RAND Corporation: Operation Global Manipulation?

Exactly one hundred years ago, a group was founded in London that has manipulated public opinion in the West on an unbelievable scale ever since. The accomplices to its crimes are many and diverse, but two, the Tavistock Institute and the RAND Corporation, play a critical role.

For many decades, Zbigniew Brzezinksi has been an important instrument of the shadowy secret government that rules the world. In his 1970 book Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era, Brzezinski (later to become President Jimmy Carter’s National Security Advisor) predicted that privacy was to become a thing of the past: the government would know every last detail about our lives, the most trivial piece of information ready to be plucked from their databases at any time. By the year 2000, people would find themselves controlled by their government in ways that no nation had ever experienced before.

The global bugging scandal (involuntarily) triggered by the spies and wire tappers of America’s NSA (National Security Agency) last summer opened the whole world’s eyes to the shocking extent to which ‘big data’ already picks our lives apart, piece by piece. The world predicted by Brzezinski all those years ago has been created, little by little, by the NSA. It is no coincidence that the US of all places, founded as the cradle of freedom, is now the world’s preeminent spymaster. No more a coincidence was the tragedy of 9/11: just one year after the ‘deadline’ Brzezinski prophesied, the collapse of the twin towers enabled a surveillance state to take the upper hand, whose paranoid mania for collecting information was to lull American citizens into a false sense of security.

Yet paranoid is one thing that the ‘giant vampire squid’ that is the New World Order definitely isn’t. It follows its goals with cold calculation and unwavering determination. If you want to rule the people, then you have to control them. You have to keep them under watch, in order to always be one step ahead. According to a top secret NSA document that has come to public attention thanks to the current surveillance scandal, it is not terrorists who are considered to be the greatest threat, but people like Edward Joseph Snowden: whistleblowers who reveal the truth. This article will demonstrate that this is more than just a case of changing times, but that an iron will is behind all this – and a shocking amount of media manipulation.

The Medusa’s head of the consolidating world dictatorship has innumerable public faces. Often pleasant to look at, their gaze won’t exactly turn you to stone. Yet the actions of the men behind these masks progressively rob the people of the world of their freedom. We have already unmasked some of them, also known as the ‘Committee of Three Hundred’1 , elsewhere. Now it’s time to show why people don’t do more to resist what is clearly their own enslavement.

What’s the magic word? Propaganda. Indeed, ‘opinion forming’ has become so comprehensive and taken on such subtle forms that most people don’t even notice how they’re constantly being manipulated. They’re selling us this ride to hell so well that we’re enjoying the trip.

Obviously, this kind of creeping ‘re-education’ of the masses requires the support of many organisations. These include many of the most renowned think tanks and educational institutions of our Western civilisation. In the centre of this unceasing maelstrom of distorted thought, we encounter two names again and again. What follows is an attempt to lay those names bare: the Tavistock Institute, with its headquarters in the epicentre of power in the Old World, and its most important offshoot in the New World, the RAND Corporation.

Operatives from these two organisations are almost always to be found (more or less well-camouflaged) where lies spread and hands get dirty. Their ‘job profile’ is correspondingly diverse: from the first UFO remains at Roswell to the chemtrails conspiracy; from the founding of the US reserve bank ‘the Fed’ to widespread drug experimentation on unwitting civilians; to wars of aggression, flying in the face of international law, against Iraq and Serbia – to speak of only a small selection.

The heart of this global monster beats neither in Washington nor in Jerusalem, no, it beats in the spot where nobility and old money mix to form a viscous, extremely potent poison, which is slowly but surely destroying our society’s immune system. This dark monster’s blood of deception gushes forth from a city that bears the historical nickname ‘The Big Smoke’: London. Smoke that to this day conceals many a sinister intrigue.

First America, then the World

The true history of thought manipulation began exactly one hundred years ago. What Wellington House, London, produced in 1913 would with time influence people’s thoughts and opinions across the world, conditioning people over generations to meekly accept what was being planned for them. Wellington House would later give rise to the Tavistock Institute, a notorious name among insiders and one that we will look at more closely. Even then, their strategy was as clear as it was simple: first America, then the world.

At that point, before the two world wars, the British Empire was still very much in existence, even if it was starting to look a little threadbare. The Old World was slowly giving way to the new, the rising power being the United States of America. A young nation, which had never had to put its full strength to the test on foreign fields of battle. Even so, it was patently obvious that America would one day lead the world. It was a country bursting not just with economic strength and potential; it was (and despite everything, still is) a focus of spiritual light – magnetised in order to fulfil the spiritual task ordained to it by higher powers.

No surprise then that the ‘vampire squid’ didn’t hesitate for a second in stretching its greedy tentacles toward America, sending its agents across the Atlantic. Doing so, the Illuminati weren’t just able to seize control of what was soon to be the most powerful country on earth: Lucifer’s servants2 attempt to this day to thwart the divine plan, holding America back from serving the wellbeing of mankind. Once the United States have finally been mutated into a terrorist police state, the United Nations – not least thanks to American pressure – is also to be reformed along the same lines, giving way to a world government.

However, let’s begin at the beginning. We return to that building, near Buckingham Palace, that would go down in history as ‘Wellington House’. It was there in 1913 that the War Propaganda Bureau was set up, tasked specifically with breaking strong public resistance to the looming war between Britain and Germany. The British people were to be manipulated into accepting a declaration of war on the German Empire. The project was initially financed by the British Crown, and later primarily by the Rothschilds, the real heads of the Illuminati. Characteristically, one of the two men in charge of this novel propaganda unit, Lord Northcliffe, had married into the Rothschild family.

Now, jingoism and war fever are no rarities, and they are certainly nothing new: the Romans were banging the war drum millennia ago. What effect the recipe for manipulating public opinion, which was cooked up in the devil’s kitchen of Wellington House, would later have upon world politics, could only be truly imagined by those who had developed it for that very purpose.

Ostensibly, Wellington House was all about the ‘Great War’. A war being fought not in the naïve hope of ‘ending all wars’, as we learn in school, but to redraw the political map, sweeping away the monarchies that stood in the way of their master plan. Additionally, wars, as they always have been, represent an outstanding opportunity to make pots of money, and plunge entire peoples into financial ruin at the same time – that is, into the clutches of their creditors.

In actual fact, the Rothschild agents from Wellington House operated on a much broader basis. Their mission: to suck up-and-coming superpower America into the war. A goal that, at first glance, didn’t exactly seem easy to achieve. After all, American foreign policy had been informed by the Monroe Doctrine for almost a century. Neutrality was part of the American Way, and the USA did not want to get mixed up in other nations’ quarrels.

However, during the Great War, the new opinion formers recast the noble concept of ‘neutrality’ into the uninspiring ‘isolationism’, conditioning the population for imminent entry into the war. If you had told Americans then that their country would one day hold the dubious honour of being ‘the world’s policeman’, they would have laughed in disbelief – or protested, outraged. The fact is, (almost) nothing is beyond the manipulative powers of ‘public relations’.

Which brings into play a man considered to be the father of ‘PR’: Edward Bernays. Born in Vienna in 1891 into a family that had produced numerous rabbis and Jewish scholars, he was raised in New York, taking the psychological theories of his uncle, Sigmund Freud, completely to heart. His greatest trick was to push American public opinion into supporting entry into the First World War, with an argument that men such as Bush and Obama have made use of ever since: “We want to make the world safe for democracy.”

Bernays manipulated American public opinion like no one had ever done before. He was aided in his work by Walter Lippmann, a son of German-Jewish parents, who also grew up in New York. An influential journalist (and Pulitzer Prize winner), Lippmann coined the term ‘gatekeeper’, and explained even back then how journalists had become gatekeepers, instruments of a comprehensive manipulation of public opinion. “The gatekeepers decide what will be admitted to the public and what will be withheld. ‘Every paper when it reaches the reader is the result of a whole series of selections’ [Lippmann]. Insofar as journalists use the same rules of selection, they create a certain consensus in reporting, which affects the audience like a confirmation (they’re all saying it, so it must be true), and the stereotype-supported pseudo-environment de­­scribed above is installed in the minds of the public.”

Presidential Stab in the Back

The excellent secret connections that Bernays and Lippmann must have had to the true holders of power can be seen in the fact that both were elevated at a young age (23 and 25 respectively) to the influential position of advisor to President Woodrow Wilson. Wilson was the first American president to have a war ‘managed’ by a civilian committee – directed by Bernays and Lippmann, as Dr John Coleman describes in The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. This American historian has researched the secret history of the manipulation of ‘our’ public opinion more thoroughly than perhaps anyone else. As far as he’s concerned, this much is clear: “Walter Lippmann and Edward Bernays were appointed by Wellington House to manipulate American public opinion.”

It can never be said with any certainty whether President Wilson really was a fully paid-up agent of a future New World Order, or just an early and to date most prominent victim of this new and extremely subtle propaganda campaign. Several books on the topic claim that he was blackmailed by a celebrity New York lawyer, Samuel Untermeyer, over a secret love affair. The real extent to which this Zionist and self-made millionaire was actually able to influence Wilson’s policies still hasn’t been clearly determined. Up to the present day, blackmailing influential politicians is an effective means of bringing them to heel. For this reason, the shadow government often sees to it that politicians’ private lives are secretly surveilled and their escapades recorded in intimate detail.

With the benefit of hindsight, it’s clear that, with the exception of George Bush Junior, no other American president did as much damage to that nation (and the world) as Woodrow Wilson. He can be thanked for three innovations that prepared the ground upon which the globalised misery of the present day could begin to flourish. Since they are paradigmatic for the successful manipulation of public opinion, it behoves us to consider them in a little more detail:

1. Abolition of protective tariffs. No sooner had Wilson taken presidential office in 1913 did he begin to campaign tirelessly for the USA to make its internal market almost limitlessly open to foreign goods, by removing or drastically reducing tariffs (October 12th 1913). The greatest benefactors were influential British businessmen, who were now able to flood the USA with cheap goods produced on starvation wages in India. Recall if you will the East India Company, whose trading empire played a not insignificant role in the Illuminati’s power structure. With this law, President Wilson “sounded the death knell for American commerce, that was finally to be completely castrated by NAFTA, GATT, and the WTO,” Coleman correctly noted.

2. Introduction of income tax. On December 5th 1913, President Wilson signed the Federal Income Tax Act into law – condemning American citizens to an unprecedented tax on their incomes. The tax was introduced to compensate for the lost income from customs and excise. The fact that almost universally, we all pay income tax – as if it were an unalterable law of nature – demonstrates how conditioned we really already are. Coleman noted that “Income Tax is a Marxist doctrine not found in the US Constitution anymore than the Federal Reserve Bank is found in the Constitution.”

3. Foundation of the private United States reserve bank. One week after the introduction of the income tax, Woodrow Wilson gave his fellow citizens a very ‘special’ Christmas present on December 23rd 1913. He signed off a proposed law that he praised as the “reformation of the nation’s banking and currency system.” It was the birth of a completely privatised, independently led reserve bank – of the mightiest nation on earth. Just six months later, Europe was embroiled in a war that was to cost around 17 million their lives. Coleman notes that “Most historians are agreed that without passage of the Federal Reserve Bank Act, it would not have been possible to start that terrible conflagration.” Note that Wellington House’s two most important agents on American soil, Bernays and Lippmann, played an important role in the flogging off of public property to a private monopoly. According to Coleman, they made a significant contribution to the deceptive wording of the new banking law, and even founded the National Citizen’s League, which, under the leadership of the abovementioned Samuel Untermeyer made a massive public push for the implementation of the planned reserve bank.

Coleman noted in his book on the manipulation of public opinion that “One of the most interesting pieces of history surrounding the imposition of the foreign financial slavery measure was that before it was sent to Wilson for his signature, a copy was given to the sinister Colonel Edward Mandel House as the representative of Wellington House and the British oligarchy represented by the banker, J.P. Morgan.”

Tavistock Brainwashing

Bernays had this to say about the mother of all public relations efforts: “Propaganda is the executive arm of the invisible government.” British psychiatrist (and later Brigadier-General) John Rawlings Rees took the lesson to heart when he founded the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (TIHR) three years after the end of WWI. According to the official records, the institute was founded in 1947, but Coleman, who was able to study the institute’s records, believes this to be pure eyewash. In reality, senior figures at the Tavistock Institute began their work much earlier (in what was then the ‘Tavistock Clinic’). “In 1921, the indoctrination operations at Wellington House were transferred to the Tavistock Institute (…) where Rees continued to perfect methods of mass brainwashing.” He also founded an independent research centre for the British foreign secret service. “It was Rees who developed the methods for controlling political campaigns, as well as techniques for mind control that are used to this very day.” On its current internet site, the Tavistock Institute presents itself with the following cryptic phrase: “We work with hidden (and sometimes subconscious) factors.” Indeed: the same psychotherapeutic techniques that are used to treat the mentally disturbed can also be used to harm. Rees was an expert on psychological disturbances of this kind, which surely contributed to him being awarded command of the Directorate of Army Psychiatry during the Second World War.

The experiments that were begun at the Tavistock Institute would lead to the top secret CIA project ‘MK Ultra’, which included giving people psychoactive drugs such as LSD for twenty years without their knowledge. The RAND Corporation was a leading force in these crimes – and an offshoot of the Tavistock Institute.