The Moral Dilemma of Right and Wrong

What the world lacks today are compelling and coherent moral values. So when we received the Moral Compass (that you will find in the centrefold of this issue), we asked its creator to write something about it for us. It then became apparent that something much more fundamental underlay this lack of morals, namely the lost knowledge of reincarnation. For if human beings were aware that they would reap in a future life what they sow in this one, they would certainly acquire a firmer basis for their morality!

Everyone innately knows right from wrong-EVERYONE-without exception! Everyone is born knowing right from wrong, despite what the average Christian might think (or wants to believe). But how can this be, some might ask? The fact is that every one of us-practically without exception-comes into this world knowing a lot more than we might actually realise at the time of our birth. Because, with the exception of what is now a relatively small portion of the ten billion lifestreams allotted to (and evolving upon) this planetary schoolroom we call "Earth"-who have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting in the Inner Realms for the rest of us to get our act together-every one of us has lived (and loved!) before…but not necessarily here where you and I find ourselves to be today! As John The Beloved said;  "Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God." [1 Jn. 4:7].

Not that we were formerly a porpoise, a horse, or an ant; of course not, even though the blood temperature of a dolphin is-not coincidentally-98.6 f (37 c), the same as a humans! This is significant, and should tell you something. But although animals evolve in their own way, your next incarnation, as a soul embodied as a human being, will undoubtedly be human also; not animal or insect. That would be regression not progression, although Christian opponents of this obvious, common-sense Law of Re-embodiment, heap scorn and ridicule upon this fundamental law, by saying that Hindus and Buddhists believe we're coming back as an ant or a donkey!

To evangelical Christians, being "born again" means accepting Jesus as their "Lord and Saviour" and allowing Christ to enter into their heart [Jn.3:3, 5-7]. In one sense there is a certain amount of validity to this, although they do not understand the full portent of what Jesus came to prove, to give us, and to teach future generations in this regard. And there is more; much more. One day they might get it right, but I doubt it.

The basic morality of adhering to the clear and wonderful Teachings of Jesus, which He gave to us 1,977 years ago-He was born in 7BC-have been conveniently set aside it seems, with Christian doctrine being subverted in order to serve a strange 'God' of human power, personality, and mammon. Most people have yet to understand what The Great Lord was trying to tell us, because the Church is no longer Christian but Paulinist, and far too Jewish in its message and content. It was not the intent that the Christian Church should be "Judeo-Christian," far from it, although the Arian Age of Judaism was the foundation for the Christian Age of Pisces, just as Christianity is now the foundation for the new Aquarian Age of Faith and a new world religion [see box: "Cosmic Ages" in our printed edition].

Jesus came into embodiment at the end of the Arian Age to give the "Children of Israel" one last, final opportunity to redeem themselves and to renew make good the Divine Covenant between God and His "chosen people."

They rejected Him as their long-awaited Messiah, and they rejected Him as the Son of God. They rejected His Message of Love, and had Him put to death. "Crucify Him," they shouted, "Crucify! Crucify!...We have a law, and according to that law he must die!...Let His blood be on us and on our children!" [Jn. 19:6-7; Mt. 27:25]

After giving the Jewish people every opportunity to accept Him, when Jesus saw how hardened their hearts were and they were not about to change, He warned His disciples about mixing the new "wine" of His Teachings with the old wine of the Jews [Mt. 9:17]. He condemned the Jews for their lack of morals, and called the immoral Pharisees and Rabbis of His day evil [Mt. 23:2-3, 23-25, 27-28; 12:34.].

Even today, powerful Jewish interests here in America are literally 'hell-bent' on seeking out and removing the Ten Commandments [Ex. 20:1-17] wherever they are displayed publicly [see box "Christian traditions undermined" in our printed edition].

Reincarnation - a fact!

Yes, we "choose our next life by what we do in this one," as Jonathan Livingston Seagull has told us (in Richard Bach's book), but this refers to where we wake up in our next life, what family we are born into, and what race and country we find ourselves to be a part of. Personally speaking and without going into too much detail, in this life [born 1938] I was fortunate to be born sixteen miles from Canterbury, England, at Ebbsfleet, Kent, the exact site where Saint Augustine landed in 596AD. After two years in the British Merchant Navy (followed by a little over seven years in Africa), I emigrated to the United States in September of 1964, where I still live to this day in the northern Virginian countryside, outside Washington DC.

The Cycle of Birth and Death

The cycle of birth and death: reincarnation is a natural law recognized by most religions.

But believe it or not, in my last life [1837-1930] I was born a female in Paris, France, of a Hungarian father. I died in 1930, in Bavaria, at the age of 93. My old house is still standing, even though it was bombed during the war. I dreamed about it over and over again as a young boy, not knowing precisely where this house was, until I happened to see a picture of it in 1971, at the age of thirty-three. I loved that place, and was fortunate to be able to visit my old home in June of 1980, fifty years after my 'death' in April of 1930! It was a strange experience. I had many beautiful years there with my family and a lot had changed, but I still remembered much.

Prior to that, I lived a short life of thirty-five years [1795-1830] as a Venezuelan army officer, born at Cumana, Venezuela. I was assassinated by political rivals in 1830 as I was returning to my home in Quito, Ecuador. I had been married for barely two years. My wife was carrying my firstborn (a son) whom I would never see.

In the life before that [1655-1743] I was born in the mid-seventeenth century at Banff, Scotland, and was ordained a minister of the Church of Scotland. Later, following political upheavals in the English church, I was sent over to Jamestown, Virginia, in 1685. I died at Williamsburg in May of 1743 at the age of 88, to be re-born approximately fifty years later in Cumana, Venezuela!

As they say, life goes on…Do I remember all of this just as if it was yesterday? No, not completely, but I remember snatches here and there of past experiences unrelated to this life, and I have been able to visit each one of the places I have mentioned and where I lived at that time.

What is Homosexuality?

I briefly mention this to give you some examples as to how we learn and grow from embodiment to embodiment, occasionally (not necessarily) embodying in a physical vehicle that matches our inner individuality. Those who are female and embody in a male body, or a male embodying in a female vehicle often feel strange at first, and that is how and why so-called 'homosexuals' are what they are and feel what they feel. A true homosexual is born not made. I won't call them 'gays' because, for the most part, they certainly don't appear to be one of our happier segments of society.

The homosexuals (or bi-sexuals) I am referring to are not the erotic 'camp followers' whose debased sexual appetites have driven them to fashion a totally unacceptable cult lifestyle which goes against all Christian morals and defies all logic. I am talking about the genuine left-handed homosexual or ambidextrous bi-sexual who is merely a natural product of basic Cosmic Law! And it is up to those of us who do not take life for granted, and have made the effort to ask why (and been patient enough to wait for the answer!), to educate those who might be endeavouring to understand why these misfits of society feel what they feel, think what they think, and who are absolutely convinced that their true gender is opposite to the physical body they wear. They need to be loved and understood, not condemned!

For when we were brought forth by our Creator, we were created as one perfect spirit spark which was then divided into two, our eternal individuality being created as either male or female, with our twin soul (or flame) being our complement or exact opposite. One day, of course, we will meet up, but only after having totally completed all of life's myriad of experiences. Thus, as we go through life, and according to what we learn in each embodiment, so too is it necessary for each of us to experience life as a woman or a man, regardless of our basic individuality.

For some, this might be a strange experience, but those who find themselves to be a male individuality in a female body, or a female individuality in a male body will be (for the most part) left-handed to assist 'him' or 'her' to more comfortably balance their individuality with their body; to help balance the yin and yang of his or her opposing polarity. This is because those who are feminine are usually right-eyed and right-brained, the left side of our physical vehicle (be it a masculine or feminine body) always being female (or yin).

That is why true male homosexuals are so creative whereas most female 'homosexuals', although also predominantly left-handed, are far less so than if they were female in both individuality and body.

I have an adopted son (34) who is female in a male body, and a daughter (31) who is male in a female body. Both are left-handed, both are happily and normally married with children, and both are left-handed! They both know that they are opposite to the body each inhabits and, as my daughter once said to me when I asked her whether she would rather be a man, she replied; "Daddy, I enjoy being a girl!" And that is how it is supposed to be.

Don't condemm

This needed to be said because, as Christians, we are all too quick sometimes to condemn someone who perceives him or herself to be different to the body they wear, and this has a lot to do with morals. We immediately condemn them for thinking such foolishness, and call them immoral. Whereas we should be condemning the lifestyle -not the individual-who is genuinely homosexual, and assisting him or her to come to terms with the physical vehicle that Almighty God and His Messengers chose for them in this embodiment.

I know that most people do not remember having lived before but this is because, when we are born, our accumulated consciousness is "bound 'round with the bands of forgetfulness," as the ancient Master Teachers call it. That is why we don't remember having had a previous life. This is mentioned quite clearly in the Holy Qu'ran, even though it might not be understood as such by many of the Arab peoples. It is written; "We cause whom We will to rest in the wombs for an appointed term, then do We bring you out as babes, then (foster you) that ye may reach your age of full strength; and some of you are called to die, and some are sent back to the feeblest old age, so that they know nothing after having known so (much)."[ Al'Hajj, Súrah 22:5]

But somehow, when we are ready to learn who and where we were before, those memories are sometimes stirred up within us if we allow them to be. Then, and only then, will Almighty God permit us a glimpse into our past-not a complete and detailed look, mind you, but enough to satisfy our curiosity and provide a satisfactory answer to what we need to know. For most times these experiences are far from being ones we would be proud of, even though there are many it seems who think that he or she might have been Mary Queen of Scots, Mary Magdalene, or the wife of Mozart at one time! Of those famous embodiments, there was only one of each, and unless one is quite extraordinary it is extremely doubtful that someone would have experienced all three! Yes, many of us have had an 'illustrious' embodiment or two through the past centuries and more, whether we remember or not, but it is what you are today that counts. And it is who you were in former times, that has made you what you are today-the accumulation and the culmination of countless experiences and many embodiments.

There is only Consciousness and Vibration

Now there will be some who read this (especially so-called 'fundamentalist,' orthodox Christians) who will undoubtedly pooh-pooh these obvious, logical facts and heap scorn upon me for what they perceive as my believing in such utter and apparent 'nonsense.' But is it? Could it not be that their beliefs are grossly in error? For me, as I grew up, the question of whether the Law of Re-embodiment was a fact of life constantly nagged at me. Why, you might ask? To which I can only reply, why not?!

I could not decide one way or the other, and I had difficulty finding someone who knew enough to teach me what was and IS. As you will learn in reading this Spiritual Treatise on Morality, our life here on Earth is all about consciousness-a developing consciousness that evolves through many an experience. In fact there is only consciousness and vibration; there is nothing else. Every else is an illusion, and what you perceive as you go through life all hinges on your consciousness and what you learned in school. So if you lack the required intellect, are stupid, or lack the necessary intelligence, as it is with senility, you won't know how much you possess of each until you bump into someone who is none of the above!

Most people don't want to know much more than they think they can handle, and so the developing of a good mind by exercising one's "little grey cells" (as Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot would say), is no more a daily regimen than regular physical exercise might be for some.

All too often people are afraid of knowing more than others, or appearing 'wiser' than members of their immediate family or their peers. Often, those who feel threatened by what they perceive to be a greater intellect or higher education make fun of those who are fortunate to be the possessor of both. This attitude is no different with one's contrived beliefs as a Christian. No one really wants to delve too deep into the mysteries of his or her Faith, it seems, or challenge what each has been taught through the years. We don't want to be an outcast in our neighbourhood church, or be perceived as a rebel in our local 'pool,' for it is the desire of most humans (especially men) to be and to remain a big fish in such a little 'pond.' That is why few stir from their small beginnings, or break out of their contrived 'faith.'

For to break out of such a small, confining world means that such a 'fish' is not so big or as important anymore in the larger world in which the family of man abides…and it is the world at large that needs to come to terms with the morals we might sometimes practice in a microcosm of our own creation for the benefit of those who are watching us, but is lost in the macrocosm of reality-the Universe as a whole. This is why so many-80% of a country's given population-choose to bury themselves anonymously in many of our great cities of the world. We think that no one is watching, and we can do what we want with little effect upon others. Yes, many gravitate towards to cities because that is where the jobs are. But so many young people cannot wait to get away from their home town…where they are watched, and everyone knows everyone else, it seems, and what each is doing. And so the question needs to be asked, are you living a truly "moral," "upstanding" life according to your standards, or according to what God expects of you? And are you doing this naturally, because you want to, or is it for the benefit of those who are watching you-those you want to impress?! This, of course, is not honest, and HONESTY is one of the basic tenets of a moral life, as you will see. And if you are following in THE WAY, abiding by THE TRUTH, and endeavouring to emulate THE LIFE of The Great Lord [Jn. 14:6]-Jesus, The Christ-can you list the morals which you live by, or are you just doing this naturally?

You reap what you have sown

You might well ask, what has all of this emphasis on re-embodiment got to do with morality, per se? "Get on with it; get to the point," you might say. "Give me the list of morals you expect me to uphold, and be done with it!" To which I say, "not so fast!" If you cannot live a moral life naturally, then what assurance is there that you can live by a list, or adhere to a basic Moral Compass? So stick with me, if you will, and you will see why I am dwelling on such a subject as who you were in former lives, and what you have become today. Realise the truth of this statement and maybe you will also realise that what you sow in this life, you reap in the next…and I am not necessarily talking about a strictly spiritual or Heavenly "next."

What is it going to take for every man, woman, and child to abide by a basic moral code without effort, naturally? Is it knowing that God is watching everything you do going to jolt you into compliance with God's Law and Divine Will? Is it knowing that life as a Christian is more than just "accepting Jesus and your Lord and Saviour," or being so-called "saved"? It matters not whether you consider yourself to one of those who are so-called "saved," and have "come out of the great tribulation; and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb." [Rev. 7:14]

If you bury toxic waste in this life, leaving it to other generations to clean up after you are 'gone' from this Earth…guess what? You will inevitably, inexorably, and inescapably find yourself part of such a "succeeding generation" born again there where you are now, with the singular purpose of cleaning up the poisonous mess you created, no matter when that was. No one is going to clean it up for you. Some might help you, but you-and you alone (along with your partners in crime from that life)-are responsible for such actions not in accord with God's Will. This is the true nature of Karma; the sum of someone's actions, seen as governing their fate in the next life. And no doubt, in such a next life, you will be constantly wondering; "Why God? Why me?"! Such is life. What goes around, comes around; "What you sow, so shall you reap."

This Law of Karma is referred to in the New Testament, when a man who was blind from birth was brought to the Master Jesus for healing. His disciples asked Him, "Teacher, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?" [Jn. 9:1-2]

Without Reincarnation, there can be no "God of Justice"

In my younger days, my consciousness was such that I found myself ready to learn some of the "knowledge of the secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven," which Jesus gave privately to His disciples [Mt. 13:11], even though He said at one time; "I have much more to say to you, more than you can now bear." [Jn. 16:12]. But like so many growing up, as I said, it was always a nagging question as to whether I had lived before. If we only had one life, and our Creator was supposed to be such a loving Father-all merciful, all wise, and all loving-why then… if we only had one life, and one alone....was I born in England, and not in Africa, or India, or even China?

Why are some born suffering, poor, and deprived and others have every opportunity in life? The answer to this, of course, is that they didn't give a damn about any so-called 'morals,' and lived a life of gay abandon, with little or no regard for their fellowman or their future.

If we were only given one life, then wouldn't our Almighty Father-God (and our Mother-God too!) give each one of Their children the same opportunity to give of their best, to be the best, and have the best circumstances? And what about those who die in their childhood of cancer, or who are stricken with muscular dystrophy, or who march off to a war not of their own choosing, and are killed in action? Are they given another chance at life? Of course they are, and it is this singular disparity in the lives of Earth's peoples which is visible proof that re-incarnation is an inescapable fact of life. It is the only satisfactory answer to why some are born in the slums of Calcutta, Khartoum, or Dacca, Bangladesh…and some in Palm Springs, the Tirol, or the Scottish Highlands.

And how is it that we have child prodigies? Where do they come from? Where did they learn the skill to be able to compute and calculate vast equations and numerical problems in their head at a very young age, or to be able to master the piano or violin at six years of age? No one seems to give very much thought to this obvious anomaly. Re-incarnation or the "law of re-embodiment" is the only answer to all of this. It is the one and only solution that 'fits.' It makes sense! It might appear to be an absurd and totally unacceptable notion according to the average Christian with tenuous religious beliefs, but are such views of life valid, let alone accurate? They might be according to what such a one perceives, but such an antiquated view is no more valid today than believing the earth is flat, or that 'Adam and Eve' (and all of creation with them) came into being a mere 5,763 years ago.

To many people on Earth, particularly those in the western world-Christians who profess to know better than those in other lands (and those of other faiths), and who invariably perceive their less fortunate brothers and sisters as being 'ignorant' and 'unenlightened'-re-embodiment seems to have no place in their thought and philosophy of life. But yet two thirds of the world, and every major religion (except Christianity) knows re-embodiment to be true…because it is! Yet to many a Christian this idea is too bizarre and illogical to merit attention. But just because they might not have heard this mentioned (except in a derogatory manner) in their local church, or heard it discussed at home, this does not mean that re-incarnation is a false or mistaken notion. Millions of self-righteous Christians (who think they are "saved" by "the blood of the lamb") and consider themselves to be more sophisticated in their thinking, condemn with self-righteous malice any thought of "coming back" again, secretly thinking that such an attitude will automatically shield them from such a fate should such a notion actually prove to be true.