, and, above all else, life; rich, inexhaustible life. Don’t you want to join us?’ If you are enlightened and equipped with good decision-making abilities, then you will heed the heavenly voices. If not, you will fall victim to the dark spirits, that is obvious.”

Every person is faced with these choices again and again over the course of his life. If he hesitates to choose the upward path, then indifferent, gloomy, even destructive energy will soon emanate from him. Whatever he does, causes harm because his own evil thoughts and feelings strengthen the mass negativity on earth. Aivanov gives the example of a person who hates another so much that, every now and again, he wishes that person were dead. He doesn’t actually kill him, of course, but his feelings may be just the last few drops that fill the far-off pitcher of another hate-filled person till he overflows and grabs a knife and does take someone’s life. Even though we would have no idea of this, we will someday be held accountable for it.

The same law works positively: when we pass to the other side, we will be shown how much good we achieved just by our positive, light- and love-filled disposition. Aivanov: “Some year you were walking down some street just as certain people were about to commit a crime. And your good, positive vibrations as you walked by spread out and had such an effect that the criminals were distracted from their plan and finally gave it up. The execution or abandonment of a plan is often linked to something so small, and that something may very well just depend on good or bad influences that a person unconsciously absorbs into themselves.”

The Law of Imprinting

Everything that we think, feel, and do, affects the world around us. We constantly radiate ethereal energy that marks the invisible ethereal particles constructively or destructively—just as sounds and images can be saved on data-storage devices. According to Aivanov, in reality “you can find nothing in the visible world that doesn’t have an equal in the invisible world.” The spiritual world “wanted to have archives available; that is why it decided to retain the entire history of the Universe. Thus, Creation was conceived in such a way that the earth, the mountains, and especially the stones all have this history imprinted in them.”

Every event that ever happened is saved in every object and element that was close by at the time. Even when eons have passed since then, they still exist and can be called forth again. The Akasha Chronicle is made from these traces. You have to imagine it like this: Everything that mankind has ever done, whether completely banal or world-alteringly important, has left traces in our environment—on the walls, furniture, clothes, stones, etc.! So their ‘etheric double’ can also present a wonderful, radiant ‘Aura’, but also a dark, stinking one. Alone the energy that we radiate imprints everything around us, even if we’ve never once touched it. But we also leave dark or light-filled traces with the people we meet—depending on which way we are attuned.

That is why it is recommended to use great caution when we buy old, used things—because we are also buying the fate that hangs around them as well. Many cult objects from foreign countries have actually been cursed, so that you literally bring that bad luck home. Experiments with unusual figurines of lime, stone, and bones that were found in Acámbaro in the Mexican state of Guanajuato, prove this impressively. The figurines were not able to be classified in any of the known eras of Mexican culture and so were probably very, very old. But when they laid some of the most gruesome-looking of the figurines in a cage of mice, some of the mice’s tails became black and fell off; other animals died after just one night with a figurine in their cage!2The clairvoyant psychometrist Gijsbert van der Zeeuw explained it thus in his book Clairvoyant in Space and Time: “When an object’s etheric counterpart holds the idea of ‘fear’ then the fears of the owner rise considerably.” On the other hand, there are also objects that were perhaps powerfully blessed and that radiate good and abundant feelings.

When a psychometrist visits a museum, it can easily become a kind of horror trip. Van der Zeeuw: “The countless objects from prehistory, impregnated with mostly emotional thoughts and events, bring forth rows of images—some joined with horrible experiences—in such a way that you have to flee after a few minutes. (…) When an object whose etheric double is impregnated with terrible images is next to another object that comes, for example, from a church or cloister, then the ‘good’ object defends itself and suffers quasi ‘physical’ pain. This surrounds the object as clouds that can sometimes be so responsive that you wonder if they wouldn’t be visible for everyone if they were just a little denser.”

Just how much history an old object carries can be illustrated with the following story that van der Zeeuw tells: “I was visiting friends and my glance fell on a certain vase. As I was looking at it and touching it, I suddenly received various impressions and images. I saw scenes that took place in China, the images following each other like in a film. I knew things about an old Chinese empress who had all of her relatives killed so that no one could steal the throne from her. A six-year-old grandson was nevertheless hidden from his grandmother by faithful supporters and later smuggled out of the country.

“Through northern China, through deserts and rough districts, they reached the mountains, where the group was safe. The series of images came to a standstill as I saw myself. Or rather, I was the man who led a camel by a rope and looked after the others. All of the images were sharp and clear. If I were to describe this trip in its entirety, an entire book would be required. To begin with, the family members were arrested and then soldiers searched for the young prince and, finally, the boy took refuge in a monastery at the foot of a mountain, where the monks disguised and hid him. He journeyed by ship over many rivers and also traveled with camels.

“As I already said, I could write an entire novel about this. Nevertheless, I received the entire story at once. It was as if I suddenly knew everything. The prince later became emperor, and I knew it in that moment.” Van der Zeeuw sensed what the object’s “soul” had experienced in that time; the etheric counterpart thereof holds this experience firmly even until today. Of course, this old vase has hundreds of other stories stored around it, and the fact that van der Zeeuw himself was involved in one of them may well have been the reason why this story was the first one that was ‘activated’.

Now we can understand why flea markets and thrift stores give off such musty, sleazy, gloomy vibrations. They are storage houses for innumerable, mostly ill-favored, by-gone events.


  • 1Miasma means something like “bad vapor”, “contamination”, “defilement”, or “to have become contaminated”.
  • 2From: Tompkins/Bird, The Secret Life of Plants, pg. 168