Antenna Towers make it a Dog’s Life…

Animals don’t know anything about electromagnetic pollution. It just makes them sick. The effects of cellular and wireless phones on the health of dogs, cats, horses and cows.

Hiding is futile: Cellular radiation can find you everywhere.

Hiding is futile: Cellular radiation can find you everywhere.

In today’s day and age, we’re no longer taught how to understand nature. We’re taught instead to analyze it, change it and exploit it. There are only a handful of people today that fully appreciate nature’s inherent wisdom. Humans tend to primarily focus their attention on quick success and comfort. Viktor Schauberger’s warning, however, that “if we hope to survive, we must first understand nature and then copy it,” has never been more topical.

Nature is the expression of a vision, an elaborate, detailed and planned undertaking based on principles that are valid in both the visible and invisible world, in the macro and microcosm. Modern science attempts to solve the puzzle of life through analysis and detailed research. It constantly overlooks the fact, however, that things are often more than the sum of their parts.

Nature is the example. It shows us the principles of life, what’s good for our health and what makes us sick. We’re faced with these perfect examples on a daily basis, but modern science and today’s economics forge their own “laws” that butt heads with nature and haughtily hope to win.

We disturb and destroy nature on a daily basis with our environmentally adverse technologies. Plants and animals suffer stoically and quietly from the effects of mobile radio and similar communications technologies. AC-produced microwaves don’t occur naturally in nature, so we can’t expect it to know how to react to them either. Dying forests have as much, if not more, to do with microwaves than with CO2 and acid rain.

A bird flock’s or a whale’s sense of orientation becomes scrambled. They become lost or end up beaching, thus meeting their end. Many bird species are breeding less often and are in danger of becoming extinct. Cats, dogs, birds, cattle, bees and horses are the focus of the rest of this article and the following cases highlight exactly what we’re doing to our beloved companions every day.

Animals may not know the danger of microwaves, but they still suffer from their effects. Animals are neither hysterical nor hypochondriac and make the perfect test subjects for the allegedly “unproven” side effects of mobile phones and other communications radiation. Animals cannot lie and don’t make a show of their suffering. They simply become sick and die.

From Bees to People

“The information-processing and function systems of today’s humans, plants and animals are bombarded with artificial magnetic, electric and electromagnetic fields from numerous mobile and telecommunications sources in a concentration and intensity as never before. The consequences of these developments put forth by their critics cannot be overlooked any longer. Bees and other insects are disappearing. Birds avoid certain regions and are disoriented in others. Humans suffer functional problems and other sicknesses. And the evidence that suggests some of these problems may be inheritable means we’re passing them on to the next generation.”

Puzzling bee deaths: Cell phone radiation leads to deadly wrong turns.

This is the sobering testimony of Dr. Ulrich Warnke, an internationally renowned German scientist at the University of Saarland, given in his recently published report, Bienen, Vögel und Menschen über die Zerstörung der Natur durch Elektrosmog (Bees, Birds and Humans – on Electrosmog’s Destructive Effects on Nature), following years of research.

The bio-scientist is familiar with nature’s electromagnetic ways like few others. In his study, which marks the beginning of a series of newly published literature by independent scientists, doctors and technicians, he’s shown how intelligently and delicately nature has woven electrical and magnetic fields into the fabric of life. He’s just as convincing at showing how irresponsible we’ve been recently when it comes to dealing with these natural forces. By his approximations, modern humanity is posed to destroy in decades, with electromagnetic radiation what nature has built over the course of millions of years.

The introduction to Ulrich Warnke’s report explains: “The destruction of the necessities of life has already wiped out many species for good. Most people have remained uninterested, however, since these species have filled ecological niches, not affecting their personal lives in any way. Now, the endangerment of these animals is, however, threatening human existence in new and unexpected ways. The constantly changing and increasingly stronger artificial energy fields emanating from technological sources confuse animals that rely on the electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic fields within the Earth’s atmosphere for orientation and navigation and make it impossible for them to find their way back to their dwelling grounds. Most humans would assumedly take no note of this if it didn’t affect one of the most important insect species: the honeybee. The honeybee is an irreplaceable link in the process of fructification. No bees means scarce fruit, vegetable and crop harvests.”

“If the bee disappeared off the surface of the earth, then man would only have four years left to live. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more people,” wrote Albert Einstein.

Worker bees are no longer returning to their hives, whereby the queen and the entire brood perish. Science has already come up with a name for this occurrence: Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), which accounts for a previously unexplained disruption in bee behavior.1 Unusual drops in bee populations have already been observed in Switzerland, the United States, Canada, New Zealand and, most recently, in Austria, Germany, South Tyrol, Spain and Poland. 25 to 50 percent of American beekeepers have reported losses due to CCD. Within half a year, 50 to 90 percent of their bees disappeared. Those that have remained are so weak that they hardly produce any honey. The great bee extinction is already under way in the USA. Lately, truckloads of beehives have been imported for large sums of money in order to pollinate the fields. This is how far removed from nature we’ve become. 2006 saw an 11% drop in US honey production. It’s looking about the same in Switzerland.

Investigations have uncovered various sources for the recent phenomena, but none fully come to a conclusion: winters alone appear to not have been severe enough to account for the losses. There aren’t any genetically modified plants in Switzerland, for instance, whose pollen can harm bees. Monoculture, the use of land for only one crop, doesn’t exist in Switzerland to the degree it does in America. Poisonous insecticides have been used for decades.

The Austrian Ministry of Land Use, Forestry, Environment and Water Use reported the following to Dr. Andreas Kohl at the National Council in April 2006: “Scientific research has proven that low frequency electromagnetic fields can have a negative effect on bees. (…) Studies show that bees in an electrical field of over four kilovolts per meter, for example, in the direct vicinity of a 380 kv high-voltage power line, produce less honey and show an increased mortality rate.”

Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Ruzicka, a beekeeper himself and published author in various beekeeping journals, compiled his own extensive findings from personal observations and surveys among fellow beekeepers. “The problems only surfaced once multiple transmitter towers went up next to my bee colonies.” According to Ruzicka’s observations, his bee populations were weakened by cellular communications radiation to the point that they were more susceptible to various diseases and entire populations ended up failing completely.

Bees, as well as butterflies, whose overall populations have shrunk dramatically in recent years, are considered to be very delicate life forms. According to Dr. Ruzicka, bee populations fifteen years ago, compared to bees today, were able to withstand a considerably more aggressive infestation of Varroa mites.

A Veterinarian Sounds the Alarm

The veterinarian Christian Métraux, from Wabern, Switzerland, gives an account of his experiences with cordless telephones and wireless Internet connections and their effects on house pets. Electromagnetic high frequencies are generated by cordless telephones (DECT) and wireless Internet and computer networks (WLAN). With few exceptions, the DECT-telephone ceaselessly produces electrosmog, spreading it day and night throughout the entire house, even when the telephone is not in use or when the receiver is in its cradle. WLAN Access Points send their electronic pulses as long as they are connected to a power source.

According to Métraux: “The problem is not so much the momentary contamination as it is the accumulation over a longer period of time. This explains why a person often does not make a connection between definitive, current disturbances and the original acquirement of this technology. Many disturbances appear subtly and are not immediately perceivable. If this unnoticed congestion is already quite advanced and deep, acute ailments can also emerge as if out of thin air.”

The long-term risks associated with high-frequency wireless technologies are still relatively unknown or are trivialized. Many think that “only” the cell phone is harmful. “In my practice, I handle animals with traditional medicine and acupuncture. For me, it is principally about making an exact diagnosis, searching for the causes of a sickness, so that the proper therapy can be exactly determined. A purely symptomatic treatment cannot eliminate the causes, but may help temporarily. Within the scope of the therapy, the rapid removal of the perturbing cause should be the highest priority.”

The following examples make this clear: electromagnetic high frequencies can be the cause of illness as well as an impediment to treatment.

E-smog Also Makes Animals Sick

Whether horses, dogs or cats – a wireless DECT-telephone in the home harms all.

The following examples derive from the everyday practice of Christian Métraux. The veterinarian reported that a dog was lame in the fore legs and the hind leg for six months. The acupuncture diagnosis identified acupuncture points that are typical for the strain from high-frequency electrosmog. As soon as the cordless telephone had been taken away, the lameness disappeared. The healing process was aided by an acupuncture treatment. Unfortunately, the dog suffered a relapse when he was taken for the holidays to a family that had a DECT-telephone in their house. Three days after his return to his interference-free home, the ailments disappeared once again.

The owner of the dog suffered from headaches and painful joints (pain in her elbows, shoulder joint and fingers) for seven years. Both the family doctor, who had treated her for osteoarthritis, as well as a naturopathic doctor, who had prescribed elixirs to her, had no success. Without the DECT-telephone, most of her ailments completely disappeared after two months. Suggestively, only the headaches would appear now and then.

Electromagnetic high frequencies as an impediment to treatment: A horse suffering from chronic lameness in the right ankle. After four treatments, classical acupuncture brought about decent but only temporary success and arthritis could not be identified in the X-ray photographs. During every session, however, the same, typical acupuncture points were consistently disturbed, which in my experience points to a contamination of high frequency electrosmog. As soon as the DECT-telephone was removed from the house, the horse’s ailments subsided within a few days without any kind of further treatment. The horse has not relapsed since then. The owner of the horse owned a DECT-telephone for two years and, a year after this acquisition, she started suffering from intense pains in her upper jaw below her right eye. Dentists and eye doctors, acupuncture and changing the lenses in her glasses did not bring any success or solution. After the removal of the DECT-telephone, however, the pains—which had become almost unbearable—began to progressively subside after two days and completely disappeared shortly thereafter.

Electromagnetic high frequencies obviously disturb gland functions as well: A young dog suffering from chronic diarrhea and dysfunction of the thyroid gland. Different treatments were unsuccessful. After the cordless telephone was experimentally removed from the home, the dog became healthy. After weaning the dog off of hormone treatment, two further blood tests, taken 14 months apart from each other, confirmed that the thyroid gland was working correctly once again. The DECT-telephone was never plugged in again and the diarrhea never appeared again.

Electromagnetic high frequencies also lead to acute, spontaneous ailments, as the following example demonstrates: a horse with an acute, painful swelling in the area of its right hip. After three weeks of unsuccessful treatment, the horse was to be taken to the slaughterhouse. Since the typical acupuncture symptoms were present, we asked the owner to remove his DECT-telephone as a last resort, thereby discharging the electrosmog from the acupuncture points. And lo and behold: a rapid and lasting recovery occurred. In the meantime, the horse is working quite normally again and taking part in exhibitions!

A guinea pig suffering from acute occurrences of paralysis in its hindquarters. It was no wonder that there was a DECT-transmitting station in the room where it lived. The use of acupuncture led to an immediate recovery in the practice and the animal did not suffer a relapse, because the owners replaced their DECT-telephone with a classic corded telephone that very day.

Electromagnetic high frequencies lead to incurable skin and eye diseases: A cat was in the care of a veterinarian for a year due to a skin disease on the outside of the ear. Many salves and treatments were unsuccessful. A few days after the removal of the DECT-telephone, the skin lesion began to heal and then to fully convalesce. A second cat in the household is, furthermore, considerably less aggressive since then.