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Panic Attacks: The Trick With Adrenalin

Panic attacks and anxiety are frequently a consequence of exhaustion and poor nutrition. Read more...

Diets make you fat! So what makes you thin?

In the long run, a diet is the surest way to become fat. So is there a way to enjoy eating and remain thin? Yes! With a method that the Frenchman Michel Montignac has discovered. Read more...

The Message of Water

Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto has succeeded in making the quality of water visible: he freezes it and then photographs the water crystals. His discoveries should set us thinking: water reacts immediately and sensitively to every message that it receives-manifesting ugliness or heavenly beauty depending on what man impresses upon it. not available online   order this issue

The Difficulties of Surviving In a Global Microwave Oven

The hazards of microwave technology were known well before money poured in from the kitchen appliances and cell phones which use it. Here are the facts behind the story that everyone should know! Read more...

Electricity: Direct current vs alternating current

Nature's microwaves from the sun are based on pulsed direct current, man-made microwave technology on alternating current - we explain the dangerous difference between it. not available online   order this issue

The "Moscow Signal" and Heart Attacks in Karelia

Microwave technology-Making people sick for decades. not available online   order this issue

Food Additives: When Mussels Are Made of Pork...

... and peach flavour is made of castor oil... then it will have been the food industry that prepared the table for us. We will find ourselves in a beautiful new world of food in which nothing is what it seems any more. With catastrophic consequences for our bodies! not available online   order this issue