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You Lucky Pig - The Swine Flu doesn't Kill!

If you are planning on getting immunized against the Swine Flu in the near future, think twice—and read this article. Even the conservative British Times warns that the immunization is an “enormous and daring experiment”. Even Tamiflu is no life preserver, since 99 percent of the current flu virus strains are resistant to it. This is no reason to panic, however, since a pandemic just does not seem to be taking form, despite all attempts to convince us otherwise. Read more...

You Sleep-I'll Keep Watch

How mass consciousness can alter reality. Interesting experiments with random number generators. not available online   order this issue

Estonia Ferry Tragedy. No Accident!

The day after the Baltic ferry Estonia sank on September 28, 1994, Swedish newspapers reported that a "monster wave" was the likely cause of the ferry's sinking. Since then, the official explanations for Europe's worst maritime disaster since World War II have only gotten "curiouser and curiouser." Read more...