Disappearing Water

Constantly increasing levels of wireless communication are damaging the internal structure of water and breaking it apart, worsening droughts and accelerating climate change. The water in our own bodies isn’t spared by artificial radiation: decay sets in in the brain and our cells can no longer process information. This new understanding of the cause of illness confronts us with an unpleasant realisation: we are literally ­‘surfing’ ourselves to death.

Man is completely dependent on water, yet in his ignorance he destroys a substance that keeps him alive—because he plays around with his mobile phone all the time.

Man is completely dependent on water, yet in his ignorance he destroys a substance that keeps him alive—because he plays around with his mobile phone all the time.

Since the introduction of blanket mobile network coverage in the early 1990s, with ownership of mobile phones reaching the billions worldwide, society has been getting sicker and sicker. There have never been so many cancer patients, heart at­­tack victims, hyperactive children and teenagers, sleep disorders, and victims of im­­mune system disorders.

Thousands of independent scientific papers as well as hundreds of studies have attested to the damaging effects of mobile telecommunications. Despite this, mobile telephony is considered officially ‘safe’. It is the only technology which to the present day has not been tested for safety, yet has been introduced everywhere without regard for human health. Our most precious resource, water, is already a victim of its perverse effects.

The impact of artificial microwaves on water has been almost completely underestimated, ignored, or intentionally concealed by the scientific establishment. Three-quarters of the Earth’s surface is covered with water, and the living creatures on that Earth are also about 75% water, in­­cluding man. All pieces of information, all ener­gy and radiation have an effect on water—and by extension, on our bodies—either constructive and promoting growth, or destructive and promoting decay.

Artificially produced pulsed and high-frequency microwave radiation causes massive disruption to the Earth’s natural magnetic field, which permeates and surrounds the entire planet. All life on Earth is connected by this electromagnetic field. Pure water in its natural state forms the basis for the full functioning of this in­­tegrated network, making the so-called hydrogen bridge bonds some of the most important components of life on this planet. These electromagnetic links give water a stable and functioning molecular structure, which is also capable of storing and conveying information. Hydrogen bridges also connect the two strands of DNA which contain the blueprints for every cell. These ‘bridges’ play an important role in every cell division and asso­ciated information transfer. Artificial ra­­diation destabilises these vital hydrogen bridges—worse, destroys them. As a result, the molecular structure of water becomes unstable, compromising every information transfer in our bodies that takes place in and through water.

Moreover, the DNA strands can break apart, with devastating consequences for the highly sensitive transfer of genetic in­­formation during cell division, as well as disrupting basic communication between cells.

If we take a closer look at the basic tasks of water, it soon becomes clear why this vital liquid really is the elixir of life.

Water Crystal Image of London Tap Water

Water stores information. What’s going to happen to us when more and more of it disappears? (Above: Water crystal image of London tap water. Right: Crystal image of healing water from Lourdes).

The Work Water Does

1. Water enables information ex­­change. The sun is the source of all life impulses for nature. It represents the element Fire and and gives us a continuous supply of light, which consists of light waves and electrons. These carry with them the cosmic information spectrum and make it available for all life on Earth. Water and Air in the atmosphere are in a constant state of interchange with sunlight and are the storage media for this information. The element Earth, i.e. the material substance, combined with the other three elements brings forth the endless diversity of Creation. For all this to work, a highly complicated and perfectly organised information and communi­cation system is necessary, based on the four elements.

Nature’s information system is based on the two powers: magnetism (Yang [+], male), and electricity (Yin [-], female). These two forces together produce a harmonious electromagnetic field, which per­­­meates and connects all life. Water’s role in this is vital, especially in the bodies of living organisms.

Information and energy exchange be­­­tween cells is also known as biophotonic communication. This encompasses above all the reception and transmission of light. The ‘fibre optics’ of a cell are its internal microtubules, tiny ‘pipes’ that connect with all the cell’s other component parts. Microtubules have a direct connection with the electromagnetic fields that surround us. Where two microtubules join, during cell division for example, innumerable messages are transmitted from cell to cell every second, with the help of bio­photons (light particles). Water is the carrier element in this process. Microtubules aren’t just responsible for precise cell division and cell communication; they also organise the cell’s skeleton, metabolic pro­­­cesses, and its shape and movement. The cooperation of individual cell components, such as the glycoproteins and glycolipids on the cell membrane with the mitochondria within the cell, can also be attributed to the micro­­­tubules. The salt content of our body water makes it highly electromagnetically conductive and facilitates the flow of information.

Water is the carrier element for information. A single water molecule consists of a negatively (-) charged oxygen atom (O) and two positively (+) charged hydrogen atoms (H). This tiny molecule really ought to be a gas at room temperature. It is only the net-like connection of the molecules into long chains and so-called cluster structures that keeps water liquid. A ­single molecule is an electrical dipole with one positively and one negatively charged end, hence the mutual attraction of the tiny molecules, like magnets. Chemist and Nobel laureate Linus Pauling once re­marked of these vital electromagnetic links between water molecules that, “Without the hydrogen bridge bonds, water would be a gas, and there would be no life on Earth”.

Thanks to these hydrogen bridges, water is able to store information in three-dimensional clusters. The bonding force and connectivity of the hydrogen bridges (based on the natural electromagnetic potential of hydrogen and oxygen) forms the basis for the quantity of information which the water receives, stores, and trans­­­mits. However, these cluster structures are not fixed compounds—they are variable, in a state of constant flux, dependent on the information and energy received from their environment. Under the influence of the Earth’s natural, healthy electromagnetic field, the individual water molecules work together as a perfectly organised team to make the storage of information possible.

Another fact must be taken into ac­­c­ount, something that isoften forgotten: healthy water is a healthy environment containing intelligent microorganisms. These too are dependent on electromagnetically stable structures based on hydrogen bridge bonds, as these form the environment needed by the microorganisms to survive. If the ability of individual water molecules to form connections is weakened or even destroyed, as happens if water is exposed to artificial microwaves, the microbiological balance of the water is disturbed and it becomes flat, stale, and starts to go off. The water loses its power and energy, as well as the ability to transmit information accurately and quickly.

Towards the end of his life, the famed water researcher Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958)1 summed up these effects. “Sterilised and physically destroyed water leads by definition not only to bodily, but also to mental, decay, and causes a systematic degeneration of men and all other living creatures”.
2. Our water supplies us with energy. Among other things, the water we drink each day provides us with life energy in the form of prana (the ‘Breath of God’), which is transported by oxygen atoms. All our metabolic processes require this energy for their chemical reactions. 80% of our daily energy needs are fulfilled by hydro­lysis (water metabolism).2 In addition, the flow of water by the cell membrane creates a hydroelectric potential which is conver­ted and stored as ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) and GTP (Gua­nosine tripho­sphate). These two energy sources provide energy for our nervous systems and keep chemical reactions running.

3. Water sustains all metabolic processes. Our bodies are capable of gathering information with extreme speed and precision, saving it, moving it, and transmitting it. Water is the medium through which information is exchanged in all me­tabolic processes, whether inside or outside the cells (intracellular and extracellular water).

4. Water binds cell structures. To maintain a strong immune system, to keep connective tissue firm, and to keep the skin attractive and radiant, it is necessary to drink three to four litres of pure, healthy water a day. Dehydration leading to a drying out of the body causes the decay of cell structures, which, for example, becomes visible when wrinkles form.

5. Water purifies our bodies. Water absorbs substances, as well as energy and information, purifying our bodies around the clock by removing toxins and waste products.

All Life is Connected—Through Water Too!

Our autonomic nervous system and its seven associated glands exchanges energy and information directly with the sunlight that surrounds us, with air and water as energetic storage media, as well as with everything produced by the earth. We are constantly being supplied with inform­ation by natural electromagnetic waves with a wide frequency spectrum. Each and every alteration in consciousness, be it individual or collective (i.e. every thought in connection with corresponding feelings), modifies these natural electromagnetic waves. Mankind really does have creative power, as quantum physics has proven beyond doubt. Mind affects matter. Every living being is surrounded by an individual electromagnetic field—an aura. The seven endocrine glands of the human body, along with our sensory ­system, receive the electromagnetically transmitted information. They, along with the bodily fluids (blood, intracellular and extracellular water, cerebral fluid, semen, amniotic fluid), communicate with the environment. The brain too is a gateway for information, although we use only a fraction of its true potential. In 2003, Joseph Kirschvink of Caltech3 led a team that discovered tiny magnetic crystals (magnetite) in the human brain, similar to those which whales, dolphins, bees, and migratory birds use to navigate and communicate in conjunction with the Earth’s electromagnetic field. This discovery shows that artificial radiation must affect the brain, in a subtle ‘non-thermic’ manner, as has already been clearly demonstrated in the cases of bees and migratory birds.4 The magnetic crystals resonate with the harmful emissions released by mobile phones.

The bodily fluids of all creatures resonate with the Earth’s electromagnetic field and are inextricably linked with each other. Our home planet too has its own ‘bodily fluids’—groundwater, open bodies of water from streams to oceans, oil deep underground, and let’s not forget that the atmosphere contains water as well. To­­gether they form an ingenious integrated network used by all forms of life to communicate. It is thanks to this network that plants, animals, and men are able to create and maintain relationships with na­­ture. Ocean dwellers, such as whales and dolphins, use water directly as a me­­dium of communication (sonar). Trees maintain the balance between the internal water cycle (groundwater) and the outer atmospheric water cycle.5 They too communicate with their surroundings through water. Worldwide deforestation is therefore another serious intrusion by man into the natural order of things, with dramatic consequences for the planet’s water balance.

Artificial Microwaves and Their Effect on Water

Long before the advent of modern ­digital communication, major figures warned of the side-effects of electromagnetic over­­­load. One of these was Rudolf Steiner, who complained in 1923 that “In the days when there were no electric currents, when electricity wasn’t buzzing through the air all the time, it was easier to be human. People didn’t have to strain so much to be spiritual. There were no ­telegraph wires surrounding everything, no telephone lines and all these kind of things. Nowadays, everyone has one of these devices in front of them or surroun­ding them. They induce constant electric currents inside of us. That puts the physical body in a state which makes it impossible to be spiritual. Because of this, it is now necessary to expend much more energy simply to be human”.

In more recent times, the Japanese researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto managed to demonstrate the effect of information on the structure of water with water crystal images.6 Particularly impressive—or perhaps shocking might be the better word—is his experiment exposing water to radiation from a mobile phone.

Worldwide, there already exist more than 40,000 scientific papers investigating the impact of high-frequency artificial radiation on living organisms. According to Dr. Christoph Scheiner, more than half of these demonstrate harmful effects. These include many physical symptoms such as restlessness and sleeplessness, irritability, hyperactivity, sensitivity to noise, OCD, and sterility (especially in men). Increased aggression, inability to concentrate combined with being easily distracted, a lack of life energy, formation of tumours and cancer, anxiety and panic attacks, problems thinking properly and ordering thoughts, and a high degree of social isolation can be added to the list.

Moreover, it is precisely the young who, through heavy use of their mobile phones, forget how to communicate properly or indeed never learn how to do so in the first place. The destructive microwaves gradually destroy the delicate tissue in their brains until they are no longer able to think clearly, to say nothing of being able to hear the quiet voice of inner intuition.

The destructive power of microwaves is well-known to weapons developers. It is possible to use radiation, fired in a focused beam from a microwave gun, against the bodily water of an enemy, heating it to 55°C or more. The enemy then experien­ces the sensation of burning on the inside.

On that score, the deliberate manipulation of brain function using microwaves shouldn’t be forgotten. This branch of science is known as psychotronics, its aim being to explore the possibilities of targeted influencing of human health and behaviour using high-frequency radiation. It is known that such weapons have already been used by the Americans as early as the Gulf War.

Let us take a look at the mechanisms that cause the symptoms mentioned above.


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