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Clash of Civilisation: How Islam Became a Threat

Was the development of militant Islam inevitable—or was it stirred up by those powers that want to spark off the "Clash of Civilisations"? Read more...

Staged Uprising: An Arabian World in Turmoil

Those mechanisms we just described in our extensive report on radicalised Islam are once again playing out before the world's eyes. Find out here the real reasons why the "Arabian Spring" is blasting despots away now, of all times—and what this has to do with our financial system. Read more...

In Heaven, All Is One

Now that we have examined the geo-political background of the current fanaticising of Islam, we will try to take a more spiritual view of things. If we remain on the same level on which the battle is being fought, we may miss the light of knowledge in the smoke of cannon. not available online   order this issue

All Religions Flow From The Same Source

The fundamental principals of all religions come from the same source. not available online   order this issue