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MORNING SICKNESS: It's all to do with a bad diet

Morning sickness seems to come with the territory for some women in the first few months of pregnancy. And scientists now reckon they know the reason.

It could all be down to the woman's diet - it's the body's way of protecting the fetus from a 'bad' diet. A woman who eats healthily is more likely to sail through the first few months of pregnancy without any of the unpleasant symptoms of morning sickness, unlike the woman whose diet is predominantly made up of processed and fast foods.

A research study has discovered that women are far more likely to suffer if they eat large quantities of sugars, sweeteners, and fried foods.

Researchers analysed 56 studies on morning sickness, collated from 21 countries, and found a link with diets that were high in sugars, sweeteners and oil crops used in frying foods. Other suspect foods include large amounts of meat, and stimulants such as coffee and alcohol. Conversely, cereals and pulses reduced the risk of morning sickness.


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