9/11: The Conspiracy behind the Conspiracy

Now that the disastrous administration of George W. Bush has finally ended, we’re taking a last look at the events that put freedom in chains: September 11, 2001. Read this complete reconstruction of the actual events that are quite different than what we’ve otherwise been hoaxed to believe.

Cover-up in the Pentagon: Although the impact occurred at Section 1 (red arrow), section 5 burned. Three rockets helped achieve this, as indicated by the point of entry holes (blue arrows).

As the Twin Towers turned into burning torches in front of an appalled world audience, the passengers of the airliners that allegedly smashed into the World Trade Center were in the best of health. Already closer to heaven than earth, they were in flight much further away, unsuspectingly approaching the city of Cleveland where a rendezvous with death awaited them. Because what was to play out just a little while later at the Cleveland airport served the purpose of fooling the entire world.

Let us then reconstruct one of the most horrendous crimes of the century.

Crime Scene 1: Cleveland

It’s the truth: four American airliners were hijacked after their departures from Boston, Newark and Washington. Not by Islamic crash course pilots, but rather by trained western secret agents. They themselves were not wilfully acting as kamikaze pilots, but rather piloting towards a common meeting point.

Between 9:00 a.m. and 9:35 a.m., all four seized airplanes landed in Cleveland next to Lake Eerie. Once there, passengers from the first three machines were ferried in a big rush to the end of the tarmac and loaded into the fourth and last plane, which immediately took to the sky again (the other three flew empty to secret air bases, where they disappeared, never to be seen again).

In order to keep the possibility of non-involved witnesses to a minimum, the Hopkins International Airport was evacuated – apparently because one of Delta Airlines’ Boeing 767s had to make an emergency landing due to suspicion of an impending act of sabotage. In actuality, this was a contrived scenario for the purpose of concealing the real events.

Interestingly – and this was promptly revoked later – the news agency Associated Press reported that a United Airlines flight made an unplanned landing in Cleveland after receiving a bomb threat. According to Cleveland’s Mayor Michael White, the issue concerned flight UA93 – the very death trap that supposedly fell later from the sky over Shanksville.

Why was Cleveland chosen as the launching platform for the conspiracy? Because its airport lies exactly one flying hour west of Boston. Three of the four hijacked planes were flying their regular routes anyway, right past Cleveland. The first two came from Boston where they took off at 7:59 and 8:14. Therefore, they could easily be in Cleveland shortly after 9:00. The fourth plane arriving from Washington had to fly an arch, but still only required an hour of flight time. Since it departed Washington at 8:20 it was able to reach Cleveland before 9:30.

Flight UA93 originating from Newark was the last to land in Cleveland – and still 15 minutes earlier than the official accounts of September 11. These lost fifteen minutes were needed to force the passengers of the other three planes UA 93 and take off again as quickly as possible.

Why are an entire 15 minutes missing? According to official information, flight UA93 was arriving in Cleveland at exactly 9:30 when it suddenly turned southeast and, as it flew over Pittsburgh, took a course in the direction of Washington. The plane was en route for 48 minutes for these first 660 kilometers. That is an average of 825 km/h, a bit more since the plane would have been traveling slower in the first few minutes after take off. The US authorities even stated that flight UA93 was traveling at a speed of 925-965 km/h when it crashed in Pennsylvania. Hence, it would have only needed 18 minutes to cover the approximate 300 kilometers between Cleveland and Shanksville. The plane should have then “crashed” at 9:48 – 15 minutes earlier than it actually did, at 10:06.

The Cleveland charade solves a few puzzles, such as why all four hijacked planes were extremely empty – so that all passengers could fit into the actual death machine of flight UA 93. Or why about 10 names were missing from the released passenger lists of each airplane – because they were the names of each foreign secret agent that actually hijacked the airplanes. Of course, they didn’t want to die together with the unknowing “pawn sacrifices,” which is why they didn’t appear on the lists in the first place. Because, according to the script of these terrorist attacks, all passengers had to die, without fail – but it didn’t happen where the whole world was led to believe it had.

Crime Scene 2: WTC Towers

Every somewhat informed individual knows today that the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center could never have collapsed because of the fires that occurred. This was only possible – in industry jargon it is called “controlled demolition” – because experts had previously placed explosives at strategically important points. The evidence has been established and documented for a long time.

And we were lied to even further? What actually flew into the World Trade Center for example? Positively not the two hijacked airliners AA11 and UA175. In the amateur video footage, which clearly shows the airplane that struck the south tower, a strange object can be recognized on the fuselage that conspicuously resembles a jet engine. No passenger airplane in the world, however, can bear such a load on this location.

Author Johannes Rothkranz is therefore convinced that the two machines were specially prepared Boeing 767s – empty of passengers or pilots, controlled remotely1and loaded with fuel – with an additional third engine mounted to the fuselage in order to transport as much flammable kerosene as possible. After all, they wanted to present the world with the most impressive fireballs possible so the public would at least believe at first that the “incredible heat” had caused the steel beams to “melt.” In reality, firefighters had reported via radio that they had reached the floor level of the airplane impact and would have soon after extinguished the two remaining sources of the fire shortly before the south tower all of a sudden came crashing down amidst sounds of explosions.

Later in the afternoon, neighbouring, barely-damaged skyscraper WTC 7 imploded without any apparent reason within a matter of seven seconds, enveloped in a gigantic cloud of dust – and with it the secret 23rd floor command center placed there for the concerted leveling of the World Trade Center that took the lives of 3,000 people.

Crime Scene 3: Pentagon

Since September 11, 2001, the entire world has been puzzled as to how a Boeing 757 could possibly have careened into the American defense ministry. Although multi-storied, the Pentagon is still short and compact at 20 meters. To guide a large, clumsy passenger airplane into its side is therefore practically impossible. Additionally, it appears to be that the hole torn into the façade was much too small and no debris whatsoever from the Boeing in question could be found anywhere. Eyewitnesses claim to have seen the return beams of rockets just before the impact, not an airplane.

Johannes Rothkranz writes in his weighty tome that a remote controlled drone fired off three rockets shortly before its impact into the ground level of the Pentagon, which caused the resulting fires to burn in the direction they did.

Must we conclude, due to the obvious deceit in the version of the story released by the authorities, that the actual perpetrators executed a faulty plan? On the contrary. The intention of this easily identifiable inconsistency was to cover-up something that was less obvious, but nonetheless clearly visible: namely, the fact about where the fire actually burned.

The Pentagon is divided into five sections. The impact of the missilery met the façade of section 1, which was newly renovated and still empty. Therefore, “only” 125 people were killed, mostly construction workers and cleaning staff.

Section 1 remained mostly intact. Pictures document however, that devastating fires raged in neighboring section 5. Astonishingly, the fire kept spreading there. Sure, this could be a coincidence if… yes, if there hadn’t been highly qualified specialists in each office where the inferno raged the strongest investigating the biggest embezzlement scandal in the history of the world. That is to say, $2.3 billion – 2,300,000,000,000 – attributed to the Pentagon “went missing.” All traces of the illegal coffers and projects into which this money was flowing burned to ashes on that eleventh day of September, probably together with most of the officials responsible for the investigation.