Readers' letters

We would like to take the opportunity to sincerely thank you for bringing the truth in such a wonderful to the people. Above all we both feel strengthened in what we already know or thought we knew and we can pass these information on to our many friends!

T. & D., New Zealand
Reader's letter #165

Thank you so much for my first copy of Facts are Facts. I have been really impressed by the quality of the articles and I wonder whether that is helped by the fact that you don't seem to shy away from longer articles. So often, in my opinion, magazines curtail the articles, thereby not allowing a point to be fully developed. An immediate result of this is that the public can keep ignoring vital information, because "it doesn't make sense". And indeed, it doesn't, because there isn't enough space to tell you everything!
But this magazine feels different.

P. Quanten, United Kingdom
Reader's letter #164

Facts are Facts is absolutely excellent. The microwave and mobile phone articles and research are so important. Your magazine is bound to succeed.

Christopher Bollyn, American Free Press, USA
Reader's letter #163

An excellent magazine with some very profound and interesting articles.

F. Rogers, Australia
Reader's letter #162