Anton Styger: The Man Who Drives the Dragon From the Door

Anton Styger came into the world a clairvoyant. Like many mediums, he can see auras and astral and discarnate beings. Unlike most clairvoyants, however, he does not use his rare gift to earn money by contacting the “dead”. No, Anton Styger is totally committed to delivering the dark companions polluting the ether from their earthly binds.

If you thought that ghosts were the fruit of an overactive imagination by English lords in draughty castles, you will be sorely disabused of the notion when you read Anton Styger’s book Erlebnisse mit den Zwischenwelten (Experiences with the Intermediate Worlds). It seems like travelling to an Other World, except that this Other World is already comfortably settled in the most unremarkable farms, family homes, suburban apartments or even rectories here on earth. If you believe Anton Styger, then the past of every place has been forever recorded there. This means that there are places whose outer loveliness today hides deep misfortunes of the past, traces of which still linger even now: the site of a massacre, a former execution spot, or the place where a slaughterhouse once stood. Perhaps even an ordinary house situated on an ancient trade route, along which heavily burdened ghosts, unaware that they are long-dead, will eternally drag themselves through our rooms every night…

Hold on—surely that’s just nonsense? A pure materialist might consider Anton Styger a complete lunatic. Yet for Anton it was always the most normal thing in the world to see the things that other people only hear about, if at all. But he doesn’t boast about it, and he doesn’t think that his gift makes him a better person than others. Anton Styger is a gentle man with a big heart. People immediately feel at ease with him, welcomed and understood—regardless of how bad things might be going for them.

By profession, Anton Styger is an architect and ecological builder. As such, he has visited countless houses and flats in which people are no longer able to sleep well or feel a deep sense of unease. Sometimes, such trouble comes down 'simply' to (electro) magnetism. Yet more often than you’d think, Anton Styger’s clairvoyant eyes will see a different affliction that is robbing the inhabitants of their joie de vivre: shadowy figures, sometimes hundreds of years old, who do not realise that they died long ago. Sometimes they are darker beings from the ethereal stratum nearest our physical world (the “astral sphere”) that have bound themselves to children or adults, no longer letting their hosts be themselves. Styger has been able to release and send thousands of these discarnate souls and entities into the light.

Since the publication of his book, his telephone rings up to three hundred times a day. This in itself wears down his nerves and vitality, nevertheless, this sixty-two-year-old has retained the youthful freshness befitting a pure soul, although his body recently warned him that he too is merely mortal. This article is intended to serve as an introduction to self-help guidance, as a person who walks with God always has more power than a whole pack of shadowy beings!

How it all Began

Anton Styger was born in 1947 in central Switzerland, in a little valley called the Ägerital. His idyllic childhood was spent in the midst of a typical Swiss landscape with a lake surrounded by mountain peaks and a home shared with animals big and small. Often he would go off on his own with his pony and was able to while away his days in daydream, or observing all sorts of natural sprites, elves and fairies going about their business. “They were always very timid and if I went nearer on horseback, they quickly disappeared. It was only if I dismounted, sat down in the grass, if the horse was quiet and happily grazing a few metres away, that they would come out again. At first tentatively, but often also cheekily and in high-spirits. I couldn’t always see them clearly; it depended on my frame of mind. If I was wallowing in any sort of sorrowful thoughts, I noticed that they didn’t dare come near me,” he relates in his book.

When he was about thirteen years old, a dreadful scene awaited him one winter morning in the family’s somewhat far-off stables: all the animals were badly injured and there was blood everywhere. He and his brother were physically sick at the sight of the suffering horses, “who had been gruesomely injured, apparently by a lunatic with a hay mower blade.” The worst injured was his favourite mare, Bonya. In addition to gashes on her stomach, she had a huge gaping wound on her buttock, so big and deep you could see the thigh bone and could have stuck a loaf of bread in there. The animal was reeling from blood loss, and wound water flowed from the opening. The vet said: “The best thing would be to put her down immediately!”

But something stirred in Tony to resist. “With great determination and inner conviction, I announced: ‘Bonya will get better, she’ll be healthy again!’”

Styger’s clairvoyant eyes soon perceived the shadows from the ethereal world. Since that time, he has called on Archangel Michael to banish these dark figures.

After the vet had gone, he stayed with the horses all day. “I rested against Bonya, clasped her trembling neck and spoke to her with determination. I entreated her to live, promised her that we would have many long, good years together and I told her that I would be very sad without her. I called aloud to my beloved angels and Jesus for help in healing Bonya and the two others. When darkness broke, Dr. Staub came back to see whether Bonya was still alive. After examining the injuries, he expressed his astonishment as he cried: ‘It can’t be! What did you do? The wound is half closed, the mare seems peaceful and she’s even eating! You’re a real little miracle worker!”

Bonya did in fact recover, and the vet now took to calling young Tony if there was ever a problem with an animal. “Soon I was able to tap into my deep love and power of healing on demand, and bring recovery and healing to all places.” Many a time he sensed that the animals were being kept in a bad place and told the farmers where the energy was better for them. He was so sensitive that he was even able to sense magnetic fields in Nature. “For me it’s a feeling, as if I were piercing paper or wading blindfolded,” he explains. “These fields, or rather, global grids, can be found all over the earth. They’re like a grid with gaps of about two by two metres and a width of around sixty centimetres. If you walk through these ‘paper walls’, the magnetic positive and negative poled fields of our body cells are given a good workout. So, you get tired after a walk from this friction, but feel full of energy the following day.”

Once he was called to a farm where foot and mouth disease was raging. He wasn’t able to sense the feelings of the sick animals, but when he saw the gloomy, stumped faces of the vets, he suddenly felt a hot energy grow inside him. He almost stuttered at first, because as a mere thirteen-year-old it took a lot for him to express what had so abruptly been revealed to him: “Dear friends, dear animals, you have become the victims of a negative energy called fear. These cows and calves, which you nourish and care for so tenderly, and which are in turn your livelihood, fell ill because of your excessive fear. The animals feel it, then they become sad and their bodies and heart react with disease. Perhaps they think to themselves: ‘There’s no point being here any longer; come on, let’s kick the bucket, better quicker than dragging it out!’”

To the animals he said: “Dear ones, wake up and enjoy your life here at the farm. You are the most beautiful and dearest animals I have ever met. Celebrate your life and enjoy your health. I pray that the angels of love, harmony, joy, and health come to you. Change your attitude; be free and joyful.” He then impressed upon the farmer’s family: “Please control your thoughts, free them of fear, have faith in yourselves and in God, and nothing will happen to you.” Some time later the gruff vet called at Tony’s home with happy news: “You know, Tony, at the farm where all the animals were just about to die, things took a turn for the better and it’s all turned out fine in the end. My colleague told me. You truly are an amazing young chap!”

The Dark Side of the World

Young Tony saw a lot of fascinating things because of his clairvoyance—once he had a vision of what his native countryside had looked like in the Ice and Bronze Ages—but he also saw the dark inhabitants of those astral spheres that are especially depressing: “Most people are surrounded by a grey fog, in which single black dots or grey blotches are easily visible. As a child, this fog frightened me a lot on some people, since my clairvoyance enabled me to see that these people carried entities— other people’s heads or grotesque faces—in their aura. For less clairvoyant people, this manifests itself as a dark aura cloud. I noticed, too, that these people were usually not well; they were unbalanced and cranky. When I see people in business or politics who are particularly trapped by the material world, for example, I notice that they no longer have any light bodies at all. In many of these people, the point of light at the heart chakra, which is otherwise always present, is no longer visible to me. Instead, I see something like a layer of ‘shiny tar’ around them in which a monstrous being in the shape of a lizard can be distinguished. When such people speak on television, for example, I see a crocodile shape manifesting itself around the person like in a concave mirror; I don’t see the light of their throat and forehead chakra.”

As a child he got scared when he saw evil astral bodies at night. “Because they are averse to light, they are usually found in a kind of half-sleep during the day.” Even his own room would become a real chamber of horrors when such forms cavorted on the floor. Sometimes they were quite quiet, but other nights they would come up to the cots and crouch over the children. “They would pluck at me to wake me up. When, still half-asleep, I would then see a grotesque face with glowing coloured eyes right in front of my nose, I would often scream in horror.”

One night he noticed a new member in the pack: a completely black figure, which, to top it off, also began to talk. When Tony prompted him to say who he was, the new figure crouched down like a begging dog next to him: “Boy, listen to me. I have done you wrong. Please help me, please don’t leave me here.” Now Tony recognised him. It was the chaplain to whom the then eight-year-old Tony had confessed his visions at his mother’s behest, and who had beaten him as a result. “So, now the time has come, wonderful! Do you see other figures exactly like I do?” “Yes I do, unfortunately. Boy, I have done you wrong, please forgive me. Help me get away from here.” “How can I, what should I do?” Tony asked him and added: “The others are always here and they don’t go away. I don’t know how, either.”

“I realise that,” admitted the former chaplain, “I made awful mistakes. I simply parroted in church all the things I didn’t actually believe myself. I didn’t believe you, but now I know that you had absolutely no reason to lie to me. Help me, lad!”

Suddenly all the indignities and incredulity that the boy had had to bear overcame him. “By nature I was balanced and patient, but now I felt a hot steam grow inside me and, just like a cooking pot lid blasting open, I began to bawl: ‘You stupid, brainless… will you just get out now, all of you, I don’t want to see you in here ever again! And you’re the blackest of them all, go away, go away!”

Now Tony couldn’t believe his eyes: the room was empty for once! All the dark figures had disappeared. There was nothing to be found even under the bed or in the cupboard! The next day—a Sunday—he had to go to church. Sitting everywhere were all sorts of grotesque-faced forms. It was even worse at the graveyard outside, which was teeming with astral entities and earthbound souls. When he got home the same scene awaited him: the astral bodies that had been driven away were crouching as always on the steps of the family home as if transfixed. “That Sunday afternoon was so boring that I didn’t even feel like going for a ride. So I sat in the garden under a tall birch tree. At this point the beings came running round the house and sat down around me at more of a distance than usual; the black figure too. Somehow I sensed that something was different now, and I guessed that the order I had given yesterday to ‘leave the room’ had had some sort of effect. I realised that they must be subject to the will of man, since in truth they were really just beggars, parasites, thieves, poor in spirit and nourished by fear. As I observed them in this way, I thought to myself: ‘What do you give a beggar so that he goes away or is happy?

Photos occasionally reveal things that purportedly do not exist: the subtle remains of discarnates, which sometimes haunt their former home for centuries

“I turned to all the spirits sitting there: ‘Do you believe in angels?’

“Some bounded away, appalled. ‘Do you see the angels?’

“All of them, including the black figure, shook their heads. ‘No?’ So I suggested: ‘Perhaps, just like in a tower block, there are so many floors that the people living right at the top don’t have a clue who lives at the bottom.’ I guessed that these beings had absolutely no access towards heaven. I asked them: ‘Do you know anything about Heaven?’

“Shaking heads and lots of blank looks. I pressed on: ‘Do you know anything about Hell or Purgatory?’ Now it was as if I had set off a firecracker in the circle. The beings jumped high in the air and gestured wildly. The black figure stammeringly announced: ‘I didn’t know what awaited me after my life was over, but I think I’m in Hell now. The others here told me that it’s actually much worse in Hell. Many there are made to stand up to the chin in hot mud holes, elsewhere beings are said to be truly grilled or roasted. But for me, Hell is here; please help me, lad!’

“‘But how?’ I shrugged. I had already prayed, but I had only read aloud from a little prayer book, critically questioned the text and had no deep feeling for it. Would I too slither into Hell with them? No, anything but that, that would be the last thing I wanted. I asked myself, ‘What am I actually here for?’ Countless more questions then deluged me: Who was I, that they should all come to me? Why did they suddenly stick to me and why did they do what I wanted? I was but a child. Where did I come from? Did I live here before? Question after question, but no answers. I had found no answers in church sermons. I asked the black figure: ‘What about praying?’

“He puckered his fat, swollen face into a grimace and croaked: ‘Praying is useless. I can’t pray any more, it’s like I’m blocked and don’t know why or how.’ The others looked blankly in front of them. Praying wasn’t my thing , but now I tried it differently—with feeling, or better said, coming from deep within: ‘Dear Father, God, Source of all Life, Light in all living beings that I see, please help these beings here, release them from the darkness, from their sadness and their bondage. Please send an angel to collect them; I’m fed up with all of them. I’d like to be free of those here, who are always around me day and night. Amen.

“My heart filled with love; it became light and bright again. I had never felt like this before. I opened my eyes and saw all of them standing in front of me. They were all in human shape again and had assumed their normal size. They stood upright with serious faces, including the black figure, which seemed slimmer to me now than when he was alive. He spoke to me thus: ‘I am grateful to you; I can’t thank you enough. You have sent light into our hearts with your prayer. It is bright around us, like it was when we still lived. And look at the others, how much I feared them and was sickened by them! And now they are human again. How did you learn to pray like that? Can we repeat it? I believe that only that can help us. What a power you have; I thank you!’

“I was the most astonished of all of them about what had just happened. Over the following nights I repeated my prayer for the others waiting outside. After a few days I discovered that some were no longer there, and after two weeks all of them had finally gone. I was free; I felt good and more normal.”