Microwave ovens make us fat!

Whoever still uses one of these practical microwave machines cuts precious years off his own life—with the added risk of becoming fat.

A prophet in his own land doesn’t count for much, we know. You’ve probably experienced this many times yourself. For example, when you point out to your acquaintances, colleagues or relatives that food prepared in a microwave is extremely unhealthy. And you get the succinct answer: “Yes, but I have to die of something eventually!” Where I used to get waspish, now I respond just as succinctly: “Well, since you’re not frightened by an increased risk of cancer, you certainly also won’t care that it will make you fat!” That does the trick. We humans are all more or less vain animals. “Huh? Why would I get fat?”

New scientific findings actually show that microwaved food makes us fat—no matter whether we’re talking about a figure-friendly carrot or a lasagne dripping in calories. Now I’m not talking about feminine curves or jovial paunches, but the kind of puffiness that is represented in its most extreme form in the shapeless, swollen bodies of US American fast food addicts. Obesity—the medically correct term—is, however, not limited to the USA, the land of unlimited (eating) possibilities. In Europe as well, ever more people are becoming bloated with fat, especially children. In Russia, this tendency is especially noticeable. This is quite interesting since, until Glasnost, microwaves were completely forbidden within the Soviet realm of influence. Twenty-five years ago, the Russian people still knew, therefore, that microwaved food is dangerous—otherwise they wouldn’t have needed to ban the machines. So why would the Russians throw their hard-earned cash out the window for such ‘rot’ after the Curtain came down, just because the government gave into pressure from the West and removed the ban? Russia’s young generation, however, which has grown up with western practices of consumption, no longer has any fear of contact. And with the increase in microwave ovens, the digits that the average Russian reads on his scale is also rising.

Not Only Gluttons Become Fat

Of course lack of physical exercise and over-eating make us fat. And the wrong foods go right to our hips. With pizza now the most consumed lunchtime meal of the average US American we shouldn’t be surprised when we see sausage-shaped figures wearing trainers. But that’s only half the truth. Obesity means, in the medical sense, metabolic disorder. And here’s the secret of the whole thing: you can actually get fat when your metabolism, i.e. the vital processes in the body’s cells, is brought massively out of balance! And technologically-generated microwaves are responsible for a large part of this.

Over the past seventeen years, our Swiss mother publication ZeitenSchrift has repeatedly alluded to the dangers of artificial microwave radiation from different angles.1 In short, we must keep two facts in mind: firstly, technically created microwaves so massively distort cell communication that all biological systems, from plants to humans, become sick when they are exposed to this unnatural radiation over extended periods of time. Secondly, the molecular structure in the food is depolarised and deformed through the frictional energy created in microwave ovens. Toxic substances are thereby created and the food in and of itself stresses the body.

These facts have been known and scientifically proven for decades. Nevertheless, they are stubbornly denied by official sources. Why? Because those at the highest levels have conspired to abuse all of mankind for a global experiment that is to last until at least 2015. Highly classified government documents reveal this—more on this in a later issue.

Too Dangerous For Soldiers

Test Results on Microwaved Food from Hertel/Blanc
The increase in leucocytes (white blood cells) indicates an immune system reaction i.e. stress for the body. It is highest with microwaved food.
Microwaved foods decrease the red blood cells and the oxygen content of the blood the most.
Haematocrit indicates how thick the blood is. Microwaved food creates the most blood clotting (danger of embolism).

The history of the microwave oven speaks for itself. It is a German invention that was supposed to bring a decisive advantage to the Wehrmacht in the Second World War. A troop’s fighting spirit demands full stomachs and warm food. And the microwave oven would have drastically eased the demands on the army field kitchens. But the machine was not accepted by army command. If the soldiers were to fall, it should be by enemy fire only and not at the unwitting hand of their own mess unit. The doctors and engineers at the Berlin Humboldt University, where the first microwave machines were developed, had quickly realised just how harmful these timesaving “cookers” really were.

And so the microwave oven was immediately buried, just as it first saw the light of day.

After the fall of Berlin, the majority of German research documents fell into the hands of the Russians, since the Red Army was the first to enter the Reich’s capital. Especially in the field of oscillation physics, the Soviet researchers were already decades further along than their colleagues in the West, and it is therefore not surprising that the political leadership in the USSR banned microwave ovens in 1976. Russian scientists had already researched the effects of microwave radiation with lower power densities on the central nervous system of animals and humans in the 1930s. But the extremely strict safety standards derived from that research were not taken seriously by western researchers and were already exceeded thousand fold in the Sixties. No wonder: In 1952, the US American company Raytheon brought the first microwave ovens for private use on the market. Raytheon is an armaments manufacturer with 60,000 employees that survives mainly on government contracts, and which has also worked on the infamous HAARP project since the mid-Nineties.

The harmfulness of this technology had already been proven long before the arrival of the market-ready “kitchen microwave”. And instead of learning from it, they later used this same technology to introduce mobile telephones. Mobile phones transmit information through an electromagnetic pulse. But that is exactly how our cells communicate with each other. Why? Because all life is fed or controlled by sunlight. And sunlight (of which only the smallest part of its endless spectrum is visible to us) is the “Ur-mother” of all electro-magnetic waves. The 600 billion cells in the human body thus “speak”, first and foremost, through electromagnetic signals. In this way, information is communicated that then leads to bio-chemical reactions in the cells. But mobile phones also chatter with each other in the same way, only much louder. A billion times louder, to be precise. That’s as if you wanted to recite a Shakespeare sonnet in the middle of a bellowing hard-rock concert. No one would be able to understand you, not even the person standing right next to you.

Metaphorically speaking, artificial electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones, wireless, etc. shouts down the life-necessary inter-cellular communication. This leads to chaos. When the cells no longer function properly, the organs also no longer work the right way and, sooner or later, illnesses appear. And because the bio-chemical processes in the cells are distorted by technical microwave radiation, the metabolism is derailed—which brings us back to obesity.