The Triumph of Good: Let the shadows abate!

The most effective battle is the spiritual one.

One with God is a majority: If we were truly aware of this fact, we would invoke the light more consciously and frequently.

If we humans paid as little attention to our bodies as we do to our spirits, we would have died of starvation long ago. Whereas 59 percent of Americans say that religion plays an very important role in their lives, according to a USA Today survey, only 33 percent of Britons, 30 percent of Canadians, 27 percent of Italians, 21 percent of Germans, and 12 percent of Japanese say that religion is still important to them. That means that four out of five Germans just go about their daily lives and have given up connecting with the divine world.

But his divine presence is what separates man from the animals. When man forgets this, he descends increasingly to their level—without, however, sharing the animals’ innocence. He turns himself into a big, dull herd animal, into a sheep just waiting to be eaten by wolves. He forgoes the power that lies dormant in him—the power to evolve from a victim of fate to a designer of destiny.

A malicious war is waging and no one notices because it is not being fought with cannon, but with tranquilizers—like a flu epidemic without the viruses. The war of softly being put to sleep, leading first to a coma and then to a terrible awakening and the realization that what is happening around us is no nightmare, but reality. A slept-away-reality—which we could have prevented, if we hadn’t preferred to doze.

But it wouldn’t really take that much to turn the rudder in the other direction. All it takes are people who know that they are divine beings and that they have the power and the right to work together with the divine world in the struggle against evil. And who do just that, full of cheerfulness, confidence and decision, but without fear, for—let us remember—fear is the kind of “honor” that nourishes the “Devil”!

The Angel’s Reality

There are some things that man just cannot do alone. However, joined with “heaven”, there is no mountain that we can’t move, no wall we can’t bring down! This also applies to the sinister web that enmeshes and is trying, finally, to enchain all of mankind. There are innumerable legions of angels ready for action and only waiting for man’s call to jump to action. The Archangel Michael is known as the Fighter of Evil, but there are also other powerful beings who have enlisted in this service. They will all jump to action when people call on the angelic host with fervor, determination, and love of the angels and beg them to deal with all the garbage that we humans have created, and which keeps this planet from evolving to the paradise foreseen in its divine plan.

But the call must come from that plane where the help is needed—according to cosmic law. That is why we humans have to first consciously call on the heavenly legions for support, so that their full power can unfurl and they may intervene in the fate of man.

These angels are there! Day and night! Imagine how this world would brighten if thousands, tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands of people with goodwill in their hearts regularly called on them to clean the astral worlds—every plane from which the demonic exerts its corrupt influence. How many “walls” could yet fall!

But, unfortunately, not that many people believe in the existence, let alone the power, of angels. They prefer to revere extra-terrestrials in space ships. This is also a strategy of the Illuminati, as ex-Illuminati Sergio reveals—a strategy that, strangely enough, is supported by the Vatican: they encourage people to believe that “holy” extraterrestrials in space ships buzz around the earth. They end up replacing angels in the consciousness of the masses, and, thus, people no longer believe in the reality and power of the angelic host. But those powers that support the Illuminati know very well that they have no chance against angels that have been called upon by humans. They know that they must lose this “Armageddon”—for they have no power and no light of themselves. They are vampires who feed off human creations and base human energies. Cut off from them, they are doomed. And we have to be very clear about this: the Power is with us when we are with God! The game is far from over, and as long as there are good, active people who know about such things and who work with God against these dark figures, they will have no chance to actually win the game.

This is why it is important that we know. Knowledge is power, said Sir Francis Bacon. True. Knowledge is sometimes uncomfortable; it can smart and steal your sleep away, as in the case of the Illuminati, but we have to know what pernicious things are taking place behind the scenes in order to be motivated enough to decisively and powerfully act against them spiritually. And to realize that the situation is extremely grave—even though we shouldn’t loose our cheerfulness about life because of it. And isn’t it wonderful that we can have someone else fight for us? That we don’t need to heave our own halberds and go in to a battle from which we probably wouldn’t return? Because this battle is predominantly a spiritual one, we can let the angels do the fighting, with thankfulness for their tremendous service. And we can help them by informing others about the secret forces of evil—and thus create a kind of positive pandemic, a wave of infection that can reach all people of good will and inspire them to become active, to ally themselves with the angels and the heavenly powers to eradicate this entire grisly mess. And then, all at once, the Illuminati will no longer be able to be evil… because they will have lost the support for it!