Threefold Flame: The Spark that Makes Us Immortal

The time when man looked up to God as a being enthroned above him in unattainable majesty is past. At the threshold of the New Age, the hour has come when He can be recognized where He is closest to us: in the threefold flame within the heart.

The Threefold FlameIn the presence of God there is no evil. To blame God for the evil that we cause is like blaming mathematics for our errors or music if we cannot play a musical instrument properly. God is no respecter of persons, of race, nationality or religion. From the divine perspective, God is one! And if we ask why the world is not as beautiful and ideal as it might be, the answer must lie in ourselves, for we are the creators of the conditions here on earth. We are never the victims of anything outside ourselves. If we wish to improve our imperfect earthly conditions, we can become active in two directions: outwardly and inwardly. And we can pursue our struggle with or without love.

Struggle need not be bad. However, if we fight against something, we have already lost. For then our energy flows to our adversary and makes him stronger. But if we fight for something, we direct our attention towards something perfect, and that is already a good beginning. And yet we will be unable to harvest any good, ripe fruit if we forget love in our struggle. Struggle without love is self-righteous, hard and separating. A warrior nature may perhaps need to tread a dangerous path where defeat lurks on both sides of a razor’s edge. There are people whose zeal is kindled only when faced with the toughest challenge.

The peaceful path of love is gentler. It can be found and trodden with a little discipline, but here too we must be clear about one thing when we set out: as our knowledge grows, so does our responsibility. Everyone who reads this article will subsequently have a greater responsibility for life, and it makes no difference whether he believes its content or not.

If we wish to find the essence of love, we must first go to its source. It arises in each of us—each one without exception, even if it is no more than a trickle in the heart of a cynic or world-weary person. The great immutable commandments that order the infinite realm of life throughout eternity are all based on the great principle of creation, namely LOVE. It is the heart, the source of all, the true center point from which the entire world of form pours forth.

So: love thy neighbor as thyself. If you don’t at first bathe in the love of your own being, you can perhaps try to be kind to others and do good to them. But your acts will then not be truly permeated by the essence of love.

It was said of the Count de Saint Germain that he was the only one who knew the ‘secret of peace’. What might that mean? Peace is the sea that lies tranquil because all storms have abated. It is based on harmony, on unison rather than mutual strife, it is the opposite of a struggle against something. There can be no true peace without love, and peace originates from the knowledge that we are all one. I cannot hurt anyone without hurting myself at the same time. Peace comes from accepting reality: everything exists, and everything is good. As soon as I criticize something, am dissatisfied with it, my peace is disturbed. As we are the real makers of the conditions of our lives, it makes no sense to rebel against them. If they do not agree with our ideas of how to live a perfect life, we have probably done something ‘wrong’ and as long as we let our thoughts and feelings run riot like young pups, we should not be surprised if we don’t find ourselves at the place of our ideals. Thoughts are conscious creative forces: “In the beginning was the word”—nay, an idea which became a word!

This knowledge ought to banish every feeling of powerlessness and vulnerability from our minds: my thoughts and feelings can weigh more deeply on the scales of all good on earth if I wish it. So let us take our thoughts and feelings in hand! I will be peaceful only if I am harmless: try to do no harm to any part of life.

How can I do that? By going within, into the heart, where the divine spark dwells. So first we move inwards, to the source of love.

Have you ever asked what makes our heart beat? Is it not a marvel that still remains completely mysterious to us, while we seek the principle of perpetual motion? A new heart already begins to beat in the mother’s womb, rhythmically, continuously through the entire span of life. No physician can answer this question from his textbooks. A few years ago, American medical researchers discovered a pencil-sized point in the upper left part of the heart that was much hotter than the rest of the heart. It is the point at which the divine spark glows in the heart, and this glow can be physically observed! This spark is continuously fed by the stream of divine electrons—the divine light—that flows from the creator into the heart of every human being. Most heart specialists know about this mysterious point in the heart, but they rarely talk about it, because they have no explanation for it. We know of a surgical team at a Swiss hospital that refuses to perform cardiac operations close to this point. They know that when an operation is performed there, the patient is very likely to die. So it is not merely a beautiful idea that we and God are one, but a physical fact that—even if we deny God— we are supplied at every moment of our lives with His life energy, which streams into the spark in our heart. This spark originates from the being of God, and its destiny is to become a great and powerful flame one day. So there is such a high density of electrons at this point, so much energy flows in,
that a physically observable spark manifests.

Every blood molecule that flows through our heart is charged with this divine energy, the life force itself, and this same energy flows continuously through our nervous system. The spark in the heart keeps our bodily temperature constant. We get a fever when this spark expands a little temporarily and thus raises the body temperature, thus incinerating viruses and bacteria. However, the body can withstand a temperature rise of only about five degrees. Above this point, our physical system collapses. At a temperature of 43 degrees Celsius, the proteins begin to disintegrate—resulting in physical death.

By being pulsed through the heart, and specifically through this hot spot, the blood is continuously purified and transformed. So our heart is not simply a pump, but a transformer and cleaner of our blood—and we can guess what this means when we are aware that the blood is also called the ‘bearer of the soul’. In any case, the idea of the heart as a pacemaker needs to be corrected. It is not the heart that pumps. The blood flows under its own spiraling force, receiving the impulse to do so from this spark.

Every genuine evolutionary step in human beings is associated with an enlargement of this spark. Every denial of God, every turning away from Him, every destructive thought and feeling weakens this spark. The smaller the spark, the greater the woes of our world: sickness, hardship and destitution. But as soon as we begin to harmonize our thoughts and feelings and prove our sincerity by a more spiritual and loving life, this spark in our hearts also expands. Everything that we do is henceforth charged with more energy, has greater active force—and greater consequences if we carelessly misuse these energies.

The key to the spark in the heart is love. If we sit in the stillness, in peace with ourselves, and sink into our hearts with loving thoughts, we simply must perceive an echo—perhaps a weak one, like a feebly flickering candle—and yet! The spark is there, in each of us, and if it were not, our heart would have stopped beating.

Our body is the ‘temple of the most high’, and the heart is its tabernacle. This is neither pious talk, nor a matter of opinion, but physical reality!
I AM A CELL IN THE BODY OF GOD. Without me God is incomplete, and every denial of my own divinity is blasphemy! I AM the third aspect of the divine trinity that also dwells in my heart.

For those who had always considered themselves as separate from God in the last two millennia, this statement may be hard to accept. And yet it is true.

The divine trinity is not purely male, as the priests of the Catholic Church insist. It is—essentially—a ‘heavenly family’: God the Father, God the Mother and the Christ child. God the Father corresponds to the will, power or force (blue flame); God the Mother to loving wisdom and illumination (golden flame); and together they bring forth the ‘child’, love (pink flame) also known as the Christ. Will, wisdom and love are thus the aspects of the divinity that also dwell in our hearts: as the threefold flame to which the spark must one day awake.

How do I link up with my threefold flame?
St. Germain once said: “There is only one origin of all good: God. Whoever grasps this truth consciously, accepts it and expresses it in deeds through his outward mind, not two or three times a day, but incessantly every moment from early to late, irrespective of what the outer self may be occupied with, will, no matter who he may be, bring to expression his perfect freedom and mastery over all human things.”

I AM is the name of God. ‘I’ means consciousness, ‘AM’ stands for vibration. There is only consciousness and vibration in the universe. If we want to link up with the ‘God within’ more strongly, the first thing to do is to watch our feelings. Irritable and destructive feelings are the greatest crime against the law of love in the universe! As long as we allow our feelings to control us and run rings around us, we can never achieve mastery of our life. So let us see to it that tranquility, peace and friendliness prevail in our world of feelings.

We can make immense progress by carrying out the following brief meditation also given by St. Germain: “The first step in mastering your self requires control over all external activity of mind and body. Whoever devotes fifteen to thirty minutes each evening before retiring and each morning before beginning the day’s work to the following exercise, with the necessary effort, will experience wonders:

“Make sure that you cannot be disturbed. Be completely still and imagine and feel that your body is enveloped in a brilliant white light. Keep this image in mind for the first five minutes. Recognize and feel inwardly the link between your external self and the powerful divine spark in you. Direct your attention to the center point of the heart and imagine it as a golden sun.
“Then follows the recognition: ‘Joyfully I give myself to the fullness of the powerful God presence, the pure Christ!’ Feel the great brilliance of the ‘light’ and strengthen it in every cell of your body for at least ten minutes.

“Now close the meditation with the command: I am a child of the ‘light’—I love the ‘light’—I serve the ‘light’—I dwell in the ‘light’—I am protected, illumined, provided for, supported by the ‘light’—I bless the ‘light’.”

The larger this flame grows, the more light energy can flow into our physical body. Its rate of vibration then naturally speeds up, for our cells too are ultimately condensed light. The higher the vibrations of a body, the faster do the electrons vibrate in the atom and the more receptive do we become to higher vibrations. We bring ourselves increasingly into resonance with what is perfect, and this will also be reflected in our personal world. Economic recession, sickness, end-of-the-world fears do not even reach us, because there is nothing in us that can resonate with such things. We have literally raised ourselves above the world of Maya, the world of shadows and mass consciousness. The only security that we find is in our divine self, for this self, life and thelaw are ONE.

A life in harmony with the creative laws, which are also grounded in our self, is also the only path to true inner, and ultimately outer, freedom. The only way to personal freedom, to a life of abundance, joy and happiness thus lies within ourselves. If we manage to meet every person and every thing with a feeling of unconditional love and complete peace—without worrying about whether they are worth the effort—then we are on the verge of turning the key to this immense divine power within in its lock. And it is only a matter of time before the gate opens and the immense light behind it can pour itself unhindered through us to all of life.

Then we have found the ‘Holy Grail’ and perfection can enter our personal world of appearances. It exists, this immense profound bliss that needs no outer cause and which we all instinctively seek—even if most of us believe that it would be presumptuous to ask for a state of permanent inner peace and joy. But how could there be a ‘loving God’ if He did not want only the best for His ‘children’? And would it not be cruel to banish human beings to a plane on which this key to inward happiness was lost? We become true human beings only when we have opened that gate. It is our destiny to love all of creation free, and until we do, think and feel everything through these wide-open heart gates, we produce only shadows that darken the light of the world. In the east, this is known as karma, and it means repeating a class in the schoolroom of earth. Every electron of imperfectly qualified thought or feeling energy returns at some time to us in order to be redeemed. This redemption always includes a learning experience, sometimes also suffering, and can be achieved only by overcoming the ego, the lower human personality.

So the wise man deliberates well whether to give something to the world or inflict something upon it. Even a selfish person would, if he were truly clever, only give what is good. In contrast, selfishness is grasping, inconsiderate and without mercy. Isn’t a thief stupid? Spending years in jail for a little bit of wealth! That’s how our ego behaves. So it can only be our enemy.

We need the will to curb our thoughts and feelings. We need wisdom to think, feel and do the right thing, then the child, the Christ love in us, can be born. Did Christ not say we could do the same as he, and yet greater things?

Finally, a little story that we may take to heart before it’s our turn to stand before the pearly gates!

A great spiritual teacher one day knocked on the gates of Paradise. After a while God came to the gate and asked—“Who’s there? Who is knocking?”

“It is I”, came the prompt reply.

“I’m very sorry. There is no room in heaven. You will have to go, but you may try again another time.”

The good man went away extremely upset about this rebuff. After meditating a number of years and reflecting on this strange rejection, he returned and tried again. Again he heard the same question, and he once again gave a similar reply. And once more he was told that heaven was unfortunately completely full.

In the years that passed, the teacher went deeper and deeper into himself, meditated and reflected. Finally, after a very long time had elapsed, he knocked for the third time on the gates of heaven. Once more God asked who was there.

This time however he replied: “It is thou”. And the gates opened wide, and God said: “Come in. There was never room in heaven for me and thee.”