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Radical Zionist tapped to replace Gonzales as attorney general

WASHINGTON — A radical Zionist of Russian Jewish parentage has been appointed by President Bush to be the next attorney general of the United States, replacing Alberto Gonzales, who recently resigned in disgrace. He is New York Federal Judge Michael Mukasey

Mukasey is expected to win speedy Senate confirmation as the nation's top law enforcement officer, with members of both parties rallying in support.  One of them is Charles Schumer, the Jewish Democratic senator from New York, who expressed glowing praise for the nomination.

The nomination was also hailed by  William Kristol, a well-known Jewish supremacist and editor of The Weekly Standard, a leading neo-conservative magazine.Judge Mukasey and his wife, both Orthodox Jews, have been long-time supporters of the most radical elements of the Jewish community in New York and Israel. His wife Susan was one of the biggest fundraisers in New York for the illegal Jewish settlements on Palestinian land, this despite thestated policy of the United States government against such settlements. Mukasey has also been a strong supporter of the so-called Patriot Act restricting the rights of American citizens. Last month he wrote an op-ed piece in The Wall Street Journal, in which he complained about "the inadequacy of the current approach to terrorism prosecutions," a view shared by the Bush administration in its war on civil liberties.

Worked with Chertoff on cover-up
As federal judge in New York, Mukasey has been in the middle of the 9/11 coverup. From his new position he will be able to quash any serious dissent on 9/11, as Israel's role in that disaster becomes ever clearer.

A dedicated Zionist, Mukasey worked with the then head of the Justice Department Terrorism Task Force, Michael Chertoff, to free apprehended Israeli spy teams and get them safely back to Israel and away from 9/11 investigators and the 9/11 commission as material witnesses.

Among these were the five dancing Israelis who were picked up by the FBI after they had filmed themselves with the World Trade Center towers burning in the background.

The Israelis had multiple passports, box cutters, large amounts of cash and turned out to be Mossad agents, complete with military training in explosives and special ops. As hundreds of Americans were being burned alive, they were seen laughing, cheering and dancing in celebration.


  • NSNS   Wednesday, 19 September 2007