Diagnostics of Karma: How Emotions Form our Fate - and How We Can Find Release!

For many years, the Russian healer, seer, and psychologist Sergey N. Lazarev has re­searched how destructive emotions bring us into disharmony with the Universe and what our Higher Selves and the Cosmos do to limit their harmful influence. Their effect can be fatal—not only for ourselves, but for our entire kin. The good news: we each have the power to wipe the slate clean!

It doesn’t often happen that you come across a book that opens up a whole new universe to you. Sergey N. Lazarev’s five volumes on The Diagnostics of Karma are on such rare find. The Russian healer has probably probed further into the invisible realm in the last few years than anyone else. With seeing eyes and healing hands, he was able to uncover the true sources of our illnesses—and, more importantly, how we can heal ­ourselves without help from anyone else.

When you look around for the good, if you are good and you think good thoughts, then you will see this world as a garden full of beauty. – Paramahansa Yogananda

After he had (apparently!) brought countless numbers of people back to health with his hands, he tapped into a completely new level in 1990: he recognised that specific field deformations appeared in the energy and information systems that surround people [also commonly called auras; ed.]. These deformations lead to physically manifested illnesses and disturbances. This might not sound revolutionary and new—homeopathy, spagyric medicine, or Bach flower remedies all work on the level of these fields. But in 1991 Lazarev discovered that, on this energy level, parents, children, and grandchildren present a unified whole. The parent’s behaviours and emotions directly influence the physical condition of their children. So if the parent’s psyche could be changed, Lazarev extrapolated, the children’s physical condition could too.

Although highly complex, his realisations can be easily summarised: as soon as we treat our fellow man in a negative way, we create a distortion in our own energetic field and in the fields of those affected. In the long-term, this acts as a blockage to a healthy, happy life since, due to these dis­tortions, the human energy field no longer vibrates in harmony with that of the Universe surrounding us. Over time, the Universe’s field ensures that such distortions are blocked since they would otherwise have a destructive effect on the Universe as a whole. These blockages consist of a contrast ­programme to whatever happened. For ex­­ample, pride is corrected with humility, or selfishness with self-doubt. Excessive attachment to something is usually compensated by regular loss of that thing. And if the person in question doesn’t learn from these lessons, then an even stronger blockage of the destructive vibration must be implemented: an illness, an accident, or even death. If the blockage is not resolved in one of these ways, it could even go on to attack the person’s subtler structures and wreak great havoc on his soul and, finally, even his mind. From the perspective of divine economy, it is much better in a case like this to put an end to the “wild wanderings” through untimely death.

As mentioned, this is an ex­­tremely simplified explanation used to present the basic idea of a cosmic activity that is executed with mathematical precision and scientific exactness. Despite its scientific exactness, however, it does not affect every person the same way. Depending on the person’s basic attitude to life it can be toned down or even neutralised. If the person is very loving and kind, its effect is greatly mitigated. If the person loves God with his whole heart, works on himself, strives for the spiritual and regularly asks forgiveness for his transgressions, then he can dissolve those blockages again and again. Lazarev writes: “The main thing is to understand and recognise one’s own mistakes and to return to a state of harmony with the Universe and the Divine through contrition. (…) Clearing deformations of the field structure through awareness and contrition leads to transcendent results in the restoration of people’s health on the physical level.”

However, the person must completely change his worldview and make God his absolute first priority. According to Lazarev, 80 per cent of our energy should be dedicated to God and only 20 per cent should be used for our own needs. In daily life, this mainly manifests itself in the attitude the person takes towards life; if he is constantly aware of the fact that his physical body is only the carnal vehicle of the divinity living within his heart that wants to grow and develop and unfurl, then he is off to a good start. If he also sees the divine in every other person, in every plant, every animal, in all the elements, and he knows that nothing he is or has is the result of his own small self but springs from his divine source, then he probably also lives in an attitude of perpetual thankfulness. He first sees God in everything—and thus ‘uses’ his energy in the right way!

“When we feel love for the Universe we receive a great amount of energy,” explains Lazarev in his first book. “We have to betake ourselves to the highest level of the energy field—ethics, nobleness, and love—in order to receive enough energy, and live with these ideas. (…) A person has to know that Energy, which he receives through the highest emotions, can heal his body, his fate, and his soul.” A consumer mentality, on the other hand, “always leads to degradation,” according to Lazarev.

“Graphic Clairvoyance”

Lazarev calls his method of investigating Karma “graphic clairvoyance”. With that, he doesn’t look at the incidents themselves, but rather at the laws that are violated. So he perceives what happened in an abstract form. A few examples:

When a critically ill months-old infant was brought to him, he might have surmised that it had sinned in a previous life and was now atoning for that. “But I saw that the defor­mation of the child’s field structure corresponded with the deformation of the mother’s field structure, which led to the conclusion that the parent’s field structures are passed on to their children.”

When he corrected the mother’s field deformation, the child quickly returned to health. Lazarev: “I understood how dependent the child’s health is on the mother’s behaviour, especially in the last few months before the birth. Extreme hate experienced during the pregnancy is usually the cause of the child’s trauma or illnesses of head organs such as sight or hearing problems. If the mother’s feelings were gravely hurt, the child will be extremely sensitive. The mothers’ behaviour determines the fate and health of the developing child,” writes Lazarev. However, the father also plays a role: “Parents pass on to their children all the information about their own behaviour and the behaviour of their ancestors; the child’s fate, body, character, and ethics are created from that information.” The child’s own karma certainly often conforms to these conditions, of course.

One day a young woman who had fallen desperately in love with a young man but whose relationship had not lasted came to Lazarev. This unfulfilled love had tormented the young woman for many years and no other man could win her heart. The whole situation was, for her, distressing and in­comprehensible. Lazarev discovered that not the young girl, but rather her grandmother, was responsible for this: “To my surprise, the young girl knew what it was about. Her grandmother had been deeply in love with a young man when she was younger, but had married another out of expediency. The grandmother killed the love in herself and in the man she loved, and her granddaughter had to make amends with her own suffering. After I spoke with the grandmother and she recognised that she had killed love and had thereby violated the highest law, the young woman was freed from her suffering.” Thus Lazarev learned that we can not only heal, but also help people’s souls and their fates with this method.

His working experience in the field of bio-energetics showed him that the worst of all man’s many offences in his earthly exis­tence “is the killing of love in many different ways. All other transgressions are secondary and the result of a lack of human love for God, the Universe, relatives children, mankind…”

His research also showed him that something exists that he calls the “field self-regulation system”. The essence of this system is that every action of a person, for good or bad, returns to him through the unity of the Universe’s information and energy fields. Lazarev determined that mankind’s personal responsibility has strongly increased over the last few years; he does not, however, know the reason for this.

No Child’s Play!

Lazarev also discovered the reason why children tend to behave much more badly around their parents than with others. In interactions with their children, parents rein­­­force and activate the negative as well as the positive programming that the parents passed on at the field level. “In looking at various problems, I recently determined that children do not only inherit the parents’ karma, but that the parents also carry res­ponsibility for the behaviour and actions of their children at the field level. Today, the thoughts, words and actions of an eight-and-a-half-year-old child affect the field’s condition, that is to say, the mind, fate and health of the parents. Two thousand years ago, this process began when the children were 13 or 14 years old.”

A mother is an expression of God’s unconditional love. God created the mother to show us that He also loves us without reason. – Paramahansa Yogananda

In the case of a bed-wetting child, the cause is often that the child’s mother has repressed her devotion and love for her partner. Over time, this behaviour deforms the field structure in the area of the first chakra. The child may then also react with illnesses of the heart or head, or be confronted with disturbances and problems in his own life.

A woman complained of dis-ease to several doctors, but no one could find anything wrong. Prayer healers saw that the woman had a powerful curse in her energy field—too powerful for them to be able to dispel. Sergey Lazarev found the source of the problem: the woman had emphatically wished some­­­thing bad would happen to one of her work colleagues. This curse returned to her and strongly deformed her own field. The cursed colleague was also on sick leave, not due to an illness of her own but because her child was sick. The mean-spirited wish had also deformed the child’s energy field! Lazarev discovered that the son of the woman who had started the whole thing had the same evil curse in his field. And all of this continues to have its effect—a whole lifetime long, unless the person examines his wrongdoings, sincerely regrets them and asks for forgiveness!

Many people think that worrying about someone is a sign of love and care. But the cosmos sees this much differently. To worry about someone also creates a field deformation—such as in one woman who was worried about her husband (who was two hours later from work than usual) and who then suffered from strong headaches. “Today, where we have command over such a high energy field, conscious discipline is ex­­tre­mely important,” warns Lazarev. “One of the Universe’s most important laws is ‘Do no evil, even in thought’. (…) Studies that I conduct daily with the help of extrasensory diagnostics show that observation of ethical norms is the basic requirement of life, the only true method of survival, and simultaneously the best protection.”

Lazarev recognised that earthly laws are not, in many respects, in tune with the laws of the Universe. “When someone hits me and I justifiably hit back with my fist, that does not mean that it is also permitted on the energy field. These are completely different levels. With a physical punch, only one person suffers—the guilty person. But the energetic punch affects the whole kinship since the person is connected with all his relations and children at the field level. The answer for that is the reciprocal punishment of the aggressor and his kinship. I recognised,” says Lazarev, “that the increase in the energy potential requires man to give his highest attention to his actions, emotions and thoughts: not a single peremptory sentence must be uttered thoughtlessly, for that is already an influence. I understood why humility and meekness are spoken of in the Bible: more than anything, this is the control of one’s owns energy potential.”

Healers Live Dangerously

Lazarev researched what happens in conventional healings when a miracle worker draws the negative energy out of the sick ­person and directs it into water, plants, wax ­figures or house pets; sends it into the centre of the earth or out into the cosmos; or burns it in various ways. “On the field level, this energy, which contains the potential for aggression, goes into the field of the object that it is transferred to, deforms it, and automatically returns to the field of the healer and his loved ones.” So damage is wreaked twice: in the target object that is deformed, and in the healer who receives the energy back again, even though he thinks he banished it elsewhere. And this does not only hurt him, but the shared energy field of his entire ­kinship. “That is why,” warns Lazarev, “every healing method that is not based on the ­spiritual development of man leads to ruin. The relief of certain symptoms is in no way an indication of healing.”

He experienced this himself in his early field experiments. In 1988, he treated a young girl who was going blind. No branch of orthodox medicine had been able to help the girl. Two weeks after he had begun treatment, he was able to restore the girl’s vision one hundred per cent! But a few months later, the girl’s kidneys began to fail and she was brought to the hospital with severe renal colic. Even antibiotics offered no real im­­provement. After only four sessions, Lazarev was again able to completely heal the girl. “At that time, I did not yet understand that all the organs are interdependent and I did not know that an illness could be transferred from one organ to another, and I certainly didn’t know that the character, fate, morality, and other parameters of the person are also included in this.”

When he met the girl’s mother two years later, she told him that her daughter was still in the best of health. However, she was experiencing an unhappy fate with great spiritual suffering. What could this mean? By healing the physical illnesses, Lazarev had pushed the source of the girl’s problem off onto the level of fate. It was not, however, really solved. It had been neither recognised nor emotionally worked through.

Mankind’s Karma

One day, Lazarev examined mankind’s karma. His studies showed that mankind committed the worst of his transgressions in the 10th century by turning away from the Divine and choosing pragmatism and feasibility—i.e. things earthly. This transgression is found in the field of every person who lives on earth today.

The difficult, painful deaths that most people experience today probably have their cause in what happened in the 10th century. In daily life, man starves his spirit. His entire striving is the satisfaction of his body’s and mind’s needs. So death must be difficult, for mental and physical agony purifies the soul. Lazarev explains how this happens: “The only possibility to endure agony is to spiritually raise yourself above it, to transfer the weak point from the af­flicted body to the spirit. This natural process happens automatically. A tortured person gains in spirit.”

How did the Alder King put it? “And if thou’rt unwilling, then force I’ll apply”.1 As we can see, a spiritual, God-bound life is not simply a fad to follow or, as an “enlightened” person, not follow. It is rather the single natural way of life in the entire cosmos. And its denial in­­evitably brings man one or another form of suffering. Lazarev also examined what the world presently demands of those who want to survive in the future, namely to unify that which used to seem irreconcilable: “To turn away from the earthly and turn towards unity with the cosmos; to turn towards at­­tainment of information, and apply it in moral laws and their practical realisation on all levels. ‘You cannot serve God and Mammon,’ Jesus said. (…) So we can say of the person who is destined to survive the next few years that he will have to be simultaneously a saint, a businessman, an average Joe, and a racketeer.” Lazarev specifies: Every person must become holy; with the world’s recognition and new alignment with the Universe, holiness will increase; self-realisation in emotional and practical life will also ensue. (…) This means that the businessman, the politician, and the scientist will need to become saints. Morality must become the most important question for them.

Even more so since the potential of spiritual power has increased in every person. By this, Lazarev means the power of our in­­fluence on the environment and people. Whereas the average influential power two thousand years ago was about 10 units, ­during the Renaissance it reached 23 and by the end of the 19th century it was 38 units. Today it has reached 88 units and is still increasing. That is why every negative influence has such dramatic consequences. And so it is tremendously important for every person today to reign in his thoughts, feelings and words—and to regularly practise self-observation to uncover what needs to be cleansed, where forgiveness needs to be asked, and where changes need to be made. By exercising forgiveness, changes will come more easily, as Lazarev discovered: “When a person turns his thoughts to God and asks for forgiveness for his sins, his soul and body change themselves remarkably. In this mo­­ment, the person confesses his imperfection, opens himself to He who created us, and receives strength from Him to change and enter into harmony with the Universe.”

But true repentance doesn’t have anything to do with “useless pangs of conscience, self-flagellation or regretting the past,” writes Lazarev. “A person can only hurt themselves with emotions such as these. To repent means to change oneself with all one’s powers and to never repeat those mistakes. The point of this process is that the energy impulse created by the realisation of error has a creative effect. The chain of cause and effect, whereby one action brings about the next, is broken by regret.” The passing on of destructive field information and its further effects is thereby nullified. However, true repentance also requires a right worldview: for in order to know where I have acted wrongfully, in other words, violated a law, I must first know the cosmic laws…

Our transgressions also affect our animal friends. A dog that had ‘accidentally’ eaten poison did it, as Lazarev discovered, because his owner had recently committed a violation of the Universe’s highest law. Another patient was displeased with his treatment ten minutes after leaving Lazarev’s practice; shortly thereafter, her dog was almost hit by a car. Lazarev observed that the woman’s and dog’s field structures were identical—namely, that the originally pure field now presented disturbances in the areas of the head and the front and back paws. “House pets are very dependent on the ethics of their owners; humans are most often guilty for most of their illnesses and traumas. When we violate the laws of ethics, then they can be punished together with us.”


  • 1 See the poem "Erlkönig" by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe