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When Our Cell Phones Chat with Our Genes

Our DNA can understand what we are saying on our cell phones. But this little known, additional hazard of today's microwave technology also conceals a valuable opportunity for the future - provided we replace unnatural cellular phone technology with a more natural means of telecommunications.
By Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf

During a course we gave in Berlin some time ago, we happened to notice a young woman in the audience, Patricia B. She had a thick bandage wrapped around her right forearm.
When we inquired about this, she told us that she had a painful, protracted case of tendonitis, and she even asked us to help her, since medical treatment up to that point yielded no results.
We did not have anything on hand for treatment purposes that day, and yet we did know a possible way to give this woman first aid, at least.
We took a cell phone from its pouch and made a call – to keep it simple, to the answering machine in our office. As soon as the connection was made, Franz pointed the cell phone’s antenna towards Patricia’s forearm, and at the same time spoke a few positive, healing affirmations: “Your arm is back to normal. In every cell of your arm, the DNA is seeing to it that everything will again function in a normal, healthy manner.”
The entire procedure only lasted a few minutes. Patricia reported that her lower arm tingled and felt very warm during this period. Even after these few minutes she felt a significant improvement in her condition.
When we met with the group again one week later, we saw that Patricia had come without a bandage this time. When we asked her how she was doing, it turned out that she could almost completely forget the problem with the tendonitis. The pain did not come back.
The other participants in the course listened to this actually quite personal conversation with great interest, and soon we ascertained that everyone in the group who owned a cell phone had brought it with them this particular day. Naturally we were asked to explain the apparent “miracle” of healing by cell phone.
It goes without saying that this was no miracle, but a thoroughly explainable event nowadays. First, however, to demonstrate that this was not just a matter of chance, we asked participants who owned cell phone to “call up their DNA” in a similar manner, while pointing the device to some part of their body with minor problems.
Whenever a relatively large group of people are sitting together in one place, you can be sure that the group will include some people who are experiencing some kind of pain, or whose bodies are otherwise not as they should be. This occasion was no exception, and the results of this unusual experiment were astonishing. Within a few minutes, an older woman was rid of her headache, and a man was rid of the discomfort in his stomach that he had felt since lunchtime.
This brings up two questions. First: Is there a scientific explanation for what happened to these people? And second: Can cell phones be considered therapeutic devices from now on?
Second question first, the answer is, “Certainly not.” We can state, unequivocally, that a cell phone will never be a standard recommended treatment. However, it is perfectly legitimate to use a device like this as a stopgap measure, as first aid. Much more importantly, however, demonstrations like this indicate a direction to take for developing equipment that truly is suited for therapy – equipment, in other words, that makes use of the mechanisms at work here, while using frequencies that are more natural and better tolerated than cell phone frequencies. This brings us now to the answer to the first question.
When you look at the double helix of the genetic code (see the illustration), your own DNA is smiling back at you, so to speak. We hope that you are both satisfied with each other! In any case, we live in a day and age that’s not as easy for DNA as it used to be. The source of the problem is the incredible mix of electromagnetic waves that we all have to wade through day after day.
When you first look at it, this fascinating macromolecule, which resides in the nucleus of every cell in the body, seems to be a self-contained unit that carries out its job from within this protected location, continuously constructing and maintaining the body from the inside out. It doesn’t seem to worry the least bit about the world outside.

DNA Communicates Through Light
This assumption is false, it turns out – a misjudgment decades old, because for too long, science has been studying genetics in an unnecessarily one-sided manner, based purely in biochemistry, while paying too little attention to physics.
In truth, DNA is not just a blueprint for constructing the body; it is also a storage medium for optical information as well as an organ for communication.
The German biophysicist Fritz-Albert Popp spent many years studying biophoton emission, i.e., the light that the body naturally emits. Popp’s studies indicate that DNA is one of the main suppliers of biophotons. Through comprehensive studies, he discovered that DNA is a harmonic oscillator – an oscillating system with its own particular frequency, or resonating frequency. Using the length of the DNA molecule (about two meters, when stretched out), and the known speed of light, DNA’s own frequency is calculated as about 150 megahertz. And that brings us to cell phones: The standard frequencies of modern telecommunication businesses all use (numerous) upper harmonic waves in this frequency. This means: The electromagnetic waves emitted from the cell phone’s antenna cause the DNA to resonate – this molecule that we carry in every cell.
Now, electromagnetic waves are not, in themselves, bad. Electromagnetic frequencies (for example, the Schumann frequencies, which are generated during storms) have always existed in nature and are even necessary for life. This was clearly demonstrated during cosmonauts’ long-term stays aboard the MIR space station. In orbit, where there are no Schumann frequencies, cosmonauts developed various symptoms in the general area of chronic fatigue and immune deficiency syndrome (CFIDS syndrome). This immediately changed when the electromagnetic conditions of normal earth atmosphere were artificially recreated on board MIR.
As regards technical equipment frequencies, which constitute the lion’s portion of frequencies encountered in our current industrial society, it becomes particularly critical when the frequencies are not just pure sine waves, but are instead modulated or pulsed radiation – in other words, when information is imposed on the oscillation.
Biophysicist Prof. Lebrecht von Klitzing explained why: “If strict periodicity is imposed on a quasi-chaotic system such as the human body, then the body’s organization becomes different. Whether that is good or bad is the next question.”
An important difference between healthy natural frequencies and harmful technical equipment frequencies is that technical equipment frequencies exhibit regularities that are not found in nature. Natural forms are always based on the principal of similarity and resonance; thus, they do not repeat (the vortex principle). The frequencies of technical equipment, on the other hand, are based on rigid repetition of a set pattern.

[Natural frequencies are asymmetrical in their flow, while technically generated frequencies are symmetrical. Here is another fundamental difference between natural and technical frequencies: Natural electromagnetic frequencies are based on the principle of pulsed direct current fields. Our technology, meanwhile, is based on alternating current fields, which have effects diametrically opposed to nature.

  • Alternating current fields generate friction (heat) and loss of energy (entropy) instead of the frictionless increase in energy (syntropy) known in nature.
  • Alternating current fields generate depolarity, and consequently degeneration, instead of polarity and evolution.
  • For this reason, alternating current fields create chaos (dissonance) in living systems, while naturally pulsed direct current fields create order (resonance). – Ed.]

Von Klitzings studies show that pulsed radiation, and radiation that is otherwise modulated in its frequency, cause measurable changes in the human body. As a rule, we automatically interpret these changes as bad [which indeed they are, because they are produced by unnatural microwave technology.—Ed.] But everything has two sides, and so people can also obtain healing effects in the body from appropriately modulated frequencies. [These frequencies cannot be based on today’s standard microwave technology, since this technology is fundamentally wrong! – We cannot emphasize that enough. – Ed.].
The principles have been worked out by Dr. Piotr P. Garjajev and his colleagues at the Russian Academy of Science in Moscow.

Genes Speak Our Language
Garjajev’s findings go far beyond Popp’s: According to Garjajev’s studies, DNA is not only the transmitter and receiver of electromagnetic radiation (in the form of energy), but it also absorbs information contained in the radiation and interprets it further. Thus, DNA is an extremely complex interactive optical biochip. In our book Vernetzte Intelligenz (Cross-Linked Intelligence) we wrote the following on this subject:
“For example, today we speak almost matter-of-factly about the “genetic code,” that is, about a systematic codification of information. However, genetics to date has gotten stuck at this point, and has relied exclusively on chemistry to finish the work, without even once calling in language experts.
“In Moscow, things are different. There, the genetic code was…additionally subjected to thorough examination by linguists. (Linguistics is the science of the structure and formation of languages). When studying a language, people investigate regularities such as syntax (rules for building words from letters), semantics (the study of the content meaning of words), and rules of grammar.
“When this scientific knowledge is applied to the genetic code, it can be seen that this code follows the same rules as our human languages.
“It should be noted: not the rules of a particular language (in this case, for example, the Russian language), but rather rules at a fundamental level where common features reside among all existing languages of mankind. Thus, the structure of the genetic code can be connected with every existing human language.
“Scientists have been seeking the ancestral human language for centuries – Piotr Garjajev and his colleagues may have found it.”


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