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Permanent Brain Damage - Could Smartphones Be to Blame?

Mobile phone radiation is causing physical and mental sickness predominantly in children and young people – and may even be making them infertile. The latest scientific findings are alarming. Read more...

Digestion: If the Bowel's Happy, We're Happy Too!

300 to 500 square metres of intestinal mucosa is the fertile soil on which the little plant of our health depends. If the ecology of our digestive garden becomes unbalanced, diseases may spring up. At first glance they have absolutely nothing in common with one another: depression and anxiety, development disorders and learning difficulties, as well as allergies and obesity - even illnesses such as diabetes, Parkinson's or Alzheimer's. not available online   order this issue

Iron Deficiency: Humankind’s undiagnosed Ailment

These days there is an illness from which around two to four billion people suffer without even realising it. They suffer because scientific medicine is, for the most part, still unable to pinpoint the cause – and the ailment would actually be reasonably easy to cure within mere weeks! Read more...