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Between Icy Cold and Scalding Hot

The emotions are out of balance: More and more people are no longer able to cope with everyday life due to stress and overwork. In addition, the number of young people who are no longer able to perceive their feelings at all is growing steadily. What steps can be taken to regain the balance? not available online  

Facebook - The Subtle Dimension

There being "more things in heaven and earth", we are peeking behind the curtain of the unseen to find out what makes Facebook & co ticking time bombs. Read more...

Water - The Soul of Man

Spiritual teachings tell us that the element Water is bound to our emotions, to our soul. He who learns to control his emotions receives the mystical baptism - and should then serve selflessly, just as Water does. not available online   order this issue

The Message of Water

Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto has succeeded in making the quality of water visible: he freezes it and then photographs the water crystals. His discoveries should set us thinking: water reacts immediately and sensitively to every message that it receives-manifesting ugliness or heavenly beauty depending on what man impresses upon it. not available online   order this issue