Bion Energy: The Rubber That Radiates Harmony

Find out here how special silicon compresses help the body regain harmony simply by being placed upon it, and how findings from quantum physics make the specific application of this bion energy possible.

“Necessity is the mother of invention”, as the saying goes, and the same is true of Bion Pads. For about thirty years now, medical practitioner and sports physician Dr. med. Hegall Vollert (MD) from the southern German town of Radolfzell has been researching subtle energy medicine. His own son suffered from neurodermitis, which couldn’t be cured by the usual treatment methods. Over the course of his research, Vollert soon came across so-called orgone therapy invented by Wilhelm Reich. Reich, a psychiatrist and sociologist, had discovered “orgone” in 1940; a kind of universal space energy. Using his “orgone accumulator” he was able to tap into this energy and use it to heal patients.

Of course, orthodox science merely laughed off the approach. But Hegall Vollert was never one to be put off by popular doctrine and built an orgone accumulator for his sick son. The effects were astonishing: much more effective than all the other therapies, even though the neurodermitis couldn’t be cured completely. But this was also about to change:

In 1997, the doctor was introduced to what was then a totally new branch of quantum physics, today known as Global Scaling, a theory that explains the “basic rhythm” of Nature. Thanks to Global Scaling’s mathematical foundations, Vollert finally realised why the orgone therapy hadn’t worked 100% on his child—the accumulator had an inherent “calculation error”. The Global Scaling method now enabled the physician to calculate precise vibrational patterns that would transmit the “symphony of life”.

This was the genesis of Bion Pads, whose phenomenal effect has been documented by users as well as research institutes for more than a decade. At first glance, these pads look like nothing more than rubber compresses made from medically-tested silicone, such as is used for breast implants. But Vollert’s silicone is not intended to enhance certain attributes; rather, it is supposed to lessen and alleviate a great many ailments—like pain. It works so well that even German TV talkshow host Jürgen Fliege became aware of the pads and reported on them—only on the Internet, of course, because his health programme had previously been dropped by German broadcaster ARD. After all, state-owned public service broadcasters are not allowed to challenge the powerful pharmaceutical lobby too strongly because unlike ordinary pills, Bion Pads don’t cause any side effects and yet are so easy to use: instead of swallowing a coloured capsule, you simply place this mysterious piece of rubber on the painful body part. And that’s it. Pain, inflammation and swelling soon subside, say users, and wounds and fractures apparently heal faster.

How can that be? And why don’t we feel these effects every time we pull on our rubber gloves for the gardening? Quite simple: Hegall Vollert mixes the finest sand “with a “healing vibe” (Jürgen Fliege) into his silicone pads. But this sand doesn’t come from a beach somewhere on the Indian coastline where yogis and other holy men have meditated for hundreds of years. No, it’s quite ordinary German quartz sand, energised through an eight-stage process that Vollert keeps strictly under wraps. Suffice it to say it’s possible through the basic research of Global Scaling and a few patented tricks.

The Most Important Nourishment: Drinking in the Light

Quantum physics demonstrates why his method works. Nobel prize-winner and physicist Erwin Schrödinger had already explained in the 1950s that we must eat and drink to absorb order through food—an order upon which Nature and the whole universe are based. Order has to do with vibration, since all matter vibrates: the individual electron or proton in an atom just as much as a single body cell, an organ or a person. Vibrations are also sounds, which is why everything has its own frequency pattern; its own individual tone or keynote. Special devices can make this audible. Vibrations are also colours, so every tone is assigned a colour and every colour a tone—we can usually only perceive one or the other (or not at all with most vibrations).

Of course, light also consists of vibrations. Now if living beings absorb ordering vibrations through their food, then they must also give off vibrations in return. This is the universal principle of balance; of giving and receiving. Organisms consequently both store and radiate light, which can be seen using scientific methods. Prof. Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp from Germany has become world-renowned for precisely this subject: for four decades, the physicist has been researching light radiation emitted from living cells, among other things. Their biophotons provide information about the cell’s energetic condition: weakened or sick cells radiate a weak, predominantly chaotic, light, while healthy cells display a strong and clearly structured light emission. In other words, they emit light impulses that transmit order.

The importance of light stored within matter is demonstrated by several different tests, for example at the Vienna Ludwig-Boltzmann Institute for Ecological Cultivation. If you give rats and chickens the choice between conventional or organically grown food, they always prefer the organic option even though there is seemingly no difference at all between the two types when evaluated by ordinary methods. Biophoton radiation, on the other hand, shows something quite different—the light content of organic food is considerably higher. Another interesting point is that the animals disliked carrots grown in the shade as much as those grown conventionally. Obviously, they had also absorbed less light.

A Lucent Genotype

Today we know that 90 per cent of biophotons are emitted by the DNA in the cell nucleus. This light is found within the visible spectrum, but is too weak for a person to see unless the photons are captured by night vision equipment, which can spot the gleam of a candle from twenty kilometres away.

The ability to store as much light (i.e. information) as possible and re-emit it will become the new scientific criterion for the quality of foodstuffs. Herbert Klima, physics professor at the Atomic Institute at the University of Vienna, for example, demonstrated before cameras that organic beef exhibits a different glow than ordinary beef from the supermarket. Moreover, it was ascertained that day-old lettuce from an organic shop emits more biophotons than even fresh supermarket salad. The light emission also provides information about the germination capacity of seeds or grains. A chemical analysis of the substance finds no difference between a wheat grain and wholemeal wheat flour, as is logical. A biophoton analysis, meanwhile, shows how strong the corn’s germination capacity is, while the flour of course can no longer germinate. Biophoton researcher Popp views a substance’s capacity to store light as a measurement for its degree of organisation or order: in this case, the whole corn is more ‘organised’ than the ground variety.

Divine Order: The Design of Life

Organisation and structure are always linked to information, information being the true building block of the universe. Atomic physicist Carlo Rubbia was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1984 for his finding that just one part in a billion consists of matter (mass); the rest consists of energy. In certain experiments, even atomic particles no longer have any matter in themselves; instead they appear as a pattern of waves i.e. energy. Rubbia, who became Director General of the CERN lab in Geneva in 1989, explains: “We usually only regard those forms of matter we are able to see and touch. But much more important are the interchanging energy quanta which are superior to matter and determine its structure.”

Hans-Peter Dürr, another world-famous physicist and long-term director of the Max Planck Institute of Physics in Munich summarises: “What we call the here and now is essentially the slag, the matter, i.e. that which can be touched. The Beyond is everything else; the wide reality, the much Greater.” The scientist also doesn’t shy away from stating what this “reality” means to him: “You can’t talk about God, because God is actually the whole. And if He is the whole, then that includes you, too.”

In quantum physical terms, we humans are just one cell in the body of God. And just as the individual cell influences the entire organism, we are also linked to the cosmos. “Nothing happens in human consciousness without something reacting to it in the universe,” teaches American physicist and author Jack Sarfatti. “With every thought, every action, we are not just writing on our own little hard drive, but also storing something in the quantum universe that outlasts our lifetime.” For Sarfatti, this is a clear indication that a person’s mind and spirit outlive the body.

Time is but a Phantom

All the more so because time only exists in human consciousness. For decades, quantum physicists have been teaching that the Past and Future are not real, but simply different “potentials” of the present. This is why spiritual teachers and great philosophers always advise us to live in the moment, because life comprises successive moments of ‘now’.

Physics knows the term as “simultaneity”. Albert Einstein had already noticed the phenomenon of so-called quantum entanglement (he could find no explanation for it, so he labelled it the “spooky action at a distance“): if a particle changes its condition, the change happens to its counterpart at precisely the same moment—as if by some ghostly hand. This entanglement even remains when the interaction has taken place far back in the past and the two particles are far away from one another. In other words: neither space nor time plays a role, so they cannot exist in the (limited) sense in which we perceive them in our (limited) consciousness.

In this context, another barrier of physics has only recently fallen. We still learn at school that the speed of light is the ultimate measurement of all things; that nothing can travel more quickly. But we now know that this isn’t the case. In August 2008, a team of physicists from Geneva succeeded for the first time in measuring the speed of an information exchange between two entangled particles. The result turned the scientific world upside down: it was at least 100,000 times faster than the speed of light. Quantum physicists and ordinary people alike only have one word for it: simultaneous. Quantum physicist Terence Graham Rudolph from London’s Imperial College admitted reflectively: “The result shows that in quantum mechanics the prevailing idea of space-time-fabric is exceeded.”

Cellular Regeneration through Ordering Vibrations

Symbol of purity: rock­ crystal is the most beautiful form of quartz ­(silicon dioxide).

Such, at first glance, highly theoretical scientific findings hold the key to a totally new understanding of health and healing—the actual subject of this piece. Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby is an internationally recognised allergy specialist from England, who defines illness as a blockage or distortion of information and energy. Weak or sick cells, according to this professor in bioenergy medicine, vibrate in disharmonic frequency patterns. This energetic imbalance can, however, be rectified by supplying the body with ‘ordering’ vibrations.

The Bion Pads fulfil precisely this task. Dr. Hegall Vollert says: “My method transmits the entire biological spectrum. There are countless numbers of vibrations that are simultaneously present in countless numbers of different spaces, so that cells can resonate in harmony with these vibrational patterns.” This unlimited variety of vibration is not random, but rather precisely calculated using Global Scaling. The ‘informed’ quartz sand contains all the vibrations that set life on this planet in motion, which is why Vollert also calls them “bions”, or life units. All together they form the fundamental resonance of life, which is expressed in countless numbers of harmonic variations such as the diverse overtones of a natural sound.

Stress or illness leads to vibrations that are no longer in harmony with the all-embracing space resonance, producing dissonance and interference i.e. a now unhealthy cell no longer beats to the rhythm of the universe.

This is where the Bion Pads come into play. Since they have been ‘informed’ with the “originating sound of life”, they tune into and resonate with the universal space “sound” like a radio receiver. At the same time, they emit the ordering frequencies and—this is the show-stopper—amplify them many times over. Thanks to this energetic potentiating effect, the weakened body cell can find its way back to its natural harmonic vibration pattern which is made possible because of the resonance principle, as illustrated by the following experiment:

Metronomes provide musicians with regular, metrical beats to practise to. The old non-electronic devices used to contain small pendulums that would swing back and forth at whatever tempo you chose. If three metronomes were set at different metres, they would each swing wildly to their own particular tempo, thus creating chaos. But if they were put on an oversized ‘metronome’—a children’s swing, for example—all three metronomes would soon start swinging to the overriding rhythm. Bion Pads help cells in the body hook back up to the original vibration of life in much the same way, thus explaining why users report that simply placing the pad on the body eases pain and encourages the healing process.