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Alzheimer's: Coconut Oil to Feed the Brain.

Consumption of coconut oil prompts the body to produce a substance that is the best nourishment for brain cells – and can protect our little grey cells from dementia. Read more...

The Secret of Life

Water is able to store energetic information in its molecular chains. It creates an orderly structure which matches that of a crystal. We need this "order" from water to stay alive. If the order is lost, a vortex can be used to restore it. not available online   order this issue

Image Streaming: Films in the Language of God

What sets a genius apart? How can we communicate with our Higher Self? There is a simple method that brings us closer to God and increases our intelligence! Read more...

The Yin and Yang in our Heads

Brain halves: Their interplay holds the key to inspiration and an enhanced memory that goes beyond this earthly life. Read more...

Gymnastics for the Grey Cells

How can I start actively using my brain rather than simply owning it? Mental trainers are providing solid scientific advice for everyday life. Read more...

Near-Death Experiences

Where does our consciousness dwell? not available online   order this issue